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Album Review: SpAceKiD – “Trapezoid”

LA native IAMSPACEKID has landed his debut album “Trapezoid” released in back in October. Adding a fresh perspective to the hip-hop scene Spacekid mixes everything up, offering up some pretty trippy beats and a dashing array of experimental sounds consisting of 16 tracks. Alongside all this is an assortment of collaborators helping this piece really sound out of this world.

Album Review: Besatree & Kserious – “Eating Crow”

Besatree and Kserious are two friends from Southern California, that formed as a duo in 2009, and they’re also solo emcees. On September 7th, 2012, they released their first collaborative album, titled “Eating Crow“. Jam packed with 18 tracks, this album sticks to their general personalities and charm–it’s main focus is positivity. Positivity, perseverance, and energetic performances is what you’ll find all throughout. There are a couple of features from fellow Cloudmakers crew members, Thesis and Joe Mas.

They offer up dope production; matter of fact, they killed the beats on this album! I’d be interested to know if they’ll ever release the instrumentals of this album. I’d get that. They also showcase talents in storytelling, poetic imagery, clever wordplay, uplifting messages, giving lessons and advice (without sounding too preachy), good humor, introspective rhymes, a variety of flows and deliveries, and good songwriting skills. All of which can be appreciated, and get two high-fives from me.

Album Review: Stainless Steele – “A Beautiful Rift in Time”

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard some new stuff from Stainless Steele. We’re glad to see him back with a brand new EP, though. Released on October 29th, “A Beautiful Rift In Time” features 6 tracks, with production from Bueller, Knxwledge, Jay Marvlis, Gamera, and PoptartPete. Despite the beats coming from different producers, they all evoke similar atmospheric, abstract, and celestial vibes. Gorgeous beats.

Steele gives us his signature style songs, where he poetically raps about the blues, love, and life, with thought-provoking lyricism and wordplay. This collection weaves through topics of tragedy, desire, fatal attraction, and seduction. Check out my review.

Album Review: Scott-Allen – “Labor of Love”

Phoenix emcee Scott-Allen, formally known as Mindscape, released the “Life Is Art” EP in 2008 and the “Last Adam Mixtape” in August, 2012. With that said, I’m here to talk about his most recent album, “Labor of Love“, that was released on September 14th.

It has 15 tracks, with features from Playdough, Glad2Mecha, Talent Kills, IQ, Boogie Down, Praverb, and cuts from DJ Idull. Production handled by Anno Domini, Scott-Allen, Glad2Mecha, and Sinima. If you don’t already know about his talents as an emcee, this album will awaken you and turn you into a fan. Emotive, powerful delivery, straight-forward, honest lyricism, and great strength in story-telling. “Labor of Love” is an open journal, where Scott bares it all with personal stories and songs of love, heartache, pain, setbacks, and, he also pays homage to hip hop. With the subject matter of the songs here, I imagine that it was a huge therapeutic release to put everything in his music. He’s definitely someone you need to get on your hip hop radar.

So, as usual… I break down each song and do my little review thing. Check it out if you wish. If not, just hit this link to stream download for free.

Album Review: Agartha Audio & Taiyamo Denku – “Quadrofiendia”

Taiyamo Denku is an emcee from Milwaukee. He has 3 full solo LPs (“Cycle of Death“, “Articles of Mind“, and “Lost Thoughts“), several albums with his group W.A.S.T.E.L.A.N.D.S. (such as “After Years of Television“), and numerous cameos. He has collaborated with artists like Sabac Red, Vast Aire, Pumpkinhead, Prince Po, Keith Murray, Illogic, and many more. He brings strength with his voice, he is a master of metaphors, he’s clever with wordplay, he’s a good storyteller, he’s energetic, and he’s just an overall lethal lyricist. I forgot to mention that he’s a freestyler (check him out now).

Pair him with Berkeley-based producer Agartha Audio (aka Dig Dug), and we got something extraordinary. These two powerhouses collaborated on an album together, and released it on progressive hip hop label Uncommon Records, on June 19th. The album consists of 15 songs, with features from Masai Bey, Atari Blitzkrieg, L.I.F.E. Long, Teddy Faley, Shyheim the Manchild, Nac1, Vast Aire, Perseph 1, Illogic, Urban Legend, Craig G., and Sadat X.

Album Review: Suff Daddy – “Suff Sells”

Suff Daddy (“Suff” meaning “Drinking heavy” in German) has been one of my favorite producers since 2008; sometime when his debut EP “EFIL4FFUS” was released. Not once has he disappointed me… everything he’s released has been top notch in my book. No joke. In June, Suff released his most recent album, “Suff Sells“, via Melting Pot Music. This is his 3rd album, and there are 29 brand new tracks. Boom bap production, with strong notes of jazz, funk, and electro influences. Guest features come from Miles Bonny, Elzhi, Phat Kat, Fleur Earth, Vertual Vertigo, Twit One, and Hulk Hodn.

I’ve been meaning to talk about this album for awhile now, but got caught up in other things. My apologies. But, it’s better late than never, right?

Album Review: Kserious – “Bury Me In Public”

You should be a little familiar with Kserious by now, but if you aren’t… here’s a special treat for you. Before the Besatree and Kserious full-length, “Eating Crow“, comes out in less than two weeks, Kserious dropped a 5-track EP, titled “Bury Me In Public“. With styles of blues and jazz, and loaded with brass instrumentation, this is a refreshing hip hop offering that tells a tale of growth during a broken relationship, getting over “her”, and moving on. Kserious displays skills in storytelling, melodies, emotional-but-serious lyricism, smoothly shifting between singing and rapping, and production. This isn’t an album to sleep on or pass up. It’s excellent.

