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CrayonBeats Magazine: Issue 6!

Hello, everyone! After some delay, the wait is finally over, because we released our 6th magazine issue today! This issue has 84 pages, and it’s jam-packed with interviews. The cover features Epp, G_Force, and Tope (order of appearance) of the hip hop trio TxE. I interviewed TxE as a group, and then spoke with each artist individually about their solo careers (CrayonBeats photoshoot by Mike Grippi).

Here is a breakdown of what you’ll find in this issue.

Tiffology interviews rapper/producer Tope about his life as a solo artist, his most recent album Troubleman, and more
Tiffology interviews producer/rapper G_Force about his music, his catalog, and more
Tiffology interviews rapper Epp about his Chrome Plated Chronicles debut album and more
Tiffny interviews R&B singer Devaney about her Gem Piece EP and more
Tiffny interviews Alexis, a soul singer looking to reinvent herself
Tiffny interviews upcoming singer/producer Adam Josh about his work with Devaney
Tiffny interviews upcoming producer Navroze about executive producing Devaney’s Gem Piece
You’ll find 6 album reviews/suggestions from the two of us, in our “Did You Hear This/That” spread.
Tiffology checked in with some of her favorite musicians, asking them what they’ve been listening to lately in a spread called “What Are Their Top 8 Songs Right Now?” (Including Mr. Dibbs, Cars & Trains, Zavala, Geneva, J.Lately, Poetic Death, Qwazaar, and PremRock)

Tiffny does a spotlight on the streetwear and lifestyle brands Planet Brooklyn Academy and Foreign State of Mind

Tiffology talks monsters with illustrator Tony Papesh
Tiffology talks with illustrator Aslan Malik about his superhero/supervillain currency series
Tiffny chats with make-up artist Hannah Concannon about her “Face-a-Day” project
Tiffology interviews illustrator Orlando Arocena about his pop-culture Godzilla series
4 Questions: Adam Wallenta — Tiffology asks Adam 4 questions about his work in this spread
4 Questions: Henry Lipkis — Tiffny asks Henry 4 questions about his work in this spread
4 Questions: Kim Byungkwan — Tiffology asks Kim 4 questions about his work in this spread


* PS: This is our last issue for awhile, as CrayonBeats Magazine will be put on a short-term hiatus. We will make a comeback towards the end of the year, though. Make sure you read and share all of our issues so far. Thank you! *

Written By: Tiffany B.

Music and arts journalist, music curator, and co-boss babe of CrayonBeats since 2008! I've published 3,000+ posts consisting of new music, reviews, and interviews. I also do half of everything of CrayonBeats Magazine, so get familiar with our issues! Aside from being a music aficionado, I'm also a freelance artist/illustrator, a creative soul, a natural born lover, a comic book reader, an optimist, and a bit of a weirdo. I hate writing bios about myself, so see ya.