Two Tiffanys celebrating what they love by giving it a stage and using their voices to spread the word.


ArchDuke – “Ama Be Happy” video

Now that I’ve shared the live performance version of ArchDuke‘s song “Ama Be Happy”, I’m going to share with you the actual music video for it. It released 4 months ago, but I just saw it today. The original song is a bit different from the live version, but it’s just as good (although, I’m not gonna lie, that live version is incredible). The production is a bit more mellow, with warm piano keys and gentle guitar strings in the forefront, setting the easy-going, feel-good tone, as Charity and Jacob do their smooth rap-singing in the uplifting verses and clap-driven chorus that I talked about in the other post. This music video was shot, edited, and directed by Domi V, and we see the guys having a really good time, feeling blessed to be alive, as they perform the song outside. Watch it below, and look out for more from these guys (because I’ll be posting a couple more things in these coming days).

ArchDuke – “Ama Be Happy” live video

A couple of months ago, I saw this video shared on Facebook and was blown away by what I had just heard. ArchDuke is a genre-bending duo between Jacob Denzel and Charity Croff, from Gary, Indiana, and their music is often a cross between hip hop, R&B, and electronica; they sometimes bringing in elements of jazz, rock and pop, too.

The song starts off with a brief, yet beautiful cover of TLC’s “Waterfalls”, and soon transitions into their “Ama Be Happy” song. It’s an uplifting, feel-good song about finding the silver-lining in bad situations and letting love guide you through life with a smile. Aside from the positive lyrics, their voices sound so good separately and together. Charity takes the first verse (“Ama be alright, Ama be okay…“), while playing the keyboard, sing-rapping about the beauty and importance of a woman, and I love it.

Von Poe VII – “American Ultra” video

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Didn’t you already post this in August?” You’re right, I did. However, that was before Von Poe VII decided to delete all his music videos and the album, to re-direct, re-edit, and re-work on all of his material to re-release them at a later date (the music video in this post is gone, you see?). Let’s get back to the music video for the Ruman-produced single, “American Ultra”! Directed by Chad A. Marshall himself, everything is the same, except there are now some beautiful aerial shots of a well-known Perris, California, landmark that he calls “The Castle”. Watch the new video now, and look out for The Purity of Love and War that’s *supposed* to drop before the year is up.

Petite Meller – “Barbaric” video

Earlier this year, I listed Petite Meller‘s “Backpack” as a song I was obsessed with, and it still rings true to today. I love that song, that video, and Petite Meller! Who is she, you ask? Petite Meller is a defiant, sweet-voiced pop singer from Paris, France, whose music always sounds so fun and youthful, while packing a strong message, and her music videos are artistic with such a bright, pastel colors. That’s definitely the case with her latest song and music video, “Barbaric”, too.

Von Poe VII – “Perris Boulevard” (ft Annette Robles)

Back in November, California emcee Von Poe VII dropped the second single (the first was “Breeze“) from his forthcoming re-release of The Purity of Love and War. Re-working the original 2014 version, this newer version strips away the melancholy, jazzy vibe to instead find him rapping over a Thovo Beats-produced head-nodding, boom bap joint that has a haunting, whimsical sample humming in the distance. The lyrics are the same, with him reminiscing about growing up in his hometown, but his delivery has more of a punch, while Annette Robles (Poe’s childhood friend) echos some of his vocals and talks shit in the background. Give it a listen below, and look out for the album!

Papi Dollaz – “Hands Up Can’t Breathe” video

One of the songs that I liked on Joogy Music‘s Out of the Box album, was the song that he produced for Papi Dollaz‘ “Hands Up Can’t Breathe”. The hard-hitting beat is led by a whimsical-sounding xylophone, and it’s met with Papi’s gritty voice and social commentary on racial inequality, police brutality, and making your voice matter, and it is really dope to me. Check out the music video below, and make sure you grab the song for free via Joogy’s latest project.

Joogy Music – “Out of the Box” album

On November 27th, Colorado-based producer Joogy Music released a 12-track project, called Out of the Box. It’s a compilation that showcases his production credentials through a variety of songs that he produced for numerous rappers, including fellow Organized Threat artists Papa J. Ruiz (see “Pains of Love” video) and Von Poe VII, as well as Papi Dollaz (watch “Hands Up Can’t Breathe” video), Simlah Henry, Ramond, and others. His production styles range from experimental hip hop to trap (if you want to hear more of his beats, check out Samples of Fire). Half of the songs on this album, though, is music that I don’t personally enjoy, but the other half of it is music that I do. Either way, see what you think by listening to the album below, then download for free or name your price, if you’re feelin’ it.

Small Professor – “Mixed Jawns IV” album

The last time that I shared a Small Professor project was in 2014, and here we are with 2015 coming to an end… and he has since dropped a handful of projects. Oops. Well, today, he dropped a late Christmas gift for his listeners, so I’m gonna share it now. Mixed Jawns IV is the 15th–YEP, FIFTEENTH–“Jawns” project, and the Philly producer compiles 12 beats where, I believe, he flipped other producer’s samples and also attempted to recreate their styles. He does a pretty damn good job, too, especially with the 9th Wonder, Flying Lotus, Knxwledge, Diamond D, Pete Rock, and DJ Shadow jawns. I was smiling and nodding my head when listening to this project, so give it a listen and then download it for free or name your own price.

Album Review: Jean Grae – “iSweatergawd” EP

Being that the year is almost over, I wanted to get in some stuff that I haven’t been able to/haven’t had time to write about… until now! Here we go. Since I wrote about Jean Grae‘s SAIX EP, which came out at the same time as this project (in June!), I gotta write about this one. iSweatergawd is a 6-track album that was produced entirely by Quelle Chris and, after releasing a few cool R&B projects, we hear Jeannie spitting raps on the mic again!

Pentatonix – Carol of the Bells

MERRY MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAAASSSS! I told you that PTX would make another appearance on this Christmas countdown of mine, and here we are wuth Carol Of The Bells. I was...

Bely Basarte – “Acoustic Christmas” EP

In celebration of her mid-December birthday, and with Christmas on the way, Spanish singer-songwriter Bely Basarte released a compilation album, called Acoustic Christmas. It’s a 5-track project that finds her with an acoustic guitar, covering 5 classic Christmas carols: “White Christmas”, “Jingle Bell Rock”, “Rocking Around The Christmas Tree”, “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” and “Let It Snow”. I found her by doing a random Christmas-based search on Youtube, and I was captivated by her sweet and tender pop vocals over an acoustic guitar (that she plays), and she charming was to watch. So, get in the Christmas spirit (if that’s your thing), and watch her perform each carol below, and then buy the EP if you’re digging it.