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Eyes On The Unseen Series: Kap Kallous (2015)

Today, I present to you a new CrayonBeats photo series, called Eyes On The Unseen. This series will take you (the viewer) beyond any ordinary photo that one might capture at a music artist’s show, from the crowd perspective, and into the music artist’s world when they are off the stage. Your eyes will get an all-access pass into what happens before, during, and after their show. Anything is likely to happen, depending on the artist. To go along with each shoot, I will also be creating a unique vector art piece to go along with it, inspired by the shoot and the artist’s music. I hope you enjoy this series that my friend (and photographer) Nick and I came up with.

I’m kicking off the series today, with a shoot that happened in November, 2014, with rapper Kap Kallous, during the ¡Mursday! tour that he was apart of (check this Tour Necessities Q&A that I did with him, too). Kap Kallous is no stranger to CrayonBeats–I’ve talked about his music a lot, so it was a pleasure to have him be the first in my series. He stopped in Joliet, Illinois, on November 6th, and the shoot began.

Below, you will see 34 photos that find Kap Kallous being Kap Kallous. You know! Before the show, he’s shooting the shit with ALXNDRBRWN (his tour DJ), messing around on his phone, stretching for his stage performance, and waiting backstage. During the show, we see him performing his heart out (from all different angles of the stage), and we got a Behind The Scenes shot of him getting that “with the crowd” shot that he posted online from each city (this one, in Joliet, Illinois). Afterwards, he’s locked in a firm handshake with the next act. That’s about it. I hope you like what we’re doing here. Thanks to everyone involved! Let me know what you think.

View all of the photos in the slideshow below, and watch in full view!

[divider]THE PHOTOSHOOT[/divider]

Photographed by Nick Bulanda, for CrayonBeats

[divider]THE ART[/divider]

Art by Tiffology



Written By: Tiffany B.

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