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LOG_arhythm – “LOG_arhythm” EP

I got familiar with LOG_arhythm‘s (@log_arhythm) name after hearing his collaboration(s) with electronic producer Droid Daughter (real name Connor). Last week, Connor sent me an email with a link to LOG’s debut EP. Come to find out, this Pennsylvania-based producer’s self-titled EP has 5 songs that were entirely composed with sounds from a Game Boy!

This is chiptune galore right here. Through familiar sounds that take me back to my childhood, he put together heavy layers and loops of chaotic electronic beeps, boops, zips, and distorted noise, giving it all a sense of urgency and playfulness. This EP captures my imagination, bringing it into an 8-bit world of fun and adventure… and I like it! My favorites would be “It’s No Use” and “CRT Glow”. Stream the EP in its entirety below, then head on over to Bandcamp where you can name your price on it. Thanks for putting me on, Connor!

Sam Solo – “It’s Ours”

Another track from within the I V League camp dropped yesterday. This time, it’s from Michigan-based rapper Sam Solo with production from CrayonBeats familiar, Virginia-based Atari Blitzkrieg. Over a head-nodding beat made up of dusty drums, soothing string plucks, and a somber violin heard during the hook, Sam Solo channels an aggressive flow while he recalls his life story. Through pain, setbacks, and rough hustles, he shows his perseverance, dedication, and fearlessness to do what’s necessary to stay alive and get what’s his. Stream the song below, and name your price for the track on Bandcamp.

L’Orange & Kool Keith – “Twenty Fifty Three” (ft Mr. Lif)

Producer L’Orange is collaborating with veteran emcee Kool Keith for a full-length album, titled Time? Astonishing!, that’s due July 24th via Mello Music Group. To prepare you for what’s to come, they’ve dropped a couple of singles from the project.

First, there was “The Traveler“, which featured J-Live. Most recently, though, they dropped a free song called “Twenty Fifty Three“, and it features a thought-provoking verse from Mr. Lif. While backed by heavy, dusty drums, an ominous guitar, and sci-fi sampling, the two travel nearly 40 years into the future, rapping and proceeding as normal. While Kool Keith delivers some smooth lines, Mr. Lif steals the show on this one, for me. Overall, this is a dope song. Stream and download “Twenty Fifty Three” for free, via Bandcamp.

Von Poe VII – “Dante’s Inferno / Loyalty (Mobb Deep Tribute)” video

From Von Poe VII‘s The Purity of Love and War album, released back in February, there’s a song on there called “Dante’s Inferno / Loyalty (Mobb Deep Tribute)”. The first half is a homage to Mobb Deep‘s classic “Hell On Earth” song, where Poe raps over the same Havoc-produced beat, about enemies, being real and ready for war at any given moment. The second half was produced by EMP, and the subject matter ties into all that, with him venting about disloyal snakes that he had to sever ties with. Watch below, and grab that album!

Kap Kallous – “Ten Gold Plates” video

Los Angeles-based rapper Kap Kallous (@kapkallous) dropped a fully animated music video for the song “Ten Gold Plates”, from his brand new album December. Inspired by the Black Scale clothing line, Kap Kallous’ dark and sexual lyrics are paired with matching imagery. Animated by Teflon Sean, with a color palette of black, gold, and white, we follow a devious Kap Kallous dodging a car chase, in an all-black Cadillac. It’s a dope song that was produced by Zane Shoemake, and the video is awesome, too. Check it out!

elsphinx – “Up & Atom” video

From elsphinx‘s (@elsphinx) full-length album, titled Brain Cave Deluxe, “Up & Atom” is the second song to get the visual treatment. Through one verse, and a repetitive hook, elsphinx takes you into his world with slick wordplay, filthy imagery (loved the visual behind: “The Imperial button pusher – tongue // Tweak the stereo clitoris, make the woofers cum“), and clever metaphors. It’s kind of a short song, clocking in under 2 minutes, but it’s a cool one. You’ll definitely find yourself hitting play multiple times to catch and process what’s being said.

Watch the video below, then fall forward and bask in the aura of Brain Cave Deluxe by getting the album on clear, orange-splatter vinyl over at Pig Food Records.

Ras Kass & Shabaam Sahdeeq – “Back Again”

I saw “Back Again” on the I V League‘s Bandcamp today, after checking out this self-titled song. Rap veterans Ras Kass and Shabaam Sahdeeq show and prove how OGs get down on this collaborative track. Although this song officially dropped a couple of months ago, I wanted to share it. Also, I’m not sure if it will be on the upcoming I V League album, or if it will be on an album by one of these guys, or if this is a loosie, but it’s dope and that’s all that matters.

The I V League – “THE IV LEAGUE” (ft Shabaam Sahdeeq, Thekeenone, El Gant, & El Da Sensei)

The I V League (@i_v_league_) is described as an “International Fraternity of Extraordinary Emcees, Producers, and DJs”, and that couldn’t be any more correct. From what I’ve gathered, the collective is spread out across the globe and is made up of: Ras Kass, Shabaam Sahdeeq, El Da Sensei, 4rAx, Snowgoons, Jake Palumbo, Vanderslice, Atari Blitzkrieg, El Gant, thekeenone, and perhaps others. It’s a long list of talent. They’re kind of like the hip hop Avengers, in that they all do stuff on the solo tip and are dope at what they do, but when they team up with one another, they become a powerful supergroup. Avengers Assemble!

Georgia Anne Muldrow – “Arkansas” video

From Georgia Anne Muldrow‘s A Thoughtiverse Unmarred album, released back in May, watch the music video for her song “Arkansas” that dropped a few days ago. Produced by Chris Keys, the beat is led by dusty boom bap drums and a funky guitar chop, and Georgia slays the song with gritty rhymes and a fierce attitude that silences those who doubt her. The video fits the song with no frills, just real tough raps from a dope emcee.

Lukulele Slim – “The Effects of Suits and Ties on Dreamers” video

Lucas Dix impresses and inspires me. I enjoy following where his creativity and passion for music takes him, because these new paths and experiments have led him to successful accomplishments. I became a fan of him back in 2014, when I got put onto the Jellyfish Brigade hip hop duo. Then, it brought a smile to my face when he started writing, recording, and making educational rap videos with his students (see here). Now, he’s taking on a whole new style of music and with a new name. We can call him Lukulele Slim.