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GLASS – “What It Is To Believe” video + Q&A

GLASS is a pop band from London, England, made up of front-woman Jessica Winter and guitarist Scott Rimington. Although the two started making music together in 2012, “What It Is To Believe” is their first official single… and music video!

Through galloping drums and smooth piano playing, we hear Jessica’s soft, angelic voice lingering through the uptempo, danceable beat, to sing a short, yet poetic song that is about the power of belief. Joined by a thick buzzing bassline and hints of bright keys, the ghostly “ooooohhhhs” of the bridge will almost put you in a trance (if her voice hasn’t already). In the video, Jessica is dressed in an all-white jumpsuit with slicked-back hair, and we see her leading a man into the bar’s bathroom. However, when she comes out, she is drenched in blood, joyously dancing after what seems to be an exhilarating experience, and blissfully unaware of her wrong-doings.

I had a mini Q&A chat with Jessica Winter, where she talks a little bit about the band, the song, and more. So check it out below. Afterwards, stream the song, watch the music video, and buy the single from iTunes!

Tiffology: Who makes up the band GLASS? How and when did the band form?

Jessica Winter: Jessica Winter, who mainly sings, and Scott Rimington, who mainly plays the guitar. We come from the same town and moved in the same circles for years but our paths never really collided until 2012. We have been obsessively writing and recording songs together ever since.

Let’s get a little creative here. In the form of a Tweet (140 characters or less), how would you describe the band to new listeners?

GLASS make powerful pop songs with dance-inducing grooves, dazzling synths and melancholic sentiments

Same question as before, but use only emojis.


I couldn’t find any prior music, so is “What It Is To Believe” your very first, official song?

There is a mountain of prior music that we have been making over the past few years, but yes WIITB is the first to officially see daylight……

What can you tell me about the song and video?

‘What It Is To Believe’ is about the nature of belief, religious or otherwise. It can be a beautiful thing but it has it’s hidden dangers too. In the video, my character has an unshakable belief in the clearly awful thing she’s done. We wanted to show the reaction of onlookers on the other side while she’s desperately unaware.

What project, if any, will the song be on, and when can we look forward to that?

There are all sorts of plans afoot, and whether this song will end up on our album or not has yet to be decided, but we are excited and impatient to get moving so we’re just putting it out and seeing what happens. There is another song with another bizarre video waiting in the wings. We’ll put that out in December so STAY TUNED.

I see that GLASS has been performing a lot of shows this year. What is your favorite thing about being on stage, and what can someone expect from you at one of your shows?

If you are really throwing yourself into a gig, then you become entirely fixated on the present moment and it’s a massive release from whatever might be going on in your life, and being onstage is kind of like a license to tap into aspects of your personality that you usually keep to yourself. Our shows can be quite intense, especially if things aren’t going as planned but it is always different and it is always an energy rush for us and hopefully the audience.

What else should we look out for?

Look out for false widow spiders, if you live in South London they are probably nesting in your house. They are not naturally aggressive but will bite if they feel threatened.

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