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Hoosier Apex – “Breakfast of Champions” EP

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So, check it: emcee Id Obelus (whom I’ve written about on CB before, but haven’t caught up with him in a very long time), emcee Richard Cook, emcee Branimal, and producer Ace Ha have separately been creating hip hop music that spans across the last four decades. They have also been frequent collaborators with one another, which you can audibly witness over at the Wormusic Bandcamp page. They’ve never teamed up all at once, just two or three at a time… until now. All four of these Indiana natives joined to make music under the name Hoosier Apex, and they just released their debut project on February 2nd. Paying homage to Kurt Vonnegut’s novel of the same name, Breakfast of Champions is a 4-song EP that acts as an introduction to what the group has to offer.

From boom bap to 8-bit electro and futuristic trap, producer Ace Ha serves up a variety of beat selections for these rap veterans to flex their lyrical skill. Equipped with wit, intelligent songwriting, and sharp flows, all three emcees take us on a lyrical ride packed with comedic and conscious commentary on racial inequality and other social injustices, government surveillance, technology takeover, religion, consumerism, and the overall destruction of the world. It’s a very dope project. You’ll want to listen to this 16-minute project on repeat, and it will also make you eager to hear more, so be sure to check it out. Stream the Breakfast of Champions in its entirety below, and then download the EP by naming your own price at Bandcamp.

Taken from “Bullets and Beans”: “God bless America, America the beautiful // Shot dead Americans, America as usual // Juvenile embellishment, disputable evidence // Proven with a box of constitutional irrelevance // Residents trying to keep on pace with the violence // The product of a nation that was based on defiance // Crying in the streets, gunfire in the in the tenements // It’s quiet in the ‘burbs, while they watch, eating Entenmann’s“.


Written By: Tiffany B.

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