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Interview: Epp

A couple of years ago, I was put onto the Portland rapper/producer Tope via Fresh Selects (the Free Lemonade album in 2011). After following him on Twitter and liking his Facebook page, I was then lead to the hip hop trio TxE. It’s made up of of rappers Tope and Epp with producer Calvin Valentine (aka G_Force). They have released 3 projects since forming a crew, while also continuing to work on their respective solo material. Tope has released several albums, including Until The Next Time We Meet, Since The Last Time We Spoke, New Kicks, and most recently Troubleman. Calvin Valentine has dropped an album with Planet Asia called Camouflage Jackets, Red Eye Flights, the official Green Team project, and more.

Then, there’s Epp. Although he’s put in work, he hasn’t released any solo material. We all know he’s good, too, because we’re fans of TxE and recognize the talent. The time has finally arrived where he is getting ready to release his debut album, titled Chrome Plated Chronicles. He has recently dropped a couple of singles from the album, including the music video for “Watch This” and a song called “P.O.L.O.

Issue 3 is here!

Hello everyone! After reading our first and second issues, you might’ve been anxiously waiting our third issue. Or, maybe you’ll get put on to our magazines because of this particular issue. Either way, welcome and thanks for your interest! Through 58 colorful pages, we feature a load of content with informative articles, interviews, and exclusive photos, touching the usual topics: Music, Art, Fashion, and Lifestyle. Below you will find a more detailed list of what you’ll find on our pages. We hope you enjoy it! And let us know what you think, so perhaps we can feature you on our testimonial page.

Interview: m.a.double

Writer and director Matthew Walters, also known as m.a.double, from Birmingham, England, will be the first person to premier a film at the Cannes Film Festival, who shot the movie while on bail. He was on bail and under surveillance for 16 months, due to the suspicion of importing $160K worth of cocaine, and was ultimately facing 10 years of jail time. While they were building up a case, he took that time to constructively write and direct Ready 4 Whatever–a movie about drug dealing.

CrayonBeats Magazine: Issue 2!

After releasing our premier issue in February, we have finally returned with a second issue. As of yesterday, April 19th, it is up for grabs. The two of us have been collectively listening to K-pop for years–Tiffny more so than I–so, we wanted to showcase a different variety of artists to our viewers. More than just music though. Here, we feature a selection of musicians, artists, and creative minds that all share Korean heritage or a passion for the Korean culture.  We hope to introduce our readers to some incredible talent that they may not otherwise know about.

Interview: Taiyamo Denku

Taiyamo Denku is a man of many hip hop hats–he freestyles, he writes dope lyrics, he can sing, he does graffiti, he can spin on the tables, he used to beatbox, and he can do some footwork. He’s also a straight-forward guy that isn’t afraid to speak his mind on mainstream rappers that he doesn’t respect–through his aggressive, old school-style lyricism and in regular conversation. If you have been around these parts, though, you should already be familiar with his name.  The Milwaukee emcee has been pumping out quality music for quite some time–for example, play catch up with his previous work: Cycle of Death (2004), Dark Journal of Thornwords (2007), Lost Thoughts (2010), and Articles of Mind (2010).

His latest album, Quadrofiendia, was released last year. Produced entirely by Agartha Audio, the album was named one of my favorites of the year in our first issue. If you’re sleeping on it, I strongly suggest that you head on over to Bandcamp and stream the album in its entirety (I also did an album review).

CrayonBeats Magazine Issue 01!

Hey, everyone! We’re super excited to let you guys know that you can now purchase DOWNLOAD CrayonBeats Magazine! For our premier issue, we thought it would be cool to let you guys choose which cover you’d like to have — Mio Soul or Anacron. Either choice has the same content, so don’t worry that you’ll be missing out on something if you choose one over the other! So what exactly is inside the covers? Well, read on to find out!

Shortrock – “Propaganda, Existence & Music Turntable Compositions Vol. 1” + Interview

Shortrock is a turntablist from Boston, Massachusetts. He stands out from the bunch with his all-real gold rope chain that he rocks 24/7, his awkward scratch position, and his style of cutting. He releases music through both Uncommon Records (he’s Uncommon’s official DJ) and through Paramanu Recordings. He has collaborated and shared a stage with artists such as Keith Murray, Prince Po, Nasa, K-The I???, Bigg Jus, Short Fuze, Ceschi, Taiyamo Denku, Brzowski, Masai Bey, Quest The Unborn Child, A.M. Breakups, and others.

