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Nomar Slevik "Welcome To Fuckland" 7"+CD

welcometofuckland-package Thanks to Nomar Slevik and Will over at Dis.eased Wrekkids, I received Nomar’s “Welcome To Fuckland” 7″/CD combo over the weekend. When I opened it, I was quite impressed with the packaging of the items. Inside of the sleek black book, you’ll find lyrics to each song on the 7″ vinyl. Behind the right page, is the actual 7″. In a little pocket on the left page, contains the CD, the CD insert, a couple dis.eased goodies (sticker + little info slip), and a Nomar Slevik WTF business card.

After the jump, I’ve provided pictures of the items so you can get a better visual of what I described above. Also provided are tracklistings, specs, and where you can purchase the combo.

"Sunny Side of truth®" free compilation

Sunny Side of TruthThe people over at truth® wanted to shed some light on smoking, nicotine and the health consequences. The anti-smoking campaigne is now delivering the message through music, and this is where I introduce to you, “The Sunny Side of Truth” compilation.

Various well-known DJs such as Diplo, Z-Trip, Pete Rock, DJ Sega, Kaskade, Mix Master Mike, and others, have remixed the tracks on the compilation. And for one lucky person, they had a remix contest, hosted by iMeem, where anyone could remix the track “Typo” and upload it. Members of the site voted on their favorites until October of 2008. The winner received Ableton Live 7 software, a package of premium DJ software, a CD signed by the artist, a truth shirt and promotion of the winning song on iTunes. That track is featured last, and was won by Desmond Williams (site).

So yeah, the styles range from electro, to house, to crispy hip hop remixes. That “Magical Amount” remix from Mad Decent‘s DJ Sega is a BANGER.

Tracklisting and free download after the jump…

CHIKATETSU feat. Sonny_B: ¥€$~JUST MAKE IT~[teaser]

chikatetsuNew music from Japanese rapper Chikatetsu featuring Cali emcee Sonny B.  Although I’m familiar with both artists from a Japanese music messege board I sometimes frequent , this is the first time I’ve actually heard Chikatetsu’s music  and I’m liking it. The mash-up of Japanese and English from both flows easily, unlike lots of songs where another language is incorporated. I also like the energy from the song…not to mention the clever title: ¥€$.~ Just Make It. GET IT!??!?

Anywho, check out the video teaser after the jump and lemme know what you guys think?

Free Reggae Festival: Union Square NYC!

If you're in the city, or will be in the city this Saturday, why not head to Union Square for a free reggae festival. The 5th annual Benefit For Music...

Nomar Slevik – "The Startling Truth"

thestartlingtruthnomarslevik If you read the interview I had with Nomar Slevik in June, you might remember talk of him finishing his solo album, “The Startling Truth“, and that it was going to be released sometime near the end of the year.

Welp, it’s that time! Free download of the album after the jump…

Sounds of Sierra Leone: Bajah + The Dry Eye Crew

bajahLast Thursday I spent the evening running around from event to event. That’s one of the great things about New York City, free concerts, parties, and events all summer long! Well one of the places I stopped at was Lincoln Center’s Out Of Doors Hip Hop Festival titled Hip Hop Generation Next that featured 5 different crews showcasing their brand of hip hop culture including music and dance. The group that left me breathless (literally) was Bajah + The Dry Eye Crew due to their passionate song and dance. They educated the crowd through their music, and showed us all that Sierra Leone isn’t only consumed by war. There is an immense amount of love that they have for the human spirit and it shined through their music.


nasa Seeing as how Crayon Beats hasn’t had a “Sound Check” update since April, I figured I’d start one for August… featuring N.A.S.A.. I’m not talking about the space program either. North America/South America (N.A.S.A.) is Squeak E. Clean (Sam Spiegel) and DJ Zegon (Ze Gonzales). They have been making music together since 2003, starting when they first met. Five years in the making, they released their “The Spirit of the Apollo” album on February 17th, 2009.

They gathered artists from different music spectrums and put them all on one album. From hip hop, to Brazilian funk, to rock, and to new wave. I mean, they’ve got Tom Waits and Kool Keith on “Spacious Thoughts”; RZA, Barbie Hatch, and John Frusciante (Red Hot Chili Peppers) on “Way Down”; Karen O (Yeah Yeah Yeahs), ODB, and Fatlip on “Strange Enough”; George Clinton and Chali 2na on “There’s A Party”; David Byrne, Chuck D, Ras Congo, Seu Jorge, and Z-Trip on “Money”; and Sizzla, Amanda Blank, and Lovefoxx (CSS) on the track “A Volta”. A little over 3-dozen guest appearences, tell me you’re not intrigued.

Anyway, I’m months late, but I just got done listening to the entire album today. I’ve got to say… it’s dope! All those eclectic sounds on one album are niiiice, I don’t care what anybody says.

After the jump you’ll find the tracklisting, a documentary trailer, and a few music videos.

Qwel & Maker "So Be It" preview mix

qwelmaker_albumcover DJ Bizkid is at it again with the cutssss. Check out this preview mix of Qwel & Maker‘s new album “So Be It” (dropping September 1st).

Download link, cover + tracklist backing behind the jump…

Stainless Steele – "The Last Hope"

stainlesssteele Hip hop artist, Stainless Steele (from Pennsylvania) has a new track titled, “The Last Hope”.

I don’t pay attention to Drake, but if you do, you might recognize that Stainless spit over the beat from the same titled track from Drake. Three+ minutes of headnodding material. Quality tune. Listen to it after the jump…

DJ Bizkid's "Grown Megamix"

bizzy Check it out! DJ Bizkid cut this 10 minute megamix to promote Robust‘s new album, “Grown” (dropped July 14th on Galapagos4). All that raw scratching!

Free mp3 download of the megamix after the jump…

Dirty Projectors

dpWho says Facebook ads are useless? Last week I noticed an ad for Dirty Projectors on my side bar, and while I rarely click on ads I’m glad I decided to check them out. I am actually in love with their song Stillness Is The Move. They’ve got a real quirky style that’s dripping with soul. And by soul I don’t entirely mean R&B soul, but also a creative soul. They’re very funky and unique. I would totally start listening to the radio more often if they were getting airplay. Seriously I’ve found a new love, and it’s Dirty Projectors.