Two Tiffanys celebrating what they love by giving it a stage and using their voices to spread the word.


SOUNDCHECK: Semi Precious Weapons

Brooklyn natives Semi Precious Weapons is giving the rock genre a run for its money.  Bringing back that little flavor all of us kids from the 80s miss, Glam Rock is finally making a comeback.  Consisting of lead singer Justin Tranter, bassist Cole Whittle, guitarist Steve Pyne, and drummer Dan Crean, these New Yorkers is giving people a little taste of something incredibly delicious.  Almost makes me want to buy a glittery one piece and some stilletos.

It was seriously a case of being at the right place at the right time.  I was doing my usual once-a-week thing with my friend, which was hitting up Jack Rabbits to see new talent, and on that day of all days we were walking into an amazing show.  Hell on Heels tour had just came through town and boy, was that something.


camilleMore Camille fun! So yes, I know that Music Hole is almost a year old, but good music doesn’t have an expiration date. With that being said, I’ve been youtubing almost every performance of hers, she’s so good live! I can’t stop singing her songs, I can’t stop talking about her, she’s just awesome.

While I was youtubing, I did find these clips from  her Music Hole documentary. There’ about 10 minutes apiece, and even tho they’re quite short, I think I’ve fallen in love with her creative, quirky and sarcastic personality. Like one commenter on the video noted, “she’s all rhythm and poetry.” She does a great job of illustrating in the documentary that music is everywhere in our lives, and it doesn’t always have to come from man made instruments, or the radio. We’re perfectly capable of  creating wonderful sounds on our own. =)

SOUNDCHECK: CAMILLE – Home Is Where It Hurts

camille_music_holeAs you know from the last SOUNDCHECK post, I’m in love with Camille. I still haven’t found out much about her, but I don’t really think I’ll ever get around to it. Mainly because I’m enthralled by her music, and that’s enough for me. With that being said her song “Home Is Where It Hurts” is currently on repeat. It’s from the album Music Hole, which is her latest release.


lefilcamilleI was introduced to Camille‘s music last winter when one of the choreographers at my school used a few tracks from her album le fil as a part of her piece. When I first heard it, all I could think was OMFG WHO IS THAT!? It was awesomely hypnotic, and before long, all of the dancers, choreographers, and even the stage crew were singing along to her beats. What I find most interesting about Camille is that she rarely uses instruments as the main source of music in her songs, and instead opts to use her body. Whereas many artist have gotten used to synth beats and even acoustic instruments, Camille will just as quickly start beating on her chest, making guttural sounds, and even just breathing on the mic to get the sound she’s looking for. Seriously she creates some of the best music I’ve heard. EVER. I’m addicted to her sound, and I’m sure you’ll be too.

Mike Relm x Lions Gate Films

What do the people at Lions Gate do when they're releasing 3 movies in the same month? They contact Mike Relm, of course, and get him to mashup the...

Mike Relm

It wasn’t until I received my 2008 July/August edition of URB, when I read an article about this innovative DJ named Mike Relm. The San Francisco-based DJ/VJ is known for his live performances that mix and manipulate audio mashups with video images… in real-time. Mike mixes serious with silly, all while he is dressed in a black suit and tie, matched with some fresh sneakers. Not the average dressed turntablist, that’s for sure. But I dig it.