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anjulie Anjulie isn’t new in the game, but she’s just barely getting recognized now. I was going through a magazine of mine, reading the album reviews, when I came across the review of Anjulie’s “Advance” (2009, released on Hear Music). She had 2.5 stars of 5. Her music was classified as pop/indie pop… and not to mention, she’s lovely. So I became interested in hearing some of her music. To Youtube I went!

SOUNDCHECK: Thunderheist

thunderheist Meet Montreal-based Producer Grahm Zilla and Toronto-based MC Isis, together they are Thunderheist (label: Big Dada). While they are both from Canada, they made music together before they even met. According to Wikipedia, it happened by accident. In 2005, Grahm sent Isis a mp3 track he was working on, by mistake, and she then recorded a rap over it. And now, here we are in 2009, and they put out their first self-titled album on March 31st. Thunderheist is a mixture of electro-rap, with a big splash of pop, crunk, dance, and lots of high energy. It’s not brand new, but who doesn’t like music that puts you in a good, happy mood? :]

I'm totally impressed.

waxandherbaltSo if you know me, you know that I’m no big fan of Hip Hop. While I do listen to a few songs now and then, for the most part I don’t like it. I have my reasons, but this post isn’t about that. It’s about Youtube {of course} and the Youtube Cypher phenomenon that I’ve just recently discovered. See, as contradictory as this may sound, I love cyphers…theres just something about people freestyling and getting all creative and ish. LOVES. What impressed me though is not so much the cyphering..is that a word?…whatever. What impressed me were the  youtubers named waxanderbalt.

Natalie White aka Pumashock

nataliewhitepumashockThis is probably considered “old news” in the Kpop world, and I’d intended to post about this for about a month now, but I’m finally getting around to it. Anywho, If you don’t know, totally adorable Natalie White (27) aka Pumashock has taken over the Kpop blog-sphere, Korean netizen community and even made an appearance on the Korean television show Star King. How so? Well I’m going to assume you either don’t listen to Kpop or if you do, you’ve been in a coma for the past month and a half… but yeah, Miss Natalie’s rise to stardom all started on Youtube. Blessed Youtube. I tell ya’ Youtube is one helluva resource. Lemme see if I can break it down for ya:

Rafael Casal

casalRafael is a badass. He does slam poetry, sings, and raps writes. And the crazy thing is, he does them all equally well. His poetry has this raw passionate feeling that makes you wonder why can’t all young men think like him, while his music is this perfect blend of an old soul with a new energy. Seriously. He’s probably my new favorite artist so far this year.

SOUNDCHECK: Semi Precious Weapons

Brooklyn natives Semi Precious Weapons is giving the rock genre a run for its money.  Bringing back that little flavor all of us kids from the 80s miss, Glam Rock is finally making a comeback.  Consisting of lead singer Justin Tranter, bassist Cole Whittle, guitarist Steve Pyne, and drummer Dan Crean, these New Yorkers is giving people a little taste of something incredibly delicious.  Almost makes me want to buy a glittery one piece and some stilletos.

It was seriously a case of being at the right place at the right time.  I was doing my usual once-a-week thing with my friend, which was hitting up Jack Rabbits to see new talent, and on that day of all days we were walking into an amazing show.  Hell on Heels tour had just came through town and boy, was that something.

He Likes Them Girls (Girls)

YAY! Finally after what seems like forever the MV of Se7en's US Debut single is here. Girls is the name and it features Lil Kim. The MV is cute and...

New K-Os single "4 3 2 1"

k-os1 The conscious Canadian rapper, K-Os, releases his fourth studio album, Yes!, on March 31st, 2009. I didn’t even know he was dropping a new album, until I saw the video for “4 3 2 1” about a week ago. Haha. The video, song/lyrics, and beat are all on point though.

After the jump, you’ll find the single (youtube music video) from his new album. I’m just going to get straight to the point: posting the video. If you want to read a good review on the album, I suggest you go here.

Mother and son make an album together

elighjo2 I think it’s very sweet that Eligh and his mother, Jo, are making music together. Bridging hip hop and folk music together. And it’s good, too! Infact, it’s amazingly good.

Incase you’re not familiar, Eligh is part of the underground hip hop group, Living Legends. He’s been doing music for over 12 years as both an emcee and a producer. He has 10 solo albums and various compliation albums. Ahhh, I love Eligh (hahah). His mother, Jo, sang songs of struggle: civil rights, labor and peace movement songs. She’s led crowds in song at rallies attended Cesar Chavez, Angela Davis, Jesse Jackson, and various other activists. She has also appeared as a guest vocalists on a few Living Legends tracks.

Win A Date With Se7en

7Yeah, so about two weeks ago it was announced that two lucky fans will get the chance to win a date with international superstar Se7en. When I first read about it I was kinda like “Arf?! O_o” because it sounded a little weird. Probably because I don’t read teenybopper magazines anymore so a “Win A Date” contest threw me off. Also I’d been hearing some rather crazy talk about Se7en’s debut and I didn’t know what to believe…anywho, the idea has grown on me and I think it might actually be cool to hang out with Se7en for a day….

2 Many DJs – Introversy Mix

2manydjs2 Many DJ’s (David & Stephen Dewaele) took over Rob Da Bank‘s show for 2 hours. They played a non-stop 60 minute mix of 420+ song intros. AMAZING! From artists such as Nirvana, The Beatles, Ginuwine, ZZ Top, Jimi Hendrix, Kool & The Gang, Sly & The Family Stone, Air, Eric B & Rakim, Franz Ferdinand, MGMT, The Clash, AC/DC, Van Halen… and so on. It’s soooo wild, and I love it. And for the next hour of the show, they played a dope disco mix. They’re geniuses.

Download the whole mix below, it’s definitely worth it.

MPfree: Megaupload (164.79MB)
WWW: Soulwax Website

Tracklist can be found after the jump.

Pick Fros Not Fights

frolabAs a natural chica, anytime I see celebrations for afros, curls, and kinks, I’m happy. Be it on messageboards devoted to hair, or on awesome T-shirts, ‘fro love is great to see.  So you can imagin how smiley I was when I came across FroLab. What’s FroLab? Well, it’s a blog that celebrates urban culture in everything from music, to art, fashion…and of course AFROS! But as they stated on their website,” it’s bigger than a afro.”