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DJ Ragz – “VA Connect” (ft Tef Wesley, MUDD, & UnownDC)

Producer, turntablist and a member of the Jazz Addixx, DJ Ragz will be releasing his debut solo album, titled Seasoned Bee Shark Steaks (quite the name, huh?), on November 11th. Guest features include Seez Mics, Tef Wesley, MUDD, Moka Only, ST/MiC, a posthumus Praverb, and others, along with beats by DJ Ragz (also on the cuts), UnownDC, Noe, Grussle, and Dub-L-Ohh Skytzo.

The Maryland transplant dropped his first official single, called “VA Connect”, and it features Tef Wesley, fellow Jazz Addix members MUDD and UnownDC. Produced by Grussle, the three emcees kick raps about hip hop, their passion for the culture, and paying dues, over a head-nodding beat driven by dusty drums, a humming bassline, and jingling bells. Tough cuts all over this cut were provided by DJ Ragz, of course! It’s a super dope track, so give it a listen below and then head over to Soundcloud to download it for free. Pre-Order the album on Bandcamp, too!



Written By: Tiffany B.

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