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Movie Review: Hanna

Yesterday, Hanna premiered in movie theaters nationwide, and my friend and I decided we were going to check it out. I was extremely amp’d to see this movie because the previews leading up to the release date were action packed and who doesn’t like a good ass-kicker of a movie? Too bad the movie was just a slap on the wrist. Don’t get me wrong, there were some good fight scenes, however it seemed like all of the really great ones were squeezed into the previews.

Album Review: One Distant Moment – “The Fade”

A couple days ago, we received an email from Ryan of One Distant Moment, asking if we’d review their upcoming debut album, “The Fade“. One Distant Moment is Christyn Dubreuil (vocals) and Ryan McGowan (production), and they’re from Portland, Maine. The downtempo duo is with Milled Pavement, and being a fan of many MP artists, I was eager to listen to their music.

The digital release of “The Fade” will contain 7 original tracks. But if you purchase the physical CD, you’ll get an extra 3 tracks that are remixes from labelmates Roma, Moshe, and Vik44. All ten songs come in under 45 minutes, and the album as a whole has a strong, melancholy vibe. Ryan provides the downtempo backdrop, and Christyn sings softly, providing a small haunting element in her voice. “The Fade” will be available on May 10th.

With this album, like we’ve done a few times in the past, Tiffny and I (Tiffology) decided to break this up in half. Each taking 5 tracks, we give you reviews from the both of us. Check it out…

Album Review: M.O.B.Stars – “II S.O.S. (Substance Over Swag)”

You might remember the M.O.B.Stars video that I posted up a couple weeks ago called “Watch Ya Back“. That song was from their first mixtape, “II S.O.S. (Substance Over Swag)“, which is what I’ll be talking a little bit about right now.

M.O.B.Stars (O.B., S.C.G. Jochi, and newest member Safe) are currently working on their second release, “California Eden“. That will be like an introductory project to Safe (who can be seen at the end of the “Watch Ya Back” video, when the song “Diamendz” starts up). As of right now, the date the album will drop is May 6th, but that could change. To get you ready for the album, the guys have plans of releasing a “Spring Collection” of tracks. This will include tracks that were recorded before the first mixtape and tracks that don’t make it onto “California Eden“. So be on the look out for that.

Album Review: Nomar Slevik – “In The Field Where I Died”

About a week ago, good friend Nomar Slevik asked me if I’d review his new album “In The Field Where I Died” before its release date (April 5th). I said yes, of course. Having reviewed his “Welcome to Fuckland” record on the site, owning previous albums, as well as interviewing him back in 2009, I’d say I had a good idea of what to expect from this album. Dark, experimental beats with disturbing subject matter. Bingo.

The Maine artist/producer, Nomar Slevik, presents “In The Field Where I Died” as his first solo release on Milled Pavement. It has 18 tracks, and features Meiso, Selfhelp, Myn Dwun, Demune, Cognition, Noah23, Brzowski, A-Frame, Id Obelus, and Xczircles. Production by Nomar Slevik, and also DJ Extend, S.L.A.P., John Cue Publik, Myn Dwun, Mat Young, Tony Ciro Saggese, zoën, and Efalive. Read on!

Album Review: Xczircles “Swan Storm” / Aamir “The Quiet After the Storm”

West Coast underground artists Xczircles and Aamir (both in the California group Escape Artists) dropped new albums at the end of 2010 — “Swan Storm” and “The Quiet After the Storm” respectively. The albums were packaged together and released on Ooohh! That’s Heavy Records. The double CD is a follow up to albums that both of them released in 2008 titled “Act of Gosh” and “Underwater Regions“.

Album Review: Jayson Turnbull-Hip Hop City Vol. 1

I’ve recently gotten back into listening to full on instrumental tracks, so I was really interested when Jayson Turnbull contacted me for a review of his volume one instrumental album, Hip Hop City. Released on Vash Music Records, the 14-track album (which can be purchased on iTunes or Amazon) is completely produced by Jayson, himself. Not having much to go on other than that, I dove in to the album with a fairly clean slate, and ready to give my opinion. Check out what I thought, and offer your opinion as well. I’d like to know your thoughts.

