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Album Review: Sektosikso – “Practicing Patience” album

Residing in Serbia, specifically Vrbas, Vojvodina, is Milan Lončar who goes by the name Sektosikso. The 24-year-old crafts beats that linger between electronic and downtempo. I don’t know much else about this guy, other than in July, he independently released a free project titled “Practicing Patience“. It contains 8 tracks, a few of which have vocals, that explore different emotions. Read what I have to say about the tracks with vocals, and then grab the free download.

Album Review: Grand Sunz – “Forever Shining”

Fluent and Gigio are both Associated Fresh emcees (check “Fresh Produce“) and shine in their craft as solo artists, as well as together. Together, they are the Grand Sunz — a hip hop duo based in Fairfield, California. They are Grand Sunz of hip hop, Mother Earth, the Universe, their ancestors, the fallen leaders, and of the movement.

Not long ago they released their album, “Forever Shining“. Packed with a grand total of 19 tracks, it features mic spots from White Mic (of Bored Stiff), L*Roneous, Telli Prego (of Gas Mask Colony), Do D.A.T., Erin G (of Vandal 9), and The Mighty Leeban. Most of the production was handed by All_Key and Joey Shellz, with a few others from Bean One, Brian Tronic, Dren Doh, and a remix from Joe Blow.

Album Review: Che’Nelle: Luv Songs

It’s been a while since I’ve caught up with Che’Nelle’s music. The last I heard, she was in love with a DJ, and letting us know just how hot she was. So much time had passed since I’ve listened to “Things Happen For A Reason” that I was shocked to find out that she’d released a couple of singles since then, and has been touring the world. No doubt, I have a lot of catching up to do with her music, so I’m actually very excited to review her latest release, Luv Songs, a cover album. Let’s check it out.

Album Review: Stainless Steele – “The Renaissance Asylum”

Back with another album, Stainless Steele is getting ready to release “The Renaissance Asylum“. He already dropped an instrumental album this year called, “Perfect Maniac X“, and that was reviewed in April. Well, here I am again… reviewing this one. It’s due for release in August, so be on the look-out for that. And if you’re in the Lancaster, PA area on August 5th, hit up the release party @ Revival Skate Shoppe. Check the Facebook event for details.

Now on to my review. You know how it goes…

Album Review: Dynasty Electric – “Golden Arrows”

Dynasty Electric is a 2-person band from Brooklyn, NY, made up of Jenny Electrik (Jennifer DeVeau) on seductive vocals and the theremin, and Seth Misterka on production and live instrumentation. The duo has a fresh sound that weaves between psychedelic rock, electronic, and pop. Jenny has had comparisons to Debbie Harry, Alison (of Goldfrapp), and PJ Harvey, but she definitely has a voice of her own, too.

Towards the end of May, I was introduced to Dynasty Electric by way of an email from their PR. Included in it was the music video for a song called “Golden Arrows”, as well as their most recent same-titled album. What grabbed my attention first was the following description: “The record is an eclectic mix of electronica, indie rock and hip hop beats. Think Massive Attack meets Blondie.” After reading that and watching their music video, I was sold. They shot a golden arrow directly at my heart.

Album Review: Gel Roc – “Beautiful Tragedy”

It wasn’t until hearing Aamir‘s 2010 album, “The Quiet After the Storm“, that Gel Roc was put on my radar (he was featured on two tracks). After that, I kept seeing his name around the web and my interest in his music kept rising. Shortly after, the people over at Abolano Records sent over a couple albums from their discography, including: EX2 – “Resurgence“, Gel Roc – “Laws & Flaws“, and Gel Roc & Mascaria – “The Void“. All great, and after listening… it was a done deal — Gel Roc is dope.

Gel Roc (pronounced with a hard “g” like graffiti) is a Los Angeles based hip hop artist. He’s also a member of underground crew EX2 (E Times 2). Today, he dropped another solo release, titled “Beautiful Tragedy“, on Abolano Records. There’s a total of 16 tracks, and a run-time of 1 hour and 15 minutes. Production entirely by Xczircles, with scratches by DJ Drez. A long list of emcees are featured, such as Awol One, Aceyalone, Mestizo, Abstract Rude, Rezult, Syn, Ecid, Open Mike Eagle, and many more.

