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[ARCHIVE] Annekei

Annekei, 26, is what the music scene is missing. Like a breath of fresh air in the stale world of Pop, Soul, and R&B; her music stands out in the overwhelming crowd of pop divas and teen queens.

At age 19, Denmark native Annekei traveled all the way to NYC to pursue her musical career. Since 2002 she has been building her name performing at spots such as the Metropolitan Café, Joe’s Pub, Pianos, Rockwood Music Hall, Bowery Poetry Club, Suite 16, and Blue Note just to name a few. Then in 2003, she made her way to the finals in the legendary Showtime at the Apollo talent show, with an original song titled “Close Your Eyes.” Quite an accomplishment, as the Apollo crowd is very tough to please.

Fast forward three years, and Miss Annekei scores herself a record deal with Japanese label Being Records. In September of 2006, her self-titled debut album was released spawning a top 5 position for her single “Brother.” Within weeks, she had the number one album on Japanese iTunes and won the honor of “Best New Foreign Artist” at the 2006 AD LIB AWARDS.

With her popularity quickly gaining, Annekei released her 2nd album “Tsuki” in 2007, touring and Japan and picking up new fans all over Asia in the process. Her most recent collaboration with Korean guitarist, Jack Lee, is also being well received.


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Written By: Tiffny

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  • 1oo4

    June 30, 20086:17 pm

    =) yeah she is pretty awesome!


    June 29, 20086:35 am

    Annekei is indeed very talented. I wish her a very long career and much success.

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