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The Nightmare Before Christmas – “What’s This?”

So, Tim Burton’s  The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorite movies of all time. I think I was about 10 years old when the movie originally released and it’s perfect to be honest: a movie that ingeniously combines Halloween & Christmas (!!!) has a timeless soundtrack AND great animation and voice acting?! Pssshhh! TNBC is definitely on my favorite Christmas time song list.

Lauren Desberg – “Merry Melody Medley” (ft Kris Bowers) video

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Lauren Desberg is a 23-year-old jazz vocalist that is originally from Los Angeles, California, but is currently living in New York. I had never heard of her until a few days ago, when I stumbled on this song via Soundcloud while I was searching for Christmas-themed songs. Within a few seconds, I knew that I had to share it with you all. “Merry Melody Medley” is a medley of 7 classic Christmas songs that she covers in under 3 minutes, with the assistance of Los Angeles-based jazz pianist and composer, Kris Bowers. Lauren has such a beautiful voice that’s easy to listen to, and, on this song, it rests between a laid-back, matured jazz tone that occasionally stretches into some dazzling high, yet soft, pop notes. Watch the video below or stream it via the Soundcloud player, and then follow any one of the links listed to get to know her more. Also, check out her debut album, Twenty First Century Problems, that released earlier this year.

Mariah Carey: All I Want For Christmas

Do I really need to explain why this is a favorite? Mariah is staple at Christmastime and I truly don’t think I can ever get sick of this song. Ever. She is the ultimate Christmas Queen and no one will ever change my mind about that. I love this song because it’s uptempo and fun; it’s impossible to be in a bad mood listening to this song!

Phoenix – “Alone on Christmas Day” (ft Bill Murray)

The French rock band Phoenix have returned by covering an unreleased Beach Boys holiday track, called “Alone on Christmas Day”, and they performed it live on the Netflix original holiday special, “A Very Murray Christmas“, directed by Sofia Coppola. The song features a little vocal help from Bill Murray (he’s hands-down the billest, as you all should know!), as well as actor Jason Schwartzman on drums, singer/actor Paul Shaffer (formerly David Letterman’s band leader) on piano, and David Johansen (of the New York Dolls) shaking a percussion instrument. It’s a nice little jazz-pop Christmas song, with a hint of comedic relief, that will surely get you in the spirit. Stream the song below!

Stevie Wonder-Someday At Christmas

Continuing with my Christmas playlist, Stevie Wonder‘s Someday At Christmas is right up there with Donny Hathaway as one of my all time fave songs. The message of this song is very positive and I like that it’s not an in your face Christmas song. Plus it’s Stevie!

DJ Jazzy Jeff & Daniel Crawford – “Xmas Is Coming”

I’m back with another tune for the holidays! Last week, Philly hip hop extraordinaire DJ Jazzy Jeff and Los Angeles-based producer Daniel Crawford whipped up a head-nodding, soulful instrumental, called “Xmas Is Coming”. Boom bap drums knock in the back, while warm keys and jingling bells groove along. This song is suitable for a smooth (sleigh)ride around the neighborhood or, at least, it’s something you bump from your headphones while you sip hot cocoa. Give it a listen below, and throw it on your playlists.

Meaty Ogre – “Youresogood”

It’s been awhile since I’ve heard anything new from New York-based producer Meaty Ogre (although, he’s been active on the record label front as co-owner of Cherries Records), so I was pleasantly surprised to see him post a new beat up on Soundcloud last night. Created on the SP-1200, “Youresogood” has 80’s-tinged, sensual RnB vibe to it and I’m diggin’ it. Press play below, and maybe keep your eyes on his Soundcloud page for future goodies.

Donny Hathaway: This Christmas

This is possibly my most favorite Christmas song ever. There’s nothing like Christmas Soul Music and I honestly don’t feel like it’s even the holidays if I don’t hear this song! There are many renditions of this song too, but Donny Hathaway really set the bar high and no matter who sings it afterwards his will always be THE one.

Chic Gamine – “Christmas Vol. 1” EP

Last year, Canadian soul-pop band Chic Gamine released their first holiday-themed EP, called Christmas Vol. I. I didn’t know about it last year, so I’m posting it today. It’s a 5-track project that includes songs like: “Throw Another Log (On The Fire)”, a mellow pop song that’s about spending Christmas with people you love, complete with country-tinged guitars and drums, and tender back-up vocals; “Noel (au coin de Portage et Main) “, a sweet-sounding song that’s driven by marching drums, a little quirky synth line, and a groovy guitar bit; a soulful and melancholy cover song about unrequited love around the holidays, called “Last Christmas”; and a couple others. This EP is more easy-going pop and tender soul, stripped of the rock-influence that I was kind of used to hearing in their music; however, that said, it’s particularly fitting for the season. Give it a listen below, and download for $4.95 over on Bandcamp.

Thavius Beck – “Rainy Sleepy Fambam”

Los Angeles-based electronic producer, rapper, and all-around musician Thavius Beck has been active on his Soundcloud lately (and as a long-time fan of his music [circa the year Decomposition came out], a smile stretched across my happy face when I saw that he followed me). Last night, he put up a song called “Rainy Sleepy Fambam”, and words cannot describe how much I was feelin’ it! Let me try, though. Quite the opposite occurred from the sleepy title suggestion, because when I first heard it, I became awake and alert–I had to hit that “repeat” button on Soundcloud and try to form some words to post with this awesome song. It’s a chunky, uptempo electronic beat that’s filled out with big horns, clapping drums, distorted noise, fat synth lines, dancing keys, and wonky robotic sounds. It shifts ever so slightly, creating a life of its own and I don’t want it to stop… ever. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Listen now.