Two Tiffanys celebrating what they love by giving it a stage and using their voices to spread the word.


SOUNDCHECK: Edith Backlund

Swedish singer, songwriter and musician Edith Backlund began writing songs while on a study abroad trip during highschool as a way to ease her homesickness. Then at the age of 23, she released her first EP titled ‘Waste Another Day(2005)’ and from the EP, she gained much exposure as her songs were featured on several Swedish television series. Here in America, the track  ‘Sunday Morning’ was even featured a JC Penny ad campaign. Her full-length debut album, Merely Daydreams, spawned another featured hit for Swedish television as well as caught the ear of Neil Young. The song that caught Neil’s attention, titled ‘Rosie’, was voted into the top ten anti-war songs.

Now 29 and with a few albums and a movie under her belt, the young chanteuse is gearing up for her latest release, Dance in Circles, due out later this fall for the Swedish market.

SOUNDCHECK: Courtney Bennett

This 17-year old artist sings, writes her own songs, produces music, and more. Based in the UK, she’s gained quite the international fan-base via her Youtube channel with  her amazing covers and originals. Her unique take on songs we love (and some may hate) is enough to win anyone over. Her beautiful husky voice along with her dope lyricist skills gives the impression that she’s much wiser than her years. She is undoubtedly one to keep an eye on!


Singer/Songwriter Baiyu Chen was once the face of mtvU’s “The Freshmen” , but nowadays she’s currently putting out some really soulful jams, and collecting fans as she makes her way to the top. Her first EP “B-Side (2010)” garnered much acclaim and airplay among college radio stations across the country, while her second EP, “Fan Fair (2011)” also was a favorite with the masses. The official single from Fan Fair, called “Together” had it’s major network debut on LOGO earlier this month and proceeds from the second EP to the victims of the tsunami in Japan. A beautiful person inside and out.


Dutch-Moroccan brothers Mohammed (29) and Brahim (26) make up the duo known as Fouradi. Back in 2006 they released their first single “1 ding”  (1 Thing) which was produced by Mitch Crown, one of Holland’s most talented and respected producers. The result ended in a hit single that shot to the #11 spot on the Top 40 chart, and since the brothers have steadily released single after single, each landing on the charts. Their first full length album, “De Favoriete Schoonzoons” (The Favorite Son-In-Laws), was released in 2009 and received lots of radio play as it was a mixture of genres from pop, urban, latin, house and club music. In 2010, Fouradi released the smash hit “ping” which was followed up by their 2011 single “Stiekem feat. Lange Frans” which was featured as the title song for the fim Pizza Maffia. Not soon after, Brahim released a solo track titled Zo Fly feat. Jahy (So Fly).

SOUNDCHECK: Tiffany Miranda

If her name sounds familiar that’s probably because you’ve seen her before. Back in 2005, this singer/songwriter/producer was one of the few contestants good enough to make it through to Vegas on American Idol. Since then, Tiffany has grabbed the bull by the  horns and has been writing, producing and performing her original songs all by herself.  Currently, she’s released several hits that have gotten lots of radio play down in Miami. She’s also created her own independent label, Red Room Entertainment, where she writes an produces all of her music. That’s right, this Miami based singer is determined to take over the business with her unique blend of R&B, Hip Hop, and Latin sounds.

SOUNDCHECK: Beat Culture

A 16-year-old named Sunik Kim uses the alias Beat Culture for his music. He's originally from Hong Kong, but living it up in New Hampshire. Having just jumped into making...


This trio of singer/songwriters first discovered each other via Youtube. Like so many other singers on Youtube, the group had a significant following of their individual uploads, and one day decided to come together as a band. However, there was a little thing called geography that presented itself with each member of the group in different countries across the world: Gabz in Australia, Chris in England, and Ashley representing the USA.  Be that as it may, they still recorded and produced videos together, asking “If people can do online dating, then why not online band-making?”  Finally getting together all in one room, the group surely proves that like any long distance relationship, a little hard work, dedication and creativity goes a long way.


Singer/songwriter Baby M started her career back in 1999 modeling and singing in various clubs and shows in South Africa. The British/South African/Japanese songstress grew up living back and forth between Japan and South Africa and her music showcases her eclectic upbringing, blending elements of Kwaito, R&B, Hip Hop, and Pop.  In 2002 Baby M debuted under Universal Japan with the single usual girl and released two more singles until 2004. After a 5 year hiatus, she came back onto the music scene in 09, as a featuring artist on tracks for artists like GTS, Dohzi-T, and KEN THE 390.  After releasing 2 mini albums in March of 2010 ( Bhuti (Brother) & Baby M -Prologue-EP), she released her first full length album Baby M in June of the same year. Her latest single, また、桜の下で…(Still, Under the Cherry Tree…) was released in March of this year, 2011.


Mecca:83 (also known as Rise or REdefinition), is a 27-year-old beat maker from the UK. He began making music in high school when he and a friend purchased a tascam tape recorder in a pawn shop, and spent many summers making stop-tape beats before moving up to an SP303 and an Akai S950 at University. Fast-foward a few years when he connected with Deborah Jordan on Myspace, and eventually signed with London-based Futuristica Music. Many production and remix credits followed.


New Zealand native Iva Lamkum’s sultry vocals belie her age. Almost as if she’s been transported from another time, the 20-something singer, songwriter, and guitarist sings with a rich and soulful passion that many would say is lacking in music today. Accompanied by her band, her music showcases many influential elements and genres from rock, jazz, funk, soul, hip hop and even pop–so there’s something for everyone when it comes to Iva’s music.  Her debut EP Iva Lamkum (2008) featured two hit singles in her native country: Kung-Fu Grip, and White Roses. Currently, she is touring and working on her next release, due out soon.


Danish/Chilean Pop singer Medina recently signed with a US label earlier this year, but she’s had a strong career long before that. Beginning her professional career in 2007 with the album Tæt pÃ¥ (Up Close), she soon rose to national fame in Denmark with the release of her single Kun for mig (You and I) from her second album Velkommen til Medina (Welcome to Medina). The album spawned four multiplatinum ranking singles over the span of two years, proving that Medina had much saying power–and with it’s English language re-release, Welcome To Medina saw another four singles placing high on the charts, with Addiction coming in at platinum status. So far, she has won the 2009 Best Danish Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards, the 2010 Zulu Awards, and the 2010 Danish DeeJay Awards for Best Danish Act and Best Danish Album. And now with her newest singles For Altid, and Gutter, it’s only a matter of time before the US catches on to the powerhouse sound that is Medina.

SOUNDCHECK: Soapbox Melodics

I just recently got put up on Soapbox Melodics. I came across the video for their 2009 track, “Nevermind“, and marked it to “Watch Later” on youtube. Started watching it this weekend and was really feelin’ the style and sound. And Anya‘s (the gorgeous girl in the image above) soulful and alluring voice pulled me in. Created in 2007 by Anya and Dirty Nate, and joined by another member named Darby, Soapbox Melodics is a hip hop crew from the Bay Area (San Francisco). They incorporate other styles into the hip hop groove such as downtempo, soul, jazz, and funk. The music is incredibly appealing to me, so that’s why I’m here sharing it with you!