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Halfmanhalf – “Doses” (ft Cory Kendrix & Brill)

It’s been a long time since Halfmanhalf (@halfmanhalf) graced the pages of CrayonBeats. Today, he dropped a brand new single, called “Doses”. The last time we heard any music from him was in 2011, when he released his debut solo album, titled Glow. Then, throughout the years, he dropped a video, a single, and a couple features here and there. I interviewed him in our first magazine issue in 2013, where he talked about his debut album, and touched a little bit on the album that would follow. He said it’d be, “a little more grimy than Glow, but it won’t disappoint the fans of my first album.” While I’m not sure if this new single is going to be on that same album he spoke of, it does fit in with being grimy.

That being said, “Doses” was produced by Theory Hazit. With eerie synth lines dragging across a bed of heavy drums and thick basslines, the dark beat sets the tone for this track. Like predators in search of prey, rappers Cory Kendrix and Brill join Halfmanhalf, creeping through the night, spitting deadly lyrics, with the aim to leave you comatose. It’s a lot different than we’re used to from Half, but I’m liking it a lot. So, take a few doses of that dope shit by streaming the song below, and grabbing it for $1 over at Bandcamp.


Written By: Tiffany B.

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