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Dorian Concept – “Dead Ends” mix

I think the last time that I caught up with Dorian Concept‘s music was several years ago, when Myspace was still poppin’. Actually, when I look back in my catalog of music, the latest thing that I have of his is When Planets Explode, which was released in 2009 (six years ago!). I got put onto him around the time when Seek When Is Her came out, so sometime in 2006, and he’s come a long way since. While I won’t throw all of his material at you (though, I do suggest you dig through his Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and iTunes pages), I wanted to share a mix of his that I came across last night.

On October 21st, the Austria-bred electronic producer celebrated the 1-year anniversary of his sophomore album he released, called Joined Ends, with a 24-minute mix that he has titled Dead Ends. “As I tend to leave a lot of half-finished music behind in the process of making an album, I thought that it’d be nice to share some of the more developed ideas that I did not use, in the form of a mix, for the 1 year anniversary of Joined Ends,” says Dorian Concept.

The mix smoothly transitions through every piece, taking your mind through different moods, scenic moments, beautiful melodies, bold compositions, and it’s entirely cinematic. It’s a wonderful listen, and while some may feel that he should’ve released certain songs on official projects, I’m just glad he put these out into a mix rather than leaving them vaulted. Give it a listen and then download for free.



Written By: Tiffany B.

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