Two Tiffanys celebrating what they love by giving it a stage and using their voices to spread the word.


Skillz presents: Hip Hop Confessions

skillz Skillz presents a panel of hip hop contributors and fans to discuss their confessions in the hip hop culture. Dope, right? Right now there are two videos out, on Vimeo (links posted after the jump).

Honesty in hip hop – I dig the whole concept. Who doesn’t want to find out their most honest confessions? Did you not know that Shock G and Humpty Hump were the same person? Did you not know that Eazy E and Dr. Dre were in NWA together? Are you not a fan of Prince? Some of the people in these two videos will admit to these things…


dominoI usually come across new music accidentally. Seriously, I’m the type of person that will be happy listening to the same songs over and over for months–granted the songs are well written and not just filler crap. But anywho yes; today while I was browsing through 「PATi PATi WEB」I stumbled across a newly formed girl group out in Japan named Domino. Now, if I’m not mistaken it really does seem that girl groups are making a comeback all over the world…ok, well,  in Asia they never really went away, but you get what I’m saying. I have to say that it’s kinda rare to find a girl group nowadays that isn’t over selling the sex, but I think that this girl group is fun, funky and fresh.

Sour – "Hibi No Neiro" video

sour I’m not going to do much of an intro to who Sour are and stuff, because I just saw this video today. After the jump, is a music video that was shot for Sour‘s “Hibi no Neiro” (Tone of Everyday), from their first mini-album titled, “Water Flavor EP“. The people in the video were chosen from their actual fan base, from many countries around the world. It’s an internationally collaborative video that was all made using webcams. AWESOME, RIGHT? Very. I think it’s one of the most original, and creative, videos I’ve seen in awhile. Check it out…

Lilac Rocks

lilacofficalSo yesterday was July fourth and even though I didn’t catch any fireworks, I’m thinking the night was awesome anyway. Why you might ask? Well because I spent it hanging out with some new friends who just happen to be awesome J-rockers and listening to some great music.  The band’s name is Lilac and they rock. Since I just got into their music (last night was the first time I heard them play) I have a bit of researching to do before I do a “post post” on them. However I’m so amped about their music that I’m gonna post this short clip of them playing anyway.

Intuition & Verbs – Buzz EP

intuitionverbs A number of weeks ago, Dibia$e posted a bulletin with a free d/l from the Los Angeles duo, Intuition & Verbs, since he produced one of their tracks. Both rappers collaborated to bring you “Buzz“. I had never heard of these dudes, but since it was a free download… why pass it up? Glad I downloaded it, because all 6 tracks are real good. Definitely worth the download. Check it out for yourself and/or check out their myspaces to listen.

Tracklisting and download link after the jump…

Interview: Nomar Slevik

Four and a half hours total, I finally finished up an interview with Nomar Slevik, an emcee/producer from Maine. If you read my interview with DJ Bizkid, you might remember the brief mention about the mixtape that they did together, “DJ Bizkid Meets Nomar Slevik: The Mixtape“. His latest release, “Stonehenge Diaries” (SIQ Records), was made with Ame One. Nomar is constantly dropping project after project (his discography is long!) One might even question the amount of sleep he gets, haha. He’s worked with other artists such as: Moshe, Id Obelus, Brzowski, Th’Mole, Myn Dwun, S.L.A.P., Marcelo, etc. Alright, let’s get into the interview…

Tiffology: Is Nomar Slevik your real name? And if not, how did you come up with it?

Nomar Slevik: It is not my real name… and to be honest, I don’t have a good answer of how I came up with it. I used to work at a television station in Portland, ME. Extreme Sports steez, and I was the DVD duplicator, web type stuff and I started writing a little humor newsletter. I would use the name Nomar Slevik as the author to some of my articles… just made it up one day.

El Michels Affair + Wu-Tang

el-michels-affair-37-chamber Love live instrument groups? Me too. El Michels Affair is a funk/soul group from Brooklyn. EMA was started in 2001 by Leon Michels (also the co-founder of the label, Truth & Soul). He teamed up with a former band mate from the Mighty Imperials, Nick Movshon, and the two began recording stage sessions for hours. In time, the band expanded into a ten-piece (?) live group. Group members: Leon Michaels on saxophone, flute, bass, guitar, piano and vibes. Nick Movshon on bass and drums. Homer Steinweiss on drums. Sean Solomon and Thomas Brenneck on guitars. Todd Simon and Michael Leonhart on trumpets. Toby Pazner on the keys. And last, Aaron Johnson and Ben Solomon on trombones.

I’m going to go on about the stuff that they do and have done with Wu-Tang.

Mos Def spits Doom verses

mosdef That’s right! Mos Def is a MF Doom fan. “He rhymes as weird as I feel…” Check out this video of Mos Def droppin’ verses from Doom’s “MM…Food” album. This whole video (from Frolab) makes me smile a lot, because…

1. Mos Def’s voice.
2. All the laughter from Mos Def and behind-camera people.
3. MF Doom lyrics.

We Have Band – "You Came Out" video

we have band The London trio, We Have Band, is signed to French label Kitsuné. Their sound has been described as “spastic bass heavy discorock”. I saw a video of theirs today, for “You Came Out” and really liked the music and the video.

The video was created by W+K creative team, Ida Gronblom & Fabian Berglund, and Blinkink director, David Wilson. It is a face paint animation film that was made up of 4,816 separate stills. Each frame was hand-painted, shot, wiped off and redrawn a little different for the next frame to create a seamless sequence. The whole process had the band members lying still for two consecutive days in a studio. Talk about hard work and dedication.

Far covers Ginuwine’s "Pony"

farband I’ve never heard of the band Far until today. Apparently, they were a 90’s rock band, from Sacramento, California. They released 4 albums from 1992 to 1998. In 1999, the band split up, and each continued to still play in other music projects separately. Since then, they haven’t came back together… until last year. They confirmed in 2008 that they’re reuniting to put out a new album, to perform for numerous US dates and a small UK tour. Also, they came out with a cover of Ginuwine’s huge 1996 hit, “Pony”…


glamdammitLast night was epic. I finally got to see Semi Precious Weapons perform live, and I tell you…climatic it was. Obviously I’ve been in love with them since Yuri’s post, and I’ve been dying to see them live ( No joke; I’ve been watching and re-watching their performances on YT). Anywho, yes. Last night was Glamdammit @ Don Hill’s and Semi Precious Weapons made my night.