Album Review: Kap Kallous “The Martian EP”

Kap Kallous is a rapper (scratch that, he’s just a real dude who happens to rap) from Florida. Since late 2010, he’s dropped a handful of projects that help showcase his style and versatility, such as “The TV EP“, “The She EP“, and The Zombie EP“. And, don’t forget that ill album he dropped in March of last year, “I Should Have Kept My Mouth Shut“. Get any of those, if you haven’t yet.

Now, his latest project, “The Martian EP“, was released on May 22nd. Taking the classic one emcee to one producer route, the 6-track album was produced entirely by California producer Vikto Beats. You can expect to hear eerie, intergalactic, beastly beats, with that heavy West Coast heat. All while Kap Kallous takes you on a villainous space voyage, by serving up switchblades and abrasive bars filled with vulgarity, brag raps, trill rhymes, catchy hooks, numerous quoatables, and, if you act against him, he’ll kick you outta the ship to watch you die of asphixiation. So, watch your P’s and Q’s.

It’s a real dope album, from beginning to end. Read my review, where I share my thoughts in my usual track-by-track breakdown.

Album Review: Illus – “Family First”

As you may already know, Illus dropped his newest release, “Family First“, on May 29th. He is also now a father to a very adorable little boy (if you follow Illus on Twitter, you will see some precious pictures). “Family First” is a 12-track album, that features lyrical contributions and production from Ill Bill, Blueprint, J-Live, Phashara, Logic, godAWFUL, Erin Barra, Esoteric, Chuuwee, Headsnack, and Apathy. Cuts and executive production by DJ Johnny Juice. The unique thing about this album is that the artist featured on their respective songs, likely produced it too. The talent on this album is excellent!

If you’re looking for angry, negative music, this album is not for you. If you’re seeking, and appreciate, uplifting, positive music, then this is right in your alley. The title of the album is reflective of the content matter, with the main focal point being structured around family. If someone were to make a Father’s Day compilation next year, for all those proud dads out there, any of these songs could be within that mix.

Without further discussion, read on further for my usual track-by-track review.

Album Review: Ecid – “Werewolf Hologram”

Ecid is an emcee and producer from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and claims that he has a “heart full of piss and vinegar“. Ecid has a strong grip on the DIY world, and has self-booked, self-released, and self-made his own work. Prior to his new album, which I am about to review, he has released 4 other albums: “Biograffiti” in 2006, “Economy Size goDD Costume” in 2007, “Red Beretta” in 2009, and “100 Smiles And Runnin’” in 2010. Then, in between all of those albums, he has put out a few installments of the “Bargain Junkie Classics“, which consisted of numerous beats pulled from Ecid‘s vault.

On February 28th, he dropped his 5th album, “Werewolf Hologram“. It’s packed with 16 tracks, and features guests David Mars, Leif(Kolt), Awol One, Kristoff Krane, and an Eyedea (RIP) verse. The album was produced entirely by Ecid, and it’s expertly done. He shows off his sample chopping, layering techniques, erratic beat loops, organic instrumentation, pitch control, and more. And, not to mention, the sound and emotional journey that he takes you on is a great one. If you weren’t aware of his story-telling skills prior to this album, you will soon be blown away. You’ll find yourself in the midst of a new tale at the turn of every corner. One minute you’re nodding your head in agreeance to the plight of humanity, next you’re following the rise and fall of a graffiti artist, that’s shortly followed by a spaceship trip with a mission to takeover someone else’s planet, and then suddenly you’re getting chills from Ecid’s tragedy of losing a friend and mentor. Without listening, these may appear to be different concepts, but each cleverly routed road leads to a similar thought-provoking destination, making this a solid, cohesive album.

Album Review- Perry Porter & ICBM: Paper Moon

#CrayonBeats #review @perryporter

Perry Porter of Sleep Steady and French producer ICBM released their collaborative digital album “Paper Moon” on March 31, 2012 and thus far, the project has been met with positive reactions. Produced entirely by ICBM, Paper Moon features guest appearances by CARLisDEAD, Grace Kelly, Veepee, Anthoney “Hot Ham” Williams and RaceceR with Perry Porter describing the album as “a tale through the mind of his younger self. Paper symbolizing money while the Moon is a desired location in ones own mind.” Sounds interesting. Perry asked me if I’d be up for reviewing the album, and being that I liked “Apollo 11” and “Lucid Dreams”, I said sure. So let’s get to it.

Album Review: Morbid aka Rusty James: “1982 (Book 1)”

Morbid aka Rusty James is a rapper from San Jose, California. In February, he dropped his latest album, “Nineteen.Eighty.Two (Book 1)“, via Frugal Farmacy Media. It’s a 17-track album, produced entirely by MedsRX, and features Lil Bit, Donny Dego, Cold Showda, C.O.R.E., Myc Ripley, and Appature. The production is all over the place, in different genres, such as raw, gutter beats, boom bap flavor, some rock-driven sounds, and even country can be heard. It’s eclectic, but it shows versatility. The album is available for free, or you can donate to the cause. Now check my review…