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Dregs One & Ill Sugi – “Universal Language” album

(#dregsone @ill_sugiee)
San Francisco emcee Dregs One linked with Tokyo producer Ill Sugi for an album, titled Universal Language, that released on November 9th via French label Cascade Records. It is said that Dregs One’s music reached Ill Sugi through a local record store while still in high school, which later led them to communicating on the internet. After Sugi sent Dregs some beats and remixed a few of his songs, he flew to the Bay Area to visit and stayed with Dregs during his trip. The album was created over the course of a couple of years, but that trip is what birthed it all.

There are 10 tracks in total, with handful of guest features from Pricillia, Gas Mask Colony, Equipto, and L*Roneous. Ill Sugi’s production on this album is made up of smooth and melodic beats, blending jazz stylings with head-nodding boom bap drums, creating easy-going, beautiful soundscapes. Dregs One’s conscious and thought-provoking raps touch on subject matters such as: keeping your head up through the highs and lows of life (“One Way”), the inner beauty that all women possess (“True Beauty”), an exploration through emotions (“Emotion”), California living and the hip hop culture (“City Slicker” and “Local”), having positive outlook on life and inspiring others (“Fortune Baby”), celebrating women that love hip hop (“B-Boys & B-Girls”), being a deep thinker in life and music (“Deep In Thought”), and music being a universal language, which proves true with these two working together despite the language barrier (“Universal Language”). My favorite songs include “One Way”, “True Beauty”, “City Slicker”, “Fortune Baby”, “B-Boys & B-Girls”, and “Universal Language”

Stream the album in full below, and hit one of those purchase links. You can get the digital album now, while you wait for the vinyl in December. Also check the music videos for “True Beauty” featuring Pricillia, and also “Deep In Thought” featuring Equipto and L*Roneous.

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