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CrayonBeats Magazine Issue 01!

Hey, everyone! We’re super excited to let you guys know that you can now purchase DOWNLOAD CrayonBeats Magazine! For our premier issue, we thought it would be cool to let you guys choose which cover you’d like to have — Mio Soul or Anacron. Either choice has the same content, so don’t worry that you’ll be missing out on something if you choose one over the other! So what exactly is inside the covers? Well, read on to find out!



Tiffology interviews Anacron
Tiffny’s Q+A with Julian Nagano
Tiffology talks to graphic artist Albane Simon
and more!


Mio Soul rocks the latest trends her way
Aaron Moiel talks about his streetwear shop Bulle


Tiffology’s favorite albums of 2012
Inside the mind of Has-Lo
Artists you need to know in 2013
Soundcheck: Pentatonix & Karibel
and more!

issue01-anacron issue01-anacron


Written By: Tiffny

Tiffny: NOUN, FORMAL. /ˈtɪfnɪ/ .PLURAL: -nys Definition: Creative, artistic and headstrong woman. Often found blogging, crafting, or shopping. She loves music, fashion, hair and makeup. Spreader of love, and has no time for bullshit. Believer of Karma.

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  • Danette Harms

    February 6, 20137:56 pm

    Great Job, Tiffy!!

    • Tiffny

      February 6, 20139:48 pm

      Thanks Danette!

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