Two Tiffanys celebrating what they love by giving it a stage and using their voices to spread the word.


Interview: The Inscrypshun

Meet Inscrypshun, an emcee from Philly. Born as Kenneth Spence, to two Jamaican parents, when the golden-era of hip hop was shining. Music artists like Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley, Curtis Mayfield, and Michael Jackson were introduced to him first by his parents. Those voices developed his love for poetry. Then in the late 80s, hip hop made its way into Scryp’s life when he was visiting NYC as a kid. You know how there’s that one song or that one album that opens your eyes to the hip hop world as a kid? Yeah? Well for Scryp, that song was “Parents Just Don’t Understand” by DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince. After that record, it was history – his mind was set on being apart of the hip hop world.

“I heard the song back in ’89 or something like that and I thought he was the man because he was talking about his parents. I didn’t even care what he was talking about. I was just like “he’s rapping against the government” cause that’s how I looked at my parents.”

I became a friend of Scryp, and liking what he does, a few years ago. There was this really dope group on myspace, for all those who love underground hip hop. The group is still present, but I’m saying “was” because the first version of that group was when it was at its best (it was hacked and had to be recreated). It hasn’t been the same since. Anyway, that group is where I connected with some really great people… and now, I’m interviewing them. Check it out…

SoundCheck: Whale

whale3As Tiffology pointed out, we’ve been seriously slacking on our SoundChecks, and on my part, I think it’s because I haven’t come across any artists that I compulsively feel the need to share. You know how that is, you may hear something cool, but it doesn’t really push you to get on a soapbox and insist for your friends to listen…right? Well, that’s changed because I’ve recently fell in love with female vocalist Whale. Aside from doing her own thing, she’s currently the lead vocal for the collaborative group W&Whale, which consists of her, and the group W (Where the Story Ends).

Wax and EOM "Relax"

Wax and EOM Wax and EOM have been talked about a few times here at CB (thanks Tiffny), so there’s no need for an introduction.

Now check out this short film (7:35), also music video, by Wax and EOM. It contains both “Relax” and part of “Money”. Directed by Casey Chan.

EyeASage "MRSHMLO" video

eyeasageEyeASage is a Filipina, female emcee from the Bay Area. She interned at Rolling Stone Magazine, after winning an MTV reality compitition… and since then has been doing her thing.

She dropped her first official music video today, from her upcoming album “Rocky Rivera“. Video directed by Mikhail Shapiro. Check it out at the vimeo link after the jump…

Tiffology reviews several Intalek mixtapes

Clever wordplay, the ability to paint a picture in your mind with his words, and his deep-thought lyrical skill… I bring you Intalek (also calls himself I.N.T. and Theo-nious Monk). Intalek is a 22-year-old emcee from Virginia Beach. He’s often compared to Lupe Fiasco by his listeners, in terms of his lyrical thought process. However, he doesn’t claim to be like anyone other than himself. He has 3 mixtapes out, for free download (after the jump!), that have been creating a buzz around the internet. I’ve never heard of the guy, until he recently emailed us. It’s never too late, right? He passed over the links for his mixtapes, and I sat down and listened to them all… quite thoroughly. I think he’s developed another fan (me), because I’m diggin’ what he’s puttin’ out there for the world to hear.


rundmcRun-DMC will be the first rap group to ever get a street named after them. That’s right!

On August 30th, the corner of 205th St. & Hollis Ave is when and where the renaming will take place.

DJ Vadim "Saturday" video


Here’s the new video for DJ Vadim‘s “Saturday” with Pugs Atomz. The song is from Vadim’s recent album, “U Can’t Lurn Imaginashun“, on BBE records. Dope album all the way through, by the way.

The video is in crispy clean quality, and has a very chill vibe. It captures the 9-5 and takes some comedic elements from “The Office”. Watch it after the jump…

Third P "The Strange Way Of…" podcast

thirdp Mr Hone aka Third P is a French producer with the label Trad Vibe. He’s been making beats since 2005. Mr Hone came at me in June, asking if I’d create the artwork for his upcoming podcast (he really liked my work for Dibia$e). I really enjoyed his vibe, and he’s a really nice guy… so I was down.

Now I’m here to present to you all the podcast + cover artwork by yours truly. Please listen to the beautiful tunes that this man creates. If you like a mixture of: downtempo, hip hop, jazz, soul, and spacey vibes… give him a listen! Podcast and stuff after the jump…

Melanie Fiona + Ms Dynamite: Give It To Me Right Remix

giveittomerightCanadian R&B songstress Melanie Fiona recently teamed up with the UK based Ms. Dynamite to give us this pretty fly remix to her song Give It To Me Right. I like the rapid fire reggae lyrics mixed with Mel’s saucy vocals and throw back beat. In case you haven’t heard, Melanie Fiona is a new artist, who, while having opened for Kanye West last year, is still trying to get the attention of R&B fans. I’m betting it won’t be long before she’s getting radio play all over the US and Canada because the girl can sing. Check out the remix (and where to DL) after the jump, along with Mel’s impromptu acapella  of “Somebody Come Get Me”—it’s hot.

Vote for Wax

WaxSo a while ago I told you guys about how I stumbled across YT emcees Wax & Herbal T, and about how dope I thought they were. And then I blogged about  the Wax & Herbal T Youtube Mixtape, and Wax’s PV with EOM called Music and Liquor. Well, I’m back at it again and this time to tell you to vote for Wax as he’s entered the A1 Sing For Your Beef contest. Grand Prize: A year’s supply of free steak…or $5,200! Only thing is, the contest ends this Sunday at 11:59 pm!! Yeah, yeah, I’m late as hell asking you guys to vote, but better late than never right? Check out his entry after the break, where to vote, and Wax’s 16 bars a day campaign to show you just how dope he is. Ready to be entertained? GO

Mae Day "Cherish The Day" mixtape

maeday Heavyweights such as MC Serch, Monie Love, and MC Lyte have co-signed Mae Day (Detroit emcee) as the best female MC since Lyte. HEAVYYYYY!

Cherish The Day” is a mixtape presented by Mick Boogie that features 11 Sade-inspired tracks. Production by Dewitt Moore, formely of The SickNotes. They put their own spin on various Sade tracks (“King of Sorrow”, “Sweetest Taboo”, “No Ordinary Love”, “Your love is king”, and more). Released on February 23, 2009, and has been available to the public by free download.