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GigiO: Cattin’ Off & Countin’ Sheep

San Francisco Bay Area emcee GigiO (@GigioRaps) presents us with his latest collection of collaborative sounds titled “Cattin’ Off & Countin’ Sheep.” The album of 20 previously unreleased tracks is, as he so eloquently puts it, is “for all the heads that have been cattin’ off & countin’ sheep, str8 sleepin’ on the young Bay Area Jesus.”  Basically this means the album serves as a wake-up call to anyone who’s been sleeping on GigiO’s music as of late. Personally, I my favorite tracks from this album are Amore’ feat. Deuce Eclipse, Just Me, Vampirez feat.Telli Prego, Patience & Dregs One and Revival feat. LRoneous & Cait La Dee. Cattin’ Off & Countin’ Sheep also inadvertently serves as an audio appetizer for GigiO’s upcoming album “The Bohemian Behemoth” which is set to release December 8th. Check out “Cattin Off & Countin’ Sheep below and lemme know which tracks are your fave!





Written By: Tiffny

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