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[Album Review] Kidd Russell -THE DASH EP (deluxe)

It’s that time again boys and girls. We here at CB haven’t done a group review since Rafael Casal’s Monster back in November.  This time around, we’re taking a look at alternative hip hop artist Kidd Russell. We here at CB haven’t necessarily heard much about Kidd, but after reading the press kit we were happily surprised to find out that he has opened for The Roots, The Flobots , Mr. lif , Common, and Uncle Cracker among others. His music video for his track Dear Shooter has been featured on both MTV2 and MTV Jams (they still have that show!?) and his second video has wrestling stars from both WWE and ROH (it’s also the ROH theme music). Sounds like quite a resume right? Well, after learning this, we jumped into his recently released EP with pretty high expectations (or at least I-Tiffny- did). Read on for our thoughts….

Album Review: Ancient Astronauts – "We Are To Answer"

Ancient astronauts are said to be intelligent aliens that have visited Earth in ancient times and, by coming here, they are connected with the development of human cultures, technologies, and/or religions. With that being said, Kabanjak and Dogu make up the German hip hop duo, Ancient Astronauts. They are signed with Switchstance Recordings. Their sound is a mash-up of old school hip hop, downtempo, funk, and dub reggae.

Movie Review: Teenage Dirtbag

After months of putting it off, I finally got around to watching Teenage Dirtbag, which was actually released earlier this year on DVD and in select theaters. I’m so glad I did watch it, but I’m also a little miffed at myself that it took me so long to see it. Why? Well as a movie based on true events, it’s probably one of the better movies I’ve seen in a long, long time. I think I may go so far as to put it right up there with Manic, Mysterious Skin and Brick on my Top Movies To Force My Friends To See list.

[Album Review] Rafael Casal – Monster LP

It’s time for another joint review here on CrayonBeats and this time Tiffology and myself [Tiffny] gave a listen to Rafael Casal’s new LP entitled “Monster”. Released Halloween weekend, the digital LP is a follow-up to 2008’s “As Good As Your Word”, which was also released online.  Mr. Casal has been talked about a couple of times here on CrayonBeats, so we’re a little familiar with him [exhibits A &  B]. In case you haven’t heard of him, Rafael Casal is a numerous amount of things – a slam poet, a recording artist, an educator, and a founding memeber of The Get Back. Wedecided that we’d review it here on CB, considering how pumped we were to listen to it. I mean, after seeing the video for his “Monster” track, we were looking forward to hearing the rest of the album. So with that said, you’ll be getting two different perspectives, as we split up the tracks evenly. Below the jump, you’ll find our reviews, tracks 1-6 from Tiffology, and 7-12 from Tiffny.

Oh btw, the album is free, so go to The Getblog and download it!