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Video of the Day: Laura Broad "Run"

Laura Broad covers Leona Lewis's "RUN". this girl can sing her ass off. end of story. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6p7ul6RCOc]...

Go Josiah, GO!

josiah21If you’re a fan of American Idol, you’re probably getting all giddy at the thought of the new season about to start. I love American Idol just as much as the next guy, and I was just tryna get in the zone, when out of the blue I thought of Josiah. You remember him right? The young man who was living in his car? The one who had the British accent when he sang? The one who got voted off WAY prematurely? Well I was just wondering what was going on with him and his album that AI threatened to shut down, due to the contract he signed to be on the show.

Her Name's Che'Nelle

chenelleAs she  says in the line from her remix of Mim’s This Is Why I’m Hot.  Che’Nelle  is a young up and coming dancehall singer who’s getting some great play out in Japan. She’s originally from Malaysia, and she’s been singing since her early teens. Her songs are really catchy and she’s got great vocals. In her “This Is Why I’m Hot” remix, she mentions people comparing her to Beyonce, and while I hate comparisons, I can kinda sorta hear where people got the impression  from. No I’m not saying she sounds like Bey, but she does have the same tone. Whatever though, because we’re not talking about Beyonce. It’s all about CHE’NELLE!!

No, this is not an attempt at "Rick Rolling"

rick_astleyI don’t see how it would be, since Rick Astley is the actual object of my audio obsession. No, I’m not joking. I’m quite serious actually. See, about a week ago, I was “Rick Rolled” for about the hundreth time when I actually stopped and watched the whole “Never Gonna Give You Up” video. I can honestly say that man made some catchy music back in the day. SO with the “never gonna give, never gonna give!” part stuck in my head for like 3 days, I went back to youtube and watched the video maybe 10 times again to satisfy my craving for that song.

Mike Relm

It wasn’t until I received my 2008 July/August edition of URB, when I read an article about this innovative DJ named Mike Relm. The San Francisco-based DJ/VJ is known for his live performances that mix and manipulate audio mashups with video images… in real-time. Mike mixes serious with silly, all while he is dressed in a black suit and tie, matched with some fresh sneakers. Not the average dressed turntablist, that’s for sure. But I dig it.


YAY! I'm so glad MTV found a new way to bring music from Asia to the masses! After the premature death of MTVK I thought all hope was lost. I'm...

Emi Maria

So, if you don't know I absolutely adore Emi Maria's music. It's soulful and at the same time pop. She's fairly new to the lime light, but definitely not a...

Barack Roll'd



So as you all know, Monolithic often introduces me to artists that have some real talent. One lady he shoved my way is JUJU. She's a singer from Japan who's...

Bless DJ Vadim

Cancer is scary, as are many other diseases. I have a friend who was diagnosed with cancer when she was a kid, and she is living a great, healthy...

7 Nation Army

thewhitestripesI love this song. And I love all of the covers. =)

1. White Stripes: Seven Nation Army (gotta start with them right!?)
2. Audioslave cover ( I love Chris’s voice..mmmmm)
4. The Flaming Lips (love the bunny suits lol. This version is hard, love it)
5. Afra and the Incredible BeatBox Band feat. Chara (love this version…it’s so…..idunno, Chara’s vocals make me love it. lol)

*I bet you guys thought I died or something right? Nope, I’m still well and kicking. O_<