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Ikabod Bum: Plexi-Bip

 | #NewMusic | @Ikabod_Bum |

Ikabod Bum has a new track out for your audio enjoyment titled Plexi-Bip. This mellow instrumental incorporates a lot of different sound and genre elements from old school kicks and snares to chamber organs. The track is featured on “New World Order,” a joint compilation album by Mexico-based music platforms PIRâ–².MD (Piramd) and Futurable, two entities devoted to promoting and enriching Beat Culture across genres. Listen to Ikabod’s Plexi-Bip below and while you’re at it, make sure to listen/download our EAST x WEST compilation album which features Ikabod on the WEST half.




PIRâ–².MD| Futurable


Written By: Tiffny

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