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Interview: Dibia$e

I had the pleasure of doing an interview with California beat maker, Dibia$e (a.k.a. Diabolic). This slap master was born in Watts, and is now holding it down in south central California. He’s been in the music scene for over a decade now. At one point he was rhyming and producing, but he stopped being an emcee to focus more on making beats. He dropped music in open-mic workshops like The Good Life and Project Blowed. He released an EP titled “Up The Joystick” that features 8-bit video game samples like Mario Bros., Castlevania, and Megaman (you can D/L it for free at the bottom). A few of the tracks on that EP feature artists U-N-I, Amiri Dialect, Fifth P, DJ Deprave, and Hardware. He tackles the sounds of soul, hip hop, funk, raw neck-breaking slappers, and occasionally hits you with unexpecting samples (examples: “May The Force” with the Darth Vader sample, “Axel Foley” that samples that Harold Faltermeyer track, that Cheers flip, he flipped the Mr. rogers theme, etc). And, for those of you that don’t know, he was a runner-up in Los Angeles’ Red Bull Big Tune beat battle in 2008. Recently, Dibia$e was picked up by Alpha Pup Records, where he’s set to release his full length album sometime soon.

Interview after the jump…

Interview: Charlie Bones

Meet Charlie Bones. Don’t let the gorgeous face at the left fool you. She’s a 20-year-old undercover villain, leading an evil army in California. When she’s not planning her next move, she shoots people behind her camera and is an alternative model for GodsGirls.

We’ve reviewed her photography back in June, and I thought, why not interview her now? Yes, perfect. So in between her adventures of traveling, she took the time to answer some questions.

*NOTE/NSFW: After the jump, there will a few shots showing her glorious tatas. SO… if you don’t want to see ’em where you’re at right now (work, around kids, or whatever) then don’t click. But if you do, then keep going! :]

Interviews: Monk

Meet Monk. He’s a hip hop event coordinator and promoter, as well as a producer/DJ. At one point he also held the mic as an emcee and expresses himself through spoken-word.

He’s a long-time friend of mine, holding it down in Virginia. I met him years ago through a mutual friend, and now here we are doing an interview together. Time flies. Not only is he a really cool guy, but he also holds a lot of talent and his strive to reach his goals is quite inspiring. It’s hard not to gravitate towards a person who just keeps pushing. And not to mention, his love of all things hip hop is kinda sexy. He’s always doing big things, and never giving up. Check the interview I had with him this week….

Interview: The Inscrypshun

Meet Inscrypshun, an emcee from Philly. Born as Kenneth Spence, to two Jamaican parents, when the golden-era of hip hop was shining. Music artists like Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley, Curtis Mayfield, and Michael Jackson were introduced to him first by his parents. Those voices developed his love for poetry. Then in the late 80s, hip hop made its way into Scryp’s life when he was visiting NYC as a kid. You know how there’s that one song or that one album that opens your eyes to the hip hop world as a kid? Yeah? Well for Scryp, that song was “Parents Just Don’t Understand” by DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince. After that record, it was history – his mind was set on being apart of the hip hop world.

“I heard the song back in ’89 or something like that and I thought he was the man because he was talking about his parents. I didn’t even care what he was talking about. I was just like “he’s rapping against the government” cause that’s how I looked at my parents.”

I became a friend of Scryp, and liking what he does, a few years ago. There was this really dope group on myspace, for all those who love underground hip hop. The group is still present, but I’m saying “was” because the first version of that group was when it was at its best (it was hacked and had to be recreated). It hasn’t been the same since. Anyway, that group is where I connected with some really great people… and now, I’m interviewing them. Check it out…

Interview: Dumbo

Dumbo is a 20-year-old dancer that lives in California. He started dancing in 2005, when he was 16. He was once apart of the crews Futureshock LA and Cultureshock LA, and currently Dumbo dances in SickStep, Poreotics, and Pac Modern. For those of you who don’t know, the dance styles he specializes in are popping, tutting, waving, and also some breakdancing. And his tutting (and also popping) is crazy! There are some videos at the bottom, so check ’em out.

In between school, work, and dance (congratulations on getting 1st place for USA at HHI), Dumbo took some time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions for us and you here at CrayonBeats.