Review: Red Riding Trilogy (2010)

Red Riding: Trilogy is not for the faint of heart, or weak of stomach. Based on the novels of David Peace, the series derived it’s title from the famous Red Riding Hood, and the location of it’s setting in Yorkshire, England, the drama revolves around fictional portrayals of true events during the early 70s thru the early 80s: perverse crimes, police corruption, and personal redemption. From the very beginning, this who-dun-it grabs you and keeps you on your toes. While the graphic nature of some of the more morbid and violent scenes might make your stomach queasy, all of it I feel, was necessary and relevant to the drama; not gratuitous in the least bit. Starting with the first of the series, 1974, we’re met with a young journalist who, on the trail of something big, finds himself taking matters into his own hands when he realizes that his scoop is bigger than anything he’d imagined.

Album Review: Venomous2000 – “Fresh, Amazingly”

Very Energetic Nubian (New-Being) On Mics Opening Universal Sounding… is Venomous2000 the Ultra Emcee. Repping New Jersey, this 29-year-old has been freestyling and writing rhymes since the early 90s. Connected with Delinquent Soundz Entertainment, Venomous2000 dropped his latest album this year called “Fresh, Amazingly“. The album is 16 tracks deep (a little under 1 hour) and was produced by DJ Priority. Thanks to V, I had the opportunity to listen to the album and give my review (to dissect and interpret). And before I get into each track, let me just say that Priority came with it. Every beat is clean and crispy, and pairs perfectly with each track and the lyrics laid on ’em. Boom bap goodness! And out of all the stuff I’ve heard of V’s, this is my favorite project. Fresh amazingly all the way through. Now let’s get into it…

Album Review: MC Homeless – “27”

MC Homeless is an emcee from Ohio. He grew up going to DIY punk shows and singing in grindcore bands before forming a relationship with hip hop. His first album, “Trapped Under an Ohio Sky“, received 4/5 stars in Alternative Press, and eventually gained international attention. Soon after, he toured internationally and did a 12” split record with Indonesia’s Homicide on Dis.eased Recrods. Between self-releasing albums, Homeless is also part of the Milled Pavement label. He has contributed to the MP’s “Goose Bumps” compilation series (1, 3, and 4). And now in 2010, he dropped his album, “27“. All of the production comes from Zoën, and features artists Brzowski, Ira Lee, Zoën, Mesparrow, and Riddlore.

This album is entirely personal to MC Homeless. It’s like he ripped out pages of his life’s journal (the one that you hide from everyone’s eyes but your own), and put it in the form of an album for people to listen to. Making him vulnerable. Check out my review for the 10-track album (song by song)…

Album Review: Stainless Steele – “Dub Hop Illuminations”

Stainless Steele has an upcoming album titled “Dub Hop Illuminations: Offerings from the Electric Worship Workshop” that will be dropping on November 5th. When compared to previous albums such as “My Top Friends Are Beat Makers” and “Chester Copperpot Dropping Jewels“, this release takes a slight left turn to experiment in the intergalactic, smooth electronic scene… while still being hip hop, of course. All the production on the album was done by him too. So with all that said, let’s get onto the review…

Album Review: Marvelous World of Color

We’ve reviewed Jason James and Rodney Hazard’s collaborative effort God’s Favorites (here), and we’ve just finished an interview with Jason James himself (here), and now we’re back to give our opinion on his and Rodney’s most recent release, Marvelous World Of Color. The album is 14 tracks of free-for-download goodness, and Tiffology and I split them down the middle, so let’s just jump right into it.

Album Review: WEB & I.D.e.A – “God’s Favorites”

So, yesterday I promised a review of God’s Favorites from WEB&I.D.e.A. A few weeks ago, I reviewed Waiting To Exhale and was actually quite impressed with what I heard. You guys know me, I’m more into R&B, Reggae and Pop, but I actually really liked the track. With that being said, I wanted to check out the album and I meant to post this review earlier today. Oh, yeah, and I recruited Tiffology on this review, because as our resident hip hop head, I wanted to see what she thought of the album as well. So without further ado, CrayonBeats reviews God’s Favorites. Check it.