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Album Review: L*Roneous – “Spoken Thought”

I strongly believe that L*Roneous is slept on. This Bay Area emcee has been making quality music for a long time–with every album that I’ve heard, he’s manages to grow and is consistently dope in all aspects (delivery, lyricism, subject matter, beat choosing). The last album that I reviewed was his 2011 release, Notes of the Righteous Outlaw. After dropping Lgorithms in 2012, L*Roneous followed it with his most recent album.

Spoken Thought is a 10-track EP that boasts production from BlesInfinite, Dren Doh, Elusive, Def i, and Fresh Chuck. Features come from Gigio, Cait La Dee, Spank Pops, Jules, Equipto, White Mic, Great Scott, DJ Troubleman, and Michael Marshall. When you purchase the album, a portion of the proceeds go to the Midway Women’s Shelter in Alameda, California. Check out my review if you’re interested. Then stream the album and pick it up digitally through Bandcamp.

Issue 3 is here!

Hello everyone! After reading our first and second issues, you might’ve been anxiously waiting our third issue. Or, maybe you’ll get put on to our magazines because of this particular issue. Either way, welcome and thanks for your interest! Through 58 colorful pages, we feature a load of content with informative articles, interviews, and exclusive photos, touching the usual topics: Music, Art, Fashion, and Lifestyle. Below you will find a more detailed list of what you’ll find on our pages. We hope you enjoy it! And let us know what you think, so perhaps we can feature you on our testimonial page.

Jesse Futerman – “Exquisite Basement” EP snippets

Jesse Futerman‘s free EP trilogy, released via Jus Like Music, is finally wrapping up. The debut EP, Super Basement, dropped on June 20th, 2011, and the second, Fuse The Witches, dropped on June 4th, 2012. The last in the series is due for release on May 6th and will be available for free digital download on his Bandcamp page. Titled Exquisite Basement, the 7-track project (just over 21 minutes in play time) is 100% sample based.

CrayonBeats Magazine: Issue 2!

After releasing our premier issue in February, we have finally returned with a second issue. As of yesterday, April 19th, it is up for grabs. The two of us have been collectively listening to K-pop for years–Tiffny more so than I–so, we wanted to showcase a different variety of artists to our viewers. More than just music though. Here, we feature a selection of musicians, artists, and creative minds that all share Korean heritage or a passion for the Korean culture.  We hope to introduce our readers to some incredible talent that they may not otherwise know about.

Album Review: Art Vandelay – “Eye 8 The Crow”

I’m a fan of the tv show Seinfeld. No matter how many times I’ve seen an episode, it will always be funny. So, when I came across the name Art Vandelay in hip hop, I was tickled because I knew exactly where that reference comes from. It’s George Costanza’s alter ego, with his made-up job of importing and exporting.

Now, in music, Art Vandelay is a one emcee, one producer duo from Seattle. Recognizable for his menacing, low register voice is Ricky Pharoe–a “humbly arrogant” rapper with a slick flow and a knack for writing songs with a straight-forward delivery, dark themes, humor, self-deprecation, one-liner punchlines, clever wordplay, cutthroat anger, and throwing in pop culture references. Taking on his outsider stance, and cold-hearted attitude, he gives his ballsy perspective on subject matter such as the shady doings within music industry, people and the cynical world around him, life and death, religion, and himself. He doesn’t hide behind anything. Then, there’s Mack Formway on production. It would be wrong to place his sound within a specific style, because he shows some diversity here. To describe the production you’ll hear, in a some words, I’d say: grungy, industrial, electronic, heavy atmosphere, but also airy, laidback, and melodic. Formway cites his inspiration as “marijuana, coffee, tobacco, alcohol, egg whites, and 45 minute showers.”

Album Review: Ecid – “Post Euphoria”

Originally scheduled for March 26th, Ecid decided not to wait to release his brand new EP. After his album Werewolf Hologram released, and instantly became noted as one of my favorites that year, Ecid has been transforming his sound in all the best ways; a real artist is willing to learn, adapt, and take risks in changing directions.

