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CrayonBeats Magazine: Issue 2!

After releasing our premier issue in February, we have finally returned with a second issue. As of yesterday, April 19th, it is up for grabs. The two of us have been collectively listening to K-pop for years–Tiffny more so than I–so, we wanted to showcase a different variety of artists to our viewers. More than just music though. Here, we feature a selection of musicians, artists, and creative minds that all share Korean heritage or a passion for the Korean culture.  We hope to introduce our readers to some incredible talent that they may not otherwise know about.

Some features include:

— An interview with emcee Ciphurphace — who has been featured on the site before, and who was also featured on our The Monsters Are Due on CrayonBeats compilation with his SpaceLAB Recordings crew (“I Live In Your Basement“). — An interview with Youtube Kpop singing sensation Pumashock — who was previously interviewed on our website — A spread featuring 6 albums by select Korean musicians that you should check out, including Dumbfoundead, Ciphurphace, Native Souls, Tokimonsta, Myk & Shirosky, and Kero One — There is a fashion spread featuring the South Korean hip hop collective New Block Babyz, who each describe the influences in their own styles — they have been featured on the site numerous times, as well as interviewed — An interview with mother and daughter artists Rose K. Kong (traditional Korean painter) and Eunice Kim (printmaking artist) — A Row Digga art feature, who has designed album covers for Donnis, Basick, Mystikal, B.o.B, M-Phazes, Thurz, and more — 4 Questions + art showcase featuring the realistic oil painter Kwon Kyung-yup — 4 Questions + art showcase featuring the monstrous, acrylic paintings of Seungyea Park — An interview with AOScrew graffiti members KIMST & BEAR — An article and interview with a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant, named Jenny Wilborn, where we discuss the Korean Students Speak project that she and her group introduced to their students in South Korea — And MORE!




Written By: Tiffany B.

Music and arts journalist, music curator, and co-boss babe of CrayonBeats since 2008! I've published 3,000+ posts consisting of new music, reviews, and interviews. I also do half of everything of CrayonBeats Magazine, so get familiar with our issues! Aside from being a music aficionado, I'm also a freelance artist/illustrator, a creative soul, a natural born lover, a comic book reader, an optimist, and a bit of a weirdo. I hate writing bios about myself, so see ya.