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Here’s some new music from EMI MARIA‘s new album EUPHORIA, titled ONE OF THEM, a song that seems to draw inspiration from Drake’s signature mellow singing style. What I love about this track is how smooth it is and how it continues to showcase EMI MARIA’s versatility. She’s never been one to sit in a specific genre. When she first came on the scene with Between the Music, I remember everyone falling in love with her sound as at the time, not many artists were going for the sensual and soulful sound. She kept that vibe with her album A Ballad Of My Own and then  gave us the business with strong R&B influences on Blue Bird and then dabbled in Pop and dubstep on Contrast and IN MY WORLD. It seems as if with this album she’ll be heading back to R&B/Hip-Hop influences. EUPHORIA will feature 12 brand new tracks showcasing her ever evolving artistry. Watch the visual below:

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In addition to evolving sonically, EMI MARIA also takes her look to new dimensions, playing with her aesthetic to match her music and more importantly, solidifying her independent spirit. Just like with her music, she doesn’t follow the protocol of what an artist in her genre is supposed to do or look like in this stage of her career. As she says “I’m not like a regular mom, I’m a dope mom.”

[toggler title=”EUPHORIA Tracklisting (click to expand)” ]01. ONE OF THEM | 02. I AM WATER | 03. 91 feat. SEEDA | 04. SLEEP NO MORE | 05. #Perf #Girls #Love #Selfie | 06. TOKYO | 07. この街で出逢って | 08. ISLAND GIRL | 09. GIRL LIKE GANGSTA | 10. IN YOUR T-SHIRT | 11. BABY HALO | 12. ANGELS | 13. TONIGHT[/toggler]




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