In 2007, he released his first EP, titled “Propaganda, Existence & Music Turntable Compositions Vol. 1“, on vinyl with Paramanu Recordings. To celebrate its 5th year, Shortrock has re-released it digitally, yesterday, again with Paramanu. Along with the four original tracks, there are also two bonus cuts in the digital download. You can stream them all over at Grimey Republik, before you hit that download link.

Interview: Atari Blitzkrieg

Atari Blitzkrieg… where do I even start? I first heard of him in 2010, when we posted the “No Dough, No Show” compilation, presented by Uncommon Records and clothing company Soap-Box World. Since then, we’ve been paying attention and, now, here we are.

This Maryland-born, Virginia-based musician has been making music for nearly 2 decades. If you Wikipedia’d “Atari Blitzkrieg”, the first sentence describes him as a hip hop artist. While that’s a true statement, I think that unfairly boxes him into one area. His music spans beyond just hip hop, as he fuses his style with rock, metal, jazz, and punk influences.

Aside from being a solo artist, he’s also in a handful of groups. There’s Blood Moon Uprising, a metal band with guitarists Hidekazu Seki and Matt Coller; and, Vinyl Pimp Cobras, with Digital Fiend and Bionicheart. He has worked with artists such as Lord Jamar, Daedelus, Louis Logic, Vast Aire, LMNO, Breez Evahflowin, Wildchild, John Robinson, Rapper Pooh, Sadat X, C-Rayz Walz, and many, many more.

His work ethic is extremely commendable, because he’s constantly productive and working on something new. He has a vast discography–he’s clocked in with 2 dozen EPs, numerous full-length albums, and hundreds of songs. This doesn’t include the handful of projects he’s currently working on, and getting ready to release.

Interview: Hanzo Reiza

2012 is already off to a good start, especially for my iPod. With the release of Happy New Year 2012 by Julian Nagano, I was introduced to producer & emcee Hanzo Reiza. Representing London, Hanzo Reiza produces music with character and soul. Like his namesake, Hanzo’s music is a little unorthodox, and at times even a little quirky–sampling everything from scenes of Samurai flicks he’s fond of to looping snippets of old throw back R&B jams and incorporating them into his beats and songs.  I’ve been listening to a handful of his tracks for about a week and a half now, so I figured, “Hey…first interview of 2012? Why not.”

Interview: Adam Warlock aka Nasa

You should be familiar with this fella by now. He’s a man of many trades, and he holds it down in New York. He goes by the names Adam Warlock or Nasa, and has his hands in production, around mics, and he runs a label. He has also mixed some of your/my favorite, and well-liked, early Definitive Jux releases (such as Cannibal Ox‘s “The Cold Vein” and Aesop Rock‘s “Bazooka Tooth“). Dope, right?! And, as I’ve already mentioned, he’s the founder behind the independent, progressive hip hop label Uncommon Records. I hear you saying “ohhhhhhhh” right about now.

Whether you’re in tune with his work or not, I suggest that you read my interview with him. We discussed musical subjects ranging from his most recent albums (“Dark Weapons (From Mars)“, “Toxicology Music“, and his last pop-up album), upcoming projects, how he and Cirrus started Uncommon, the hard work that goes into running a label, and his time working with Def Jux as the recording engineer. He also dished out his thoughts on Occupy Wall Street. At one point, I asked him to bust out a haiku about Heavy D, and he took an uncommon approach (accidental, but shhh) of doubling the syllable pattern. Heavy haiku (11-14-11 pattern) for the overweight lover. Yeeeeeah, stuff like that. Read on!

Interview: Julian Nagano

Previously known as Chikatetsu, Julian Nagano recently released his first mixtape of 2011 titled best kept secret. The 8 track mini-mixtape introduced a new sound from him which showcases the many facets of his music. Having first been introduced to Julian’s music via JPM by friend to the site, Sonny B, I’ve had this new mixtape on repeat for the past couple weeks since it’s release. With it’s play count rising in iTunes, I decided it was only right that I hit Julian up for a little Q&A. Read on for the interview.

Interview: RUDE PAPER

With their recent release Radio, RUDE PAPER’s Koonta & RD are stirring up the airwaves and banishing the monotony of  mainstream K-pop. With elements of reggae and electronica, hip-hop and R&B, this unique pair is moving towards a new horizon in the Land Of The Morning Calm. But for fans who are not familiar, RUDE PAPER seems to be much of an enigma. Who are these two creative young men? Well, they took some time out of their busy schedule to answer some questions with me, here for CrayonBeats. Read on for one of my personal favorite interviews, and get to know a little more about the guys behind RUDE PAPER.