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Hiérophante: Clichés

So I’m totally obsessing over French musician Hiérophante and his track Clichés. Not only is the song mega dope, the video is pretty mesmerizing and highlights just how “the same” we all are as we strive to be different. The irony behind this video pointing out our tendancies to replicate what we’ve seen others do (subconsciously or not) is that this sentiment is nothing new. To quote Barenaked Ladies: It’s ALL been done before.

Hi̩rophante РClich̩s (Official Music Video) from Hi̩rophante on Vimeo.

Since the year started we’ve been doing a 365 Selfie A Day post over on our Instagrams (here’s mine and here’s Tiffology’s). Before starting someone said to me how cliche it was, as a photographer, to do a selfie a day project, and as I’d valued their opinion, I was almost talked out of doing it. I’m glad I didn’t because, while cliche, it holds me accountable and forces me to take a picture everyday. Also it’s pretty cool to see all those “uniquely the same” images in one place. Another funny thing I noticed in comparison to the stock photos at the end: while they’re similar in effect what separates the IG pics is personality. The stock photos seem dead and empty in comparison. What are your thoughts?

Written By: Tiffny