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[ARCHIVE] I love good music…

A bunch of new hip hop is dropping or coming up… and it’s driving me nuts trying to keep up with it. A good kind of nuts though (hah, that sounds really bad). Let me start off with two really dope videos/songs.

Harlem-based producer/MC Jah-C is 1/3 of a group called The Project (of Glow In The Dark Records) [http://www.myspace.com/theprojectnyc] . Go ahead and peep their album “The Truth Today”, because from what I’ve heard on their myspace, it sounds pretty good. Listen to that “I gotta go” track and tell me the instrumental with the guitar-licks isn’t sweet music to your ears. Same goes with their dance-hit, “Light Feet”. The beat is laced with hand-clapping and ill guitar-playing, with some similarly versatile lyrics. The video is fresh and it’s probably one of the very few new-hip hop, dance-based tracks that I dig (fuck that “chicken noodle soup” or “crank that” bullshit). Anyway, back to just Jah-C. He dropped his solo debut, The Soul Banger EP (Coalmine Records), on June 24th. His self-produced, lead single called, “The Soul Banger” is just that… a soul banger. It’s on some Golden Era-influenced, club-rap, feel-good-with-positive-vibes type ish. Tune up that, Saxamaphone! I swear, the saxaphone plays nothing but a blend of beautiful, harmonious sounds… and if I could learn how to play one instrument, the saxaphone has always been my instrument of choice. Anyway, allow your ears to listen to this track and… let your soul be free.

Jah-C – “Soul Banger (remix)” (ft Baje One , Scott Thorough , MC K-Swift , Stimulus & Cavalier)


The Mighty Underdogs is a trio featuring Gift of Gab and Lateef the Truth Speaker (whaddup, Quannum Projects!), over phenominal beats produced by Headnodic (see: Crown City Rockers and Moe Pope & Headnodic). I’m surprised that I just recently heard of this group, being that I’m a fan of the QP artists, CCR & own that Megaphone album by Moe Pope & Headnodic. But it’s better late than never, right? RIGHT! The group’s debut project, “The Prelude EP“, features the “Gunfight” video shown below. It features MF Doom, too. The animated video made me laugh-out-loud, due to the old western setting and the artists animated as cowboys, with their heads on the bodies. Hahahaha… I love it, it’s perfect. The song is on point too – Gift, Lateef, and Doom never fail me. It’s a gunfight, don’t bring no knives!The Prelude EP” is good in its entirety. Now the folks at Def Jux will be releasing The Mighty Underdogs‘ full-length album, “Droppin’ Science Fiction“, on October 15th. The album will feature artists DJ Shadow, Mr. Life, Damian “JR Gong” Marley, and MF Doom, of course. I’m definitely looking forward to that. You can peep freshly-leaked track on their myspace titled, “The Anthem”. If all of it sounds this good (and is as good as Prelude)… you can guarantee that I’m gonna buy it.

The Mighty Underdogs – “Gunfight” (ft MF Doom)

Written By: Tiffany B.

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  • Tiffany La Ghost

    August 9, 200811:31 pm

    Ew @ Lil Wayne, Soulja Boy and music like theirs. My brain is free from being tricked by wack ass “music” like that. Noooo thanks. Haha.

    Yeah, definitely… they remind me of good old 90s hip hop. Nothing but good vibes. :]

    UMC: Wow, I have not heard anything from them in a very long time, hahaha. Thanks for reminding me.


    August 9, 20085:43 pm

    Hold up a minute! What's a nice girl like you doin' listenin' to underground Hip-Hop?!? Aren't you supposed to be brainwashed by Lil Wayne, Soulja Boy and other clowns of their character and skills? >joke<

    The Project: I like that "Home Sweet Home" joint from their MySpace webpage – that's some real shit bein' said there. The other songs ain't bad at all tho… That "Soul Banger" track (and video) is mad dope! It sound like it came out in '91/'92… In fact, they remind of UMC's on that track. If you haven't heard of them (I'll assume that you have tho), hunt down "One To Grow On" and "Blue Cheese" from UMC's on YouTube. I think you'll instantly see a connection there. Anyway, "The Soul Banger" EP will get got by me on the strength of the title track alone.

    The Mighty Underdogs: I like that!… The video is cool and kinda funny too!

    Thanks for posting!

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