I had the honor to get an advanced copy, and now I present to you my thoughts and review. Check it out…

Album Review: Gescha – “Crayon Politics”

Gescha, of the Intelligentlemen, is a hip hop artist from Saskatoon, SK Canada. He hit me up about a week ago asking if I’d review his solo album, “Crayon Politics“, which was released April 26th. He and I both thought, at some point, that with the title of his album and the title of our blog… the two should connect. So here we are.

Crayon Politics” was produced entirely by Factor and Muneshine. Features come from Awol One, Cam the Wizzard, Moka Only, Kay the Aquanaut, Gregory Pepper, and more.

Read on for my words and review of his album….

Rooks – “Rooks, Rooks, Rooks” album

Shortly after I posted up the Smash Television (Jah Connery and Leaf Erikson) album, “Idiot Bocks“, Jah Connery emailed me. He sent over his most recent release, “Rooks, Rooks, Rooks“. The duo, Rooks, is a collaboration between him and and another emcee named Duece Freight. With a play-time of under 35 minutes, it’s complete with 11 tracks. Features come from Grimm Picasso and Probmatic, the cuts are by Jefferson and production was handled by Jah.

So far, it seems that whatever Jah is apart of, I like. Because much like the vibe of “Idiot Bocks“, I enjoyed this album all the way through, too. Raw and real lyrics, with a slew of soulful beats.

Album Review: Paramanu Recordings presents “Descendants of Decay Vol. 1”

With headquarters in San Antonio, TX and Orlando, Florida, Paramanu Recordings specializes in several different genres of music, ranging from instrumentals and experimental hip hop, to electronica and spoken word with everything else in between. The indie label recently released their free mixtape which pays tribute to Japan: a ‘name your price‘ download option will donate funds to the Japan Tsunami Relief Fund on behalf of one of the label’s artists who lives in Sendai. When CEO, James Shidell contacted us about doing a review of the mixtape, we were more than happy to oblige. Check out our review after the jump:

[Album Review] Ryu Black: Perfect 天

Under the moniker Ryu Black, producer/emcee MeccaGodZilla  drops his debut album Perfect 天 (pronounced Perfect Ten-which means heaven). Released only a few days ago, yet there’s been much buzz amongst fans of Street Fighter, and video games in general. The hip hop opera, or hip-hopera if you will, follows our hero Ryu Black and his travels, running into opponents and allies, friends and foes-just like the video game the album pays homage to. Except that this isn’t your ordinary otaku soundtrack. Tapping into the inner gamer and hip hop head within us all, the album is loaded with witty rhymes and nostalgia. Earlier, I’d had the chance to listen to Chun Li, which was just awesome and seeing the impressive line up of indie features (Masia One, Arablak, Majesty and more), I couldn’t wait to check it out in full and review this album. I was not disappointed. Read on for the review.

Album Review: Stainless Steele – “Perfect Maniac X”

If you keep up with lyricist/producer Stainless Steele anywhere (Facebook, for example), or if you read my interview with him in November, you’d be well aware that he has an instrumental album called “Perfect Maniac X” that’s due for release on April 25th. The album contains a total of 13 tracks and a play-time of 43 minutes. If you’re familiar with his 2010 release “Dub Hop Illuminations“, you’re going to love this, because it fits right in with that similiar psychedelic-electronic sound, with some hip hop undertones. Thanks to Stainless, I had the pleasure of listening to and reviewing the album… so read on.

Album Review: One Distant Moment – “The Fade”

A couple days ago, we received an email from Ryan of One Distant Moment, asking if we’d review their upcoming debut album, “The Fade“. One Distant Moment is Christyn Dubreuil (vocals) and Ryan McGowan (production), and they’re from Portland, Maine. The downtempo duo is with Milled Pavement, and being a fan of many MP artists, I was eager to listen to their music.

The digital release of “The Fade” will contain 7 original tracks. But if you purchase the physical CD, you’ll get an extra 3 tracks that are remixes from labelmates Roma, Moshe, and Vik44. All ten songs come in under 45 minutes, and the album as a whole has a strong, melancholy vibe. Ryan provides the downtempo backdrop, and Christyn sings softly, providing a small haunting element in her voice. “The Fade” will be available on May 10th.

With this album, like we’ve done a few times in the past, Tiffny and I (Tiffology) decided to break this up in half. Each taking 5 tracks, we give you reviews from the both of us. Check it out…