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#RapWithPiano Project: I Love Myself

Japanese producer, composer and ‘soul pianist’ SWING-O aka 45 (@swingo_aka_45 ) started his “Rap With Piano” project a few weeks ago on Soundcloud, uploading his soul piano version of Kendrick Lamar’s “I Love Myself” and inviting rappers to drop a few bars to the beat. Currently there are 18 emcees involved in the project including our friends Julian Nagano and Hanzo Reiza and there are more tracks being uploaded everyday. Listen to a few of my favorites of the current roster of SWING-O’s #RapWithPiano and if you’re feeling it, there’s also a link to download the instrumental so you can upload your own verse!

VS – “Took A Vow” video

New York rapper VS (@vsthereal) dropped a music video for his song “Took A Vow”, from his forthcoming mixtape R.O.M Vol 2. In the song, he raps about his promise to always have passion and honesty for the things that he loves most, while the video finds him roaming the streets of New York City, passing females to get food for his family. The video was directed, shot, and edited by Phil Gates. Check it out.

Rock Mecca – “Hell’s Angels” (ft Canibus)

Last week, New York emcee Rock Mecca (@rockmecca) released another single from his forthcoming Ironworld album. On “Hell’s Angels”, Rock recruited hip hop veteran Canibus, and the two unleash lyrical fury from the depths of the fiery underground, spitting verses that illustrate their drive and fight to get to the top. Expect no mercy and no pity. Produced by Jake Palumbo. Stream the single below.

Album Review: Frameworks – “Tides”

Matt Brewer is an electronic producer and composer, from Manchester, UK, that goes by the alias Frameworks. In 2012, he released his first EP, called Vanish. Fast-forward to this year, when he released his debut full-length album, titled Tides, on March 23rd. I decided to check out the album, after watching the music video for the downtempo hip hop tune “A New Sun”.

Harleighblu- Futurespective EP

Featuring just three tracks, Harleighblu’s new EP is a nice teaser of what she’s got in store for her next album. The three tracks hint to her playing with different electronic elements to her already signature hip hop, jazz and soulful influences. Of the three tracks, I like Mmm and I feat. Lost Midas the most–they’re both a little more on the risque side, but she’s never been afraid to say it like it is. Listen to the EP below and tell me what you think:

Stacey + Alan : Summertime

Stacey and Alan Schulman are a jazz duo from New Jersey, USA who have been performing together since 2005. Both are accomplished musicians with a plethora of big name projects in their credentials separately, but together they are also something worth noting. Their debut CD A Love Like Ours was released on May 22, 2015 and thanks to their smooth sound it has catapulted to the top of the jazz charts across the board. All proceeds from the album go to supporting Lyme Disease Research, too! Their cover of Summertime is the perfect and I really felt the need to share it with you guys!

Smoke Season – “Bees” video

Ever since I heard Smoke Season‘s (@smokeseasonband) seductive “Bees” single, I’ve been playing it constantly. It’s still such an enjoyable song to listen to and sing along with, especially during the uptempo, catchy chorus, because that’s when you can raise your voice and sing all out, along those rock guitar riffs. Well, mid-May they dropped a music video for this song.

Marvelous Mag – “Respect Yourself” (ft Brenton)

A New York-based hip hop artist by the name of Marvelous Mag (@marvelousmagny) dropped a powerful song today that’s dedicated to women, called “Respect Yourself”. Produced by The Audible Doctor, Marvelous and Brenton bless the mic with inspirational words of encouragement, empowering women with friendly reminders to have self-worth, self-love, and self-respect. Maya Angelou’s poetic “Phenomenal Woman” being spoken on the intro and outro, too. It’s a feel-good, soulful song that I can get behind. Give it a listen.

Hunter Rapwell – “Ain’t We Lucky” (ft ¡Mayday!) video

California rapper Hunter Rapwell (@hunterrapwell) is an original member of Bay Area hip hop group Sonicbloom, and he’ll be releasing his first official solo album soon, titled Proper Grammar Free. Back in March, he dropped the first single, called “Ain’t We Lucky”.

Produced by Black Bumple Bee, the song features Wrekonize and Bernz (of ¡Mayday!), and the three of them trade verses that illustrates their gratitude for the good life. The beat is so dang memorable and smooth, too, with the boom bap drums, robotic knob squeals, and a notable soulful TV sample that will be looping in your head. Watch the Brian Christ-directed video below.

Ateller – “Wolfchild” (ft Denitia)

Today, I got put onto Brooklyn-based producer Ateller, after seeing that he’s releasing an EP with the French label Cascade Records. Two out of the five songs are ready to stream now, and those being “BK Dusk” and “Wolfchild”. While both are beautiful songs, I wanted to share “Wolfchild”, in particular, since it’s the newest single.

Classified as a future-R&B song, Ateller creates a relaxed, seductive mood with clapping snares, jittery percussion, wobbly synths, and slowed-down background vocals, while singer Denitia unwinds with her smooth, soulful voice and love-infused lyrics. Listen to the song below, and look out for Ateller‘s 1001 Nights EP on June 1st.