Two Tiffanys celebrating what they love by giving it a stage and using their voices to spread the word.



Today, I watched the unreleased music video for DOROTHY‘s latest single “Raise Hell”, without knowing who they were, and was loving their energetic, hard rock sound. I then learned that they are the band behind the bluesy-rock song “Wicked Ones“, which I’ve heard several times in a Levi’s commercial. It’s always good to put a face to a name, especially when they’re faces of wickedly talented people.

DOROTHY is a 4-person rock group from Los Angeles, California, made up of lead-singer Dorothy Martin, drummer Zac Morris, guitarist Mark Jackson, and bassist Gregg Cash. On September 11th, 2015, they released their self-titled debut EP, which introduced the world to 5 original songs. I’m gonna talk about a couple of my favorites: “Wicked Ones”, “After Midnight”, and their latest single “Raise Hell”.


I clicked play on a song by Black Honey today, called “Corrine”, and about 20 seconds in, they had me as an intrigued fan. I clicked “like” and “repost” on Soundcloud, and began my who-are-they search, so I could share them with you! Having formed in mid-2014, Black Honey is an, indie rock band from Brighton, UK, that’s led by front-woman Izzy Bee Phillips, along with 3 cool dudes rocking out on the instruments, named Christ Ostler, Tommy Taylor, and Tom Dewhurst.


Jihae (@JIHAE_music) (pronounced “jee-heh”) is a South Korean-born, alternative rock singer-songwriter, composer, and artist, that’s currently based in New York City. Her music’s main focus is on people’s awareness, or lack of, and how that contributes to the great social, environmental, and cultural divide that defines our time. “The nature of our social psychology encourages us to thrive on multi-layered illusions that lead us to deny simple facts in favor of curving logic, and this is a central theme of each of my projects,” says Jihae, in her site’s biography.

She is a creative force beyond belief, and that’s recognized in all her endeavors. She makes music, does multimedia art, is/has been involved with multiple charities and has one of her own, and she has a label called Septem, that serves as a community for artists, and it’s also dedicated to music for license and social cause-based projects. Before I get into her music, let me talk about some of her other stuff first.

SOUNDCHECK: Thomas Oliver

Thomas Oliver is a singer-songwriter, Weissenborn lap-steel guitarist, and multi-talented guitar player from Wellington, New Zealand, that combines the blues, soul, and rock for one strong and compelling sound. I came across his music after watching Estère‘s performances during the Aston Road Sessions (see it in my Soundcheck post), because he was one of the three artists who performed during this 2014 live event. I clicked play on his “Lead Me On / What Can I Say” performance, and was wholly captivated by his one-man-band star performance, his silky-smooth vocals that blended folk and soul, and his strong and poignant songwriting, while he masterfully played his guitar. Wheeeeew, yes!


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away–okay, not where I was going. But a long time ago, late 2014, I clicked the little “watch later” button on a video by a singer named Estère, and I finally watched it this morning. The song was a cover of PJ Harvey’s “The Words That Maketh Murder“, and it was a fantastic one! Before I get into that, and other songs by this talented artist, let me introduce you to her a little bit.

From Wellington, New Zealand, Estère is a quirky-voiced, funky jazz-soul singer-songwriter and a multi-talented producer, with an MPC named Lola. She likes to label her music as being “electric blue witch-hop”, and she is known to produce all of her music at home, while comfortably wearing her pajamas. Now, after hearing all the songs that I’ve shared at the bottom, you’ll be a fan of this electric blue witch-hop woman named Estère, like I’ve become, too!


Fierce and eclectic, Ria Hall (@RiaHallNZ) is a soulful powerhouse singer-songwriter from New Zealand. Her music draws influence from Hip Hop,Reggae, R&B and Pop fusing with the soul and traditional sounds of her Maori heritage. Her self-titled debut EP, released in 2011, earned two prestigious awards: Best Album at the 2012 Vodafone NZ Music Awards and Best Video at the 2012 Waiata Māori Music Awards, not bad for a first release! In addition to being a singer, songwriter and performer, Ria Hall is also an avid fashionista as well as a host for Maori TV‘s AIA Marae DIY, an awesome, heartwarming DIY show focusing on community centers akin to what you’d find on HGTV.  Ria Hall’s passion for music is contagious, as is her enthusiasm and predictions for future Maori/New Zealand artists on a global scale. On the topic she’s famously been quoted as saying that “there is so much richness that New Zealand music can take to the world. We haven’t realised our own potential – and that’s exciting.” After coming across her music, I’d have to agree, Ria; it certainly is!


Aleksandra Denton, known as Shura (@weareshura), is a 23-year-old singer/songwriter/producer based in London. Other than lending her voice to a lot of Hiatus‘ songs (ie: “We Are Ghosts Now“, “Iran Air“, “Fortune’s Fool” and many more), I couldn’t find any solo albums to Shura‘s name… yet. However, she has released two singles this year, and I hope that she’s working on her debut album.


Betty what? It’s Betty Who! (@bettywhomusic) I got put onto this beauty today, when I saw the music video for her 80’s-esque electro-pop single, “Somebody Loves You“. It finds her singing the love-fueled, fun single at in a dance studio and an 80’s dance party, complete with side ponytails, legwarmers, sequined jackets, Flashdance-like movies, and corded phones. Also, you probably already know the song if you watched that Home Debot Wedding Proposal (see here) that went viral on YouTube last year.

SOUNDCHECK: Andrea Sanchez

I stumbled upon Andrea Sanchez's (@Andreuyaa) soundcloud last night and it was a case of pure serendipity. I'd actually saw her picture on a Pinterest hair board and clicked through...


It was only recently that I became familiar with the name Botzy (@BuckFotzy). When I wrote about Jellyfish Brigade and their latest album, Botzy RT’d and/or favorite those posts due to his involvement with the Minneapolis-based project Polkadot Mayhem, whom are responsible for creating an awesome interactive map with Jellyfish Brigade. Not long after that, a follow came along, and so did an email. And here I am today. I didn’t know then, but I do now.


GeeSoporia (@GeeSoropia) is a producer and lyricist from Mississauga/Toronto, Canada who specializes in ambient beats and chill vibes. He studied his craft at Toronto's Seneca College and was a featured artist...

SOUNDCHECK: Jackie Venson

Jackie Venson (@jackievenson) started her career as a classically trained pianist, which soon blossomed into her current status as a singer, songwriter and guitarist with many facets to her craft. Seamlessly moving...