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F. Virtue – “Orange Juice” video

Last week, New York-based rapper F. Virtue (@famelessvirtue) dropped a music video for the song “Orange Juice”, from his latest album, titled A Single Green Light. This self-produced song moves to an uptempo house beat, while F. Virtue raps about other people who were once true and comfortable with expressing themselves in the art/music scene, but after being in the NYC mix for awhile, have eventually succumbed to doing what’s cool, acceptable, and name-dropping to get recognition. It’s something that F. Virtue says can happen when you’re in the big apple, trying to make a name for yourself.

The 3D music video was created by Paolo Forchetti. While I’m not particularly fond of the video, I do like the nostalgic feeling I get from watching. The blocky graphics remind me of Windows 95/98 screen savers and MS-DOS games, both of which are connected go good, lasting memories. Haha! Except, you know, it’s tailored with today’s New York fashion and culture, fitting the lyrics of the song itself.

Watch the video below, and go grab the 7-track album for free, via Bandcamp. You can also purchase it physically, by buying a limited, custom hydra-printed lanyard with a USB.

From F. Virtue:
“I want to pitch this new music video, it features 3D “cameos” from NY fashion staples Shayne Oliver (HBA), Mike the Ruler, and Asspizza, along with looks by Nasir Mazhar, Moschino, Versace, Balmain, and more. All set in a futuristic tech-obsessed tumblr-esque realm to a song about expectations and being honest with oneself in NYC.”

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Written By: Tiffany B.

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