Interview: Nomar Slevik

Four and a half hours total, I finally finished up an interview with Nomar Slevik, an emcee/producer from Maine. If you read my interview with DJ Bizkid, you might remember the brief mention about the mixtape that they did together, “DJ Bizkid Meets Nomar Slevik: The Mixtape“. His latest release, “Stonehenge Diaries” (SIQ Records), was made with Ame One. Nomar is constantly dropping project after project (his discography is long!) One might even question the amount of sleep he gets, haha. He’s worked with other artists such as: Moshe, Id Obelus, Brzowski, Th’Mole, Myn Dwun, S.L.A.P., Marcelo, etc. Alright, let’s get into the interview…

Tiffology: Is Nomar Slevik your real name? And if not, how did you come up with it?

Nomar Slevik: It is not my real name… and to be honest, I don’t have a good answer of how I came up with it. I used to work at a television station in Portland, ME. Extreme Sports steez, and I was the DVD duplicator, web type stuff and I started writing a little humor newsletter. I would use the name Nomar Slevik as the author to some of my articles… just made it up one day.

Interview: Glad2Mecha

I had the pleasure to interview a local hip hop emcee here in Phoenix, Arizona. Meet Glad2Mecha. Glad to meet’cha! He is the founder of an independent label that was started in 2002 called, Orchestra Records. Orchestra Records includes emcees Glad2Mecha, Ahpasit, Talent Kills, Jack The MC, Dusty Glass, as well as beat-makers Beta 7, Defizit, Ill Treats, The Tranzformer, and Jit Beats. Glad’s discography includes a handful of albums that he’s put out solo, in groups he’s in (Enough Names, More Alike, etc), and through Orchestra Records. He has collaborated with various people such as Crayon Beats’ recently interviewed DJ Bizkid. Anyway, hope you enjoy the interview. Be sure to check out Glad’s myspace to peep his music.

Tiffology: Who or what first got you into hip hop?

Glad: I first got into hip hop at the very early age of 7. My first main influence would have to be, “Kid N Play” and Nas. Growing up in the roller blade scene also had a huge influence to me loving hip hop, when it introduced me to A Tribe Called Quest.

Interview: DJ Bizkid

Meet hip hop turntablist, DJ Bizkid, from Berlin, Germany. He has been scratching vinyl since 1998. He has released a total of 15 projects (mixtapes, snippets, CDs)… and the number is still growing. He has featured on albums and tracks with Enough Names, Nomar Slevik, Id Obelus, Blame One, The Jazoburbs, Dumbfoundead, Elum, Factor, Kers, Robust, Scarub, and many, many more. Trust me when I say that dope sounds are coming out of Germany, and you’d be foolish not to check out the bizzy kid. Bizkid just got back from doing shows in Chicago with Robust and I was able to get him for an interview. Check it out after the jump!

Interview: Emyli

In 2003, Emyli started her career in the Japanese music scene with her first album Flower of Life. Soon after, she began releasing several singles which included popular collaborations with artists such as M-Flo, Verbal and Shinwha. Her music is a mixture of pop and urban beats with a few ballads sprinkled here and there and like most talented young celebrities, she’s accomplished much within the short span of her promising career. If you ask her fans, and they’d probably tell you that Emyli is the most down to earth celebrity you’d ever know. They’d also tell you she’s got a great voice, and charisma to match.

She was kind enough to do an interview with me for CrayonBeats, and I hope you all enjoy it! On to the inteview:

Interview: Wize Crack

With his debut release, Photo Album, Wize Crack is holding down hip hop in Newark, New Jersey. The emcee isn’t signed to any labels, so unless you’re friends on Myspace or have been to one of his shows, your ears probably haven’t been exposed to him. However, I advise that you check him out. He describes his style as “clever punch lines, humorous topics with a distinguish flow.” Which if you’ve heard “The Perfect Weekend” (music video posted at the end) single from Photo Album, you’d be nodding your head in agreement. Currently he’s working on releasing another album titled, Crack City, so keep your eyes open for that. This is my first artist interview, so I want to give a big thank you to Wize for allowing me to interview him til 3am his time. Hahah. Anyway, enough talkin’… let’s get straight into the interview.

Tiffology: What made you choose the name Wize Crack?

Wize Crack: It’s a smart remark. A clever comeback, and I thought that name fits well with my style… and I used to talk back in highschool. My mouth got me in a lot of trouble.

T: What did you want to be “when you grew up”? Or did you always know you wanted to be apart of music?

WC: When I was little, I used to want to be a wrestler in the WWF. I guess I was too skinny to do that. I always loved hip hop but I didn’t know I wanted to do that until I was a teen.