Two Tiffanys celebrating what they love by giving it a stage and using their voices to spread the word.



Bocafloja, born Aldo Villegas on July 12th, 1978, is an emcee/poet and activist in Mexico City. He started his musical career in the ’90s with groups Lifestyle (1996-1998), and Microphonk (1999). He branched out as a solo artist in 2000, and released a demo album in 2002. His debut album, “Pienso Luego Existo“, came out in 2003, which was followed by “Jazzyturno” (2004), “A Titulo Personal” (2005), “El Manuel de la Otredad” (2007), and “Existo: Matriz Preludio al Pienso” (2009).

He also founded the collective/organization QuilomboArte in 2005, which is a cultural movement that travels internationally, setting up shows and events to rally for youth liberation, using hip hop as an educational tool. Quilamobo‘s main focus revolves around four elements, which are decolonize, self-manage, transgress, and emancipate.

SOUNDCHECK: Black Pistol Fire

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Black Pistol Fire is a Canadian soul-rock duo, made up of Kevin McKeown (guitar/lead vocals) and Eric Owen (drums), who have been friends since kindergarten, and then formed the band in 2009 when they relocated to Austin, Texas. In 2011, they released their self-titled debut album, which can be streamed here and can be purchased at their website‘s store. They have often been musically compared to early Kings of Leon, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Black Keys, and Clutch, and I see that. You might’ve heard their songs in shows such as Suits, Sons of Anarchy, and The Protector, or may have seen them while they’ve been on tour this year.

Yesterday, the band released their second LP, recorded with Michael Rocha in Toronto, “Big Beat ’59“. In conjunction with the album, they also celebrate Little Richard with a 5-track album, titled “Shut Up!“, via Rifle Bird Records. Both releases are fueled by so much bluesy soul, with raw, gritty guitar riffs and intense drum play, it’s intoxicating. Their energy is high, and they encompass an early 50’s/late 60s garage rock/punk sound, making them really enjoyable to listen to. While they may be compared to other bands, Black Pistol Fire does have their own flare and sound. Do not sleep on these guys.


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Def Wish Cast is a hip hop group from Sydney, Australia, that formed in 1990, that embodies all elements of hip hop. In 1993, they released their 15-track album, “Knights of the Underground Table“, featuring turntable skills and production by DJ Vame. One of their earlier known tracks was called “Proppa Ragga” (from their EP “Mad As A Hatter“), as it was the first Aussie hip hop track to break into international radio charts, shooting to #2 on Norway’s Rainbow FM Hip Hop show with Tommy Lee.

In 2006, 13 years later, they returned with the album, titled “The Legacy Continues“. They toured nationally, and won an award for “Best Hip Hop Group” at the 1st Annual Urban Music Awards.


Dan Waldman is the artist behind Made of Wood, an instrumental project which spans genres. Having made music since the age of 16, his influences range from Radiohead to Parliament Funkadelic which is all reflected in his work of acoustic, live, electronic and samplings of his own performances. Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico he has worked with bands (and as a solo artist) as a pianist and composer in the Boston, Albuquerque, Baltimore and Washington areas.


Black Noise is a South African hip hop collective that started in 1988, with breakdancers, that, eventually, grew with rappers, graffiti artists, and beatboxers. The breakdancers came from crews such as Pop Glide Crew, Supreme Rock Crew, and Ballistic Rock. What pushed them to branch into the other elements of hip hop, was to do something constructive for their community and take action to speak out for their community.

In the beginning, they performed at various places such as malls, schools, carnivals, clubs, and talent shows. They dropped members and changed names (were once Furious Floor Rockers, then The Chill Conection) throughout the years. Many ideas, performances, and growth along the way… the concept and group Black Noise was born.

The core collective is made up of: Emile YX? (Emile Jansen), an original founding member of BN in ’88, an emcee, b-boy, and graffiti artist. DJ Thee Angelo (Angelo Van Wyk), a DJ/producer, an emcee, and b-boy. B-Boy Fly D (Denis Haupt), B-Boy Lela (Lester Philander), B-Boy Ellie (Elgernon Van Wyk), B-Boy Bennie (Alfred Burgess), and B-Boy Danie (Daniel Van Wyk). Learn more about the group and how they came up.

