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CrayonBeats Magazine Issue 5!

Hey everyone! We have made it into our second year with our magazine, and today we have released our fifth issue! To celebrate another year, we have returned with another double-cover special (different colors, same exact content in both). On cover choice features hip hop duo The Cloaks (Awol One and Gel Roc), where I have an exclusive interview with them about music, their forthcoming album, and what’s next. The other cover choice features R&B/Pop singer Emi Maria, where Tiffny has an exclusive interview with her about family life, her return to the music scene, and her new album.

O.B. – “Celestial Offerings” album

On November 30th, 2013, New Jersey-based rapper O.B. (of the M.O.B.Stars) released his anticipated album, titled Celestial Offerings. The standard version (iTunes) of the album features 16 tracks, while the deluxe version (Bandcamp) comes with 27 tracks. Production credits to RaCharm, BraveStarr, Reese Jones, Arkutec, QB Da Problem, Nu Vintage, and Kingshon, with guest features on the mic from Bretagne, Culture Kev, SaFE (also part of M.O.B.Stars), Dano B. Picasso, and J.Nolan.

Album Review: Epp – “Chrome Plated Chronicles”

In July, I had an in-depth interview with the Portland-based rapper Epp. I learned a lot about him, and a handful of people who are close to him said they learned new things, too. Outside of being one-third of the trio TxE, we dove into his earlier involvement with music, his love for performing in front of a crowd, the truth behind why it took so long for his solo album to surface, and much more.

On September 24th, Epp released his highly-anticipated solo debut, titled Chrome Plated Chronicles. The 10-track album was produced entirely by the Green Team (Lawz Spoken & G_Force), and has no guest features. Epp had his own vision of how he wanted things to be, and he wanted to show the world just who he is. And he did just that.

CrayonBeats Magazine Issue 4

Hey everyone! It’s that time again. Today, we released our fourth magazine issue! Remember our second issue, where we had a Korean theme? Tiffny and I decided to have a unique theme for this one, too. Being that we’re two women, why not have a magazine issue dedicated to creative women? So, there you have it! Through 42 colorful pages, we feature informative articles, interviews, and exclusive photos that cover the usual topics: Music, Art, and Fashion.

Album Review: Tope – “Troubleman” EP

Rapper/producer Tope has become one of my favorites out of Portland… ever since I first got exposed to him with this project. He’s been working hard and pushing out quality music for awhile now (over 6 years), most of which you can hear over at his Bandcamp page–from his Living Proof days, his beat projects, his solo material, and the TxE albums. Not to mention producing for other people and all the well-deserved touring he’s been doing across the states.

This year we saw the release of his anticipated EP Troubleman, which was released on July 9th. Written, recorded, and produced entirely by Tope, with guest features from Luck One, Grynch, Spac3man, and Co$$ on a bonus track. With less than 10 songs, this album showcases his skills in songwriting with more personal and honest material. Not just on the lyrical tip, but his production is also real solid and shows his diversity. With a hip hop foundation, he sprinkles in elements of other styles such as pop and soul, through his use of a lot of sampling… and of course a good ear.