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Dem Atlas – “Charle Brwn” EP

A Minnesota-based rapper named Dem Atlas is the newest artist to the join the Rhymesayers roster. His very first project is an EP called Charle Brwn, where he channels the Charlie Brown cartoon character throughout. I haven’t heard of this guy prior to today, and I’ve been listening to the EP on repeat (on my third play-through right now). Someone had previously compared his style to that of West Coast legends Pharcyde and Freestyle Fellowship, and I can hear that through the way he flows and the dusty, jazz-influenced beats that he raps over. Some real smooth, good stuff here! Go ahead and take a listen. My favorite tracks include: “A Happy Sad”, “Charlie Brown”, “Lucille”, and “Fall Into Sleep (Endlessly)”.

About the EP, Dem Atlas says, “I am chronicling the life and times of our beloved, Charlie Brown. I feel like I relate to Charlie Brown because, he is a bit of a sad figure, yet reliant in the ways in which he fails time and time again, but continues to try and try again. I am inspired by cartoons & animation, static on the radio, vinyl scratches, Nirvana & Hip Hop.

Catch Dem Atlas on Atmosphere’s “Welcome To Minnesota Tour” kicking off in February 2014.


Written By: Tiffany B.

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