SOUNDCHECK: Ticktockman

Above is Ticktockman, a 5-piece alternative rock band based in Seattle. It was created by guitarist/vocalist Ryan Van Wieringen (of Gatsbys American Dream and Wild Orchid Children) and keys/guitarist Andy Lum (also of Wild Orchid Children) in 2009. During that time, the two of them recorded 5 songs, for their “Periscope” EP, with producer Casey Bates (of Gatsbys American Dream and One Point Two).

When 2010 unfolded, they added members Morgan Bruner on guitar, Brock Lowry on drums, and Phil Sells on bass. And there you have the rockers of Ticktockman. And, on February 14th, they’ll be releasing their 11-song, self-titled album (produced by Derek Moree).

SOUNDCHECK: Ugly Kids Club

Meet Steve Wilson, he’s a producer, songwriter, and guitarist. He’s been nominated for a Grammy, and has worked with bands such as The Juliana Theory and Jonezetta. Then there’s Aliegh Shields, an electrifying vocalist and guitarist, who bartends on the side. Together, they form the Nashville, TN, pop-rock band Ugly Kids Club. As you can see from the image, though, they’re far from ugly. They’re fun, and they rock it out.

They currently have out a self-titled, 6-track EP. For each song, they created a music video… check ’em out. And if you like what you hear, pick it up on iTunes.

SOUNDCHECK: Silverclub

Silverclub is your new favorite band. Based in Manchester, this five-person outfit is centered around the experimental inner-workings of Duncan Edward Jones, previously known as the techno artist DNCN. While looking to explore other genres of music, Jones hooked up with singer/songwriter Jim Noir. Soon after,  DJ G-Kut, Chris McGrath and Henrietta Smith-Rolla joined the crew and Silverclub was in effect. Their latest single “No Application” (November 2011) has been catching like wildfire and has received accolades from several blogs and music outlets already. You can add this one to the list.


Le Mélange is a group of like-minded individuals that bring a special show to you consisting of multilingual rap, soul singers, and diverse dance styles (breakdance, classical ballet, African dancehall, jazz, and modern dance). Le Mélange is LMNZ (emcee), Simple One (emcee), Illimité (2 Bboys), and Bella (dancer).

Check out a packed trailer below to see what they represent…

SOUNDCHECK – Lianne La Havas

From her Facebook page, Lianne La Havas says she’s “Nothing like Corinne Bailey Rae or Andreya Triana, but we all have similar hair.” True, and they all have beautiful voices. Lianne (pronounced lee-ann) is a 22-year-old songstress, with smooth-like-melted-butter vocals and a guitar, that resides in London. And she’s currently on tour with Bon Iver.


ECHOREV is an international indie band with members from California, Ohio and Germany. Their diverse sound has been described as “accessible-pop” and their individual musical influences help to create an eclectic yet distinct sound. ECHOREV consists of members Johnny Nicholson (CA), Ann Driscoll (OH) and all the way from Germany, Jörn Bielfeldt. Jörn and Johnny first started the group back in 2009 with Ann joining the group later. In 2010, the trio recorded their debut album Find North (now available) and are currently on their Fall 2011 international tour.


Meet Enzo Tiano. He began life in the Philippines, then moved to Los Angeles when he was 15-years-old. He was influenced by artists such as John Lennon, David Bowie, and Thom Yorke, and soon began to grow a true love for music and songwriting. Shortly after starting his first band, Paraventure, he put music on the backburner and focused on fashion design for a year. After the switch between the two, he realized that his heart was in music — he wrote solo music and joined the band Twin Falcons. In January, Enzo released his first free solo EP, “Suspicious Characters” under the name Poster Child. The 5-track album dives into the mysterious mind and world of George Orwell’s “1984”.