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Because “Everyone Has A Goal”, there’s Linkagoal!

Today, I came across a dope new social networking site named Linkagoal (@Linkagoal). Its purpose is bringing like-minded people together to help them achieve their goals and encourages a community of doers! It’s always been said that when you surround yourself with like minded people and positive energy you’re more likely to complete the goals you set out for yourself and help those around you reach theirs. Well, with that sentiment in mind, Linkagoal has created the perfect social network to do just that.

The Dancing Paladin

Late last year, I mentioned my friend Daniel Jun Kim, and his incredibly artistic family. Well, I'd like to bring your attention to Mr. Kim once more. The talented writer,...

Interview: Rey Resurreccion

Representing San Jose, California, is rapper and producer Rey Resurreccion. I first heard of him when I came across the remix Nima Fadavi did of “Spaceships” back in July 2010. In combination with Nima’s beat, Rey‘s lyrics and laid back approach pulled me in and pushed me to do a Google search for more of his music. That then lead me to songs from his independent 2009 release, “Limitless“. After that, I was a fan.

Just this November, Rey Resurreccion dropped his “Sleeping Giants” album with Clout Magazine, and made it available for a free download in December. Something for the people. If you haven’t grabbed that yet, you should. It’s a really dope album all the way through. He brought in a lot of heads holding it down in San Jose / the Bay Area in terms of guest spots, production, and cuts. Names like E.Sik, Oneself DaVinci, Paulie Rhyme, Matty Slims, Solis Cin, DJ Cutso & DJ Squareweezy (of The Bangerz), Nima Fadavi, Chexmex, Barry Bones, and more.

With two albums under his name, a mixtape for Cukui, doing prouction for other musicians… Rey is well on his way to help San Jose get more recognition. Enough talking, let’s get into the FIRST interview of 2011…

Illus – “Old friends” video + more

Remembering the old times… I hope that they never end.” Adam Wallenta, also known as ILLUS, dropped an album this year titled, “Feel Good Music“, with producer J.J. Brown. The newest single, “Old Friends”, now has a video, which features Paul Dateh. Watch it below, and also check some other stuff that involves Illus…

Fever Seoul Competition

Fever Seoul was an online bboy and bgirl competition organized by Seoul City Government to spread a worldwide appreciation for the bboy culture in Seoul. While the competition is over, I still wanted to shed light on it. In September, participants sent in their videos for a chance to battle against Korean bboys Bruce Lee, Pocket, Vero, Skim, Rookie, and Jay Park. After a couple of rounds and call-outs by youtube submissions, they chose the top 6 international finalists to fly out to Seoul to battle against the top 6 Korean breakers. Repping the international top 6 are: Redo (Holland), Atomic Goofball (USA), Yoriyas (Africa), Drama (Italy), Aranha (Brazil), and Victor Kim (USA). So check out submissions and the videos below…

Red Bull Big Tune 2010 Champion: 14KT

Congratulations to 14KT for getting crowned the national champion of Red Bull Big Tune 2010!

The Detroit producer was chosen among 17 other top producers, battling head-to-head in one of the 9 qualifying cities before heading off to the Red Bull Big Tune National Finals in Chicago. At the end of the night, it was between Nospeakerz and 14KT. And KT won the crowd over with his beats and is now the 2010 national champion.

New Champ: No. 1 Bad Boy Mixtape

This mixtape was released last month or so, and I think those of you out there who like Korean Hip Hop (or just wanna hear something new and dope) would appreciate this. I, for one, really like New Champ’s music, and while I’m not completely familiar with some of the names featured, I do know Young ‘N, Deep Flow, and VEN are good at what they do. Read on for tracklisting and all that jazz.

Underground Hip Hop Heads FB group

Hey, I'm going to do a little self-promotion for a second. If any of you are into underground hip hop and on facebook, please join this group. It's not strictly...

New Soap-Box World designs

The UK-based artistic team, Soap-Box World, has some new product for you. Shirts and sweatshirts. You might remember the interview we had with Daniel of SBW. Anyway, check out the designs below…

Elaquent – "Freebies"

Ayo, check it out! Elaquent is dropping a new album called, “Persona“, on June 26th. It’ll be released on iTunes and on other online retailers.

I received the album advance from him. I just got through listening to it, and it’s a real good album. It’s his first attempt to sell some of his work, and he should be getting some kind of money from it. Don’t you think? If you like his vibe, and like good beats, SUPPORT HIM.

Anyway, below the jump is a track from “Persona“… AND another special freebie.

"Up There" documentary

They can’t print what we paint. They print in pixels, you know. They mix colors optically; little dots. Blue and yellow together makes green, but we paint green. So it can make it a lot richer.

Up There” is apart of The Ritual Project — concept by Mother New York and sponsored by Stella Artois. It’s a captivating documentary that features a group of New York painters as they tell their stories about painting advertisements on buildings and walls – a dying art. The time that it takes, the precision, all the practice, the mentoring, the pain, and the hard work. In the air on scaffolds, they are equipped with paintbrushes, paint, harnesses, the open air, and peace of mind. The artists talk about the rarity of actual hand-painted advertisements these days, as vinyl ads have taken over.