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CrayonBeats Presents: “Vol 3 Love…This Might Hurt Mixtape (2012)”

Released during the Valentines Holiday 2012,  Vol 3 of our compilation mixtape series still packs an appropriate punch two years later. Tiffology and I (Tiffny) recruited several of our favorite musicians, rappers, and beatsmiths to create and/or donate a track that revolves around love and all it’s emotions, even the not-so-pretty ones.  The result was “Love…This Might Hurt,” a two part compilation featuring  music from Jason Minnis, I.deals (IV The Polymath & Jondis), Andrew David, Gigio, O.B., Hanzo Reiza, Graves33, HALFMANHALF, Knightstalker, PremRock, Matty Slims and Cixed on its first half “Love…” and on “This Might Hurt“, you’ll find Ill Clinton, P.U.N., Andrew David, Myc Ripley, Proe, and Illestrait exploring the downside of love.

If you haven’t gotten a chance to listen/download the compilation, here ya go! Within the zip file, you’ll find the full tracklist and album credits, as well as information on all featured artists. Happy Valentines Day !!

DOWNLOAD (zip file)

Album Artwork: Tiffany Burriss

Written By: Tiffny

Tiffny: NOUN, FORMAL. /ˈtɪfnɪ/ .PLURAL: -nys Definition: Creative, artistic and headstrong woman. Often found blogging, crafting, or shopping. She loves music, fashion, hair and makeup. Spreader of love, and has no time for bullshit. Believer of Karma.