Post Euphoria is his companion EP to introduce you to what’s coming up in his new studio album, titled Pheromone Heavy. The project has 6 tracks, with features from Ashley Gold, Sean Anonymous, and Rapper Hooks. Upon a first brief listen, you might think that all Ecid needs is sex, weed, yoga; he’s a douche in relationships; his pockets are empty; and so on. But, if you really listen and take each song in, his rhymes are calculated, intricate, and are much more deep than that. Still really fun, and humorous, though. Let’s get into the review.

Album Review: Max Caddy – Caddy Tracks

While writing the post about Corina Corina‘s free download of her song “Birds“, it reminded me that I still needed to do a little write-up about her band. I didn’t find out about her band, until I was listening to her album, where one of the bonus cuts is a Max Caddy cover of “Me and Those Dreamin’ Eyes of Mine”.

Max Caddy is an acoustic blues duo between Corina Corina (vocals) and Jesse O’Neill (acoustic guitar and vocals). On February 12th, 2013, they put out their 5-track debut EP, Caddy Tracks, for the pay-what-you-want price. And, since I’m on my album reviewing tip this week… I’m gonna go ahead and track this one out too.

Album Review: Kap Kallous – “Hearse”

If you purchased our magazine‘s first issue, you probably saw that Kap Kallous had two releases featured in my “Favorite Albums of 2012” list. The Martian EP, as well as his full-length album Hearse. Each had a mini review (a few sentences) in the magazine, and each was/will be reviewed in depth here on the site. On July 11th, I had already done my song-by-song review of The Martian EP.

A little late, but here I am to review Hearse. Released on October 23rd, this 13-track album was entirely produced by Klutch. He laces this menacing rhymesayer with a lot of dark, psychedelic, synth-heavy production that I really like. Although Kap comes through as this cocky rapper–boasting things like “I ain’t sayin’ I’m better than anybody; I’m better than everybody“–that spits intimidating raps and demands respect, he’s actually a rather cool (and nice/approachable) guy. He is a beast on any beat that he jumps on, he writes some damn good verses, catchy choruses, and he has quickly earned a spot on my favorite rappers list. Alright, so let’s get into it.

CrayonBeats Magazine Issue 01!

Hey, everyone! We’re super excited to let you guys know that you can now purchase DOWNLOAD CrayonBeats Magazine! For our premier issue, we thought it would be cool to let you guys choose which cover you’d like to have — Mio Soul or Anacron. Either choice has the same content, so don’t worry that you’ll be missing out on something if you choose one over the other! So what exactly is inside the covers? Well, read on to find out!

Album Review: Corina Corina – “The Eargasm”

Brooklyn-based, Bay Area-bred R&B singer Corina Corina released her full-length, debut album, “The Eargasm“, on November 13th, 2012. The 14-tracks, plus one bonus track (a cover of D’Angelo’s “Me and Those Dreamin’ Eyes of Mine”), were mostly produced by Willie Green, but also featured production from Steel Tipped Dove, Dirt E. Dutch, Has-Lo, and Urban Miracle.

Up until the release, we posted a few songs of hers, such as “Obsessed” and the video for “The Familiar“. If those were a good idea of what you were going to get with “The Eargasm“, then you’re in for a real treat.

She has a sweet voice (and is versatile with it), and the way she sounds on her album is exactly how she sounds when performing. No studio alterations are required on her voice; that’s a true singer. In this album, she shows contrasting feelings of vulnerability and great strength. This is an excellent debut album, that shows off her super song-writing skills, lyric stylings, and vocal range. Corina‘s themes circle around gender inequality, self-empowerment, love, life’s ups and down, and more. The only other vocal appearance comes from rapper Eagle Nebula. Check out my review below, then download the album for FREE!