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Hip Hop + Jewelry = “Audiowear” project, by Elasticbrand

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Elasticbrand is a multi-dimensional design studio, that was founded in Brooklyn, in 2006, by Arjen Noordeman and Christie Wright. They are now Amsterdam-based. They recently released a stellar multimedia project, titled “Audiowear“, in collaboration with various hip hop musicians. This project includes a full length album, with a collection of instrument-inspired porcelain jewelry. There’s a flute necklace, colorful xylophone bangles, a big whistle necklace, a guiro cuff that comes with a matching thimble, a diamond rattle bracelet, and a now-sold-out horn bracelet. They are all functional music instruments, too!

The album has 14 original tracks, with features from Breez Evahflowin, Sketch the Cataclysm, Rising Sun Quest, J.D. Nero & Tribeca, La Melodia, Kalae All Day, Access Immortal, and more. Below, you can watch four music videos from the project. The most recent video is “The Box”, by J.D. Nero & Tribeca featuring Lisa Denise. The other videos are The Rising Sun Quest’s “I’ll Rhyme Now”, Rabbi Darkside’s “EmUrgenSee”, and Breez Evahflowin’s “I Know”.

1. “The Making of Audiowear” by Skooby Laposky

2. “DNA” by Access Immortal
Produced by DJ Ruckspin (Project Gotham)

3. “Shattered” by Breez Evahflowin & Caits Meissner
Produced by Dirt E. Dutch

4. “Put it On, Play It” by Sketch the Cataclysm

5. “Look Alikes” by Roc Doogie (Phenetiks)
Prod. by DaveyTree

6. “EmUrgenSee” – Rabbi Darkside
Produced by Zajazza

7. “Bag of Keys” by Kalae All Day
Prod. by Turnstylez

8. “Audio I’m Wearing” by The Protege (Phenetiks)
Prod. by Todd Sykes

9. “I’ll Rhyme Now” by Rising Sun Quest
Prod. by Dirt E. Dutch

10. “We’ve Risen” by Dopethought Feat. Melecio Estrella
Produced by DaveyTree

11. “The Box” by J.D. Nero & Tribeca Feat. Lisa Denise
Prod. by Daveytree

12. “Flirtacious” by La Melodia
Produced by INT

13. “Decoded” by Verse Essential
Prod. by Napoleon Wright II

14. “Ceramicize” by Michael Hearst

PURCHASE “Audiowear”: Digital or White vinyl

[It] started with 3D printing and ceramic slip casting musical jewelry at the sundaymorning@ekwc artist residency in the Netherlands. It then evolved into a full length record with 14 original songs that we pressed to vinyl with the help of a Kickstarter campaign. The record was celebrated with a concert at the Museum of Arts & Design in New York City on 9.22.11 where 10 of the artists performed their songs live. the Museum of Arts & Design [MAD] also acquired the Audiowear pieces for their permanent collection and will show them in two exhibitions in 2012. The work was also shown at exhibitions in Korea, England, Amsterdam and New York.

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Written By: Tiffany B.

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    November 16, 201212:03 am

    That horn bracelet is toooo ill! No wonder it’s sold out :/

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