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Interview: Droid Daughter

I remember the first time that I heard Philadelphia-based, electronic producer Droid Daughter‘s music. It was with his Mesoamber album, in late 2013, when Myc Ripley retweeted a link to it. The album art is what prompted me to click the link and take a listen. Then, before I knew it, I went through the whole project, and was a total fan. I hit download, and moved on to listen to his other works. Yup, this dude is dope!

Since then, I’ve been following him on Twitter, as well as following his music progress (although, I haven’t posted much about what he’s been up to since then, on here — my bad). That said, I was honored when he sent me an advance copy of his forthcoming album, titled Auxera, and wanted to talk about it. After giving it a thorough listen, several times, we began the interview. I learned a lot about him–personally and as a producer–such as his childhood hobbies, his musical influences, his favorite video games, what equipment/software he uses to create, the core inspiration behind Auxera, deeper explanations into the songs, and more. Check out my interview with him below.

Interview: Wize Crack, on the Bellwether Boyz

The last time that I had an interview with New Jersey-based rapper Wize Crack, was back in 2009. We discussed everything from his alias, his music influences, his stance on signing to a label, his The Photo Album LP that he released, and more.

He’s done a lot since then, but most recently, he put out a pretty cool collabo EP, with producer The Deep Notes. Together, they formed the Bellwether Boyz and dropped an 8-track project, titled The Island of Misfit Toys. It’s boom bap hip hop meets psychedelic music, from a production stand point, as well as the lyrical content. To give you more insight about the Boyz and the album, read my interview with Wize Crack below.

Interview: Grayce

What’s that, you haven’t heard of Grayce (@graycemusic) before? Blasphemy! I have been sharing her music since May of last year (lately with her Coffee Cup Covers video series). But, just in case you are new to the name, let me give you some of the 411.

Grayce is a pop-soul singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles, by way of London, Japan, and Hong Kong. Whoa, what? Yeah, she’s a worldly girl, with a voice that is out-of-this-world beautiful. Rich and soulful, combined with a cool, pop flare, making her music fun and easy to like. Her vocal versatility finds her effortlessly switching between deep and gentle tones; From upbeat, catchy anthems to emotional ballads, this girl can do no wrong. And that’s why I had to snag a Q&A chat with her. Keep reading for my interview with Grayce!

Tour Necessities Q&A: Kap Kallous on ¡Mursday! tour

Following up in my Tour Necessities Q&A series is an interview with rapper Kap Kallous (who has made frequent appearances here on CB). This questionnaire was supposed to go along with the tour that he went on (and has already returned from) with Murs and ¡MAYDAY!, but due to his busy schedule, we weren’t able to bring the two together on time. But, even though the tour has ran its course, the things that we talked about still hold some weight in regards to Kap Kallous‘ tour life, as well as the one he just got off of. So, let’s get into it!

Tour Necessities Q&A: Elaquent on Fall Tour 2014

Canada-based hip hop beat maker Elaquent is up next in my Tour Necessities Q&A interview series. As you may already know, with my first Q&A, I ask a musician about their current/upcoming tour, regarding their favorite snacks, their mode of transportation, what they’ve packed, their riders, and so on. It’s just a break away from the norm of talking about music only, but instead more about the traveling artist in question.

Already in progress (since September), Elaquent is a headliner in the Fall Tour 2014, with Blockhead, as they perform in various cities in North America (mostly in the states). As of today, they still have 6 more stops left, spaced throughout this month. While you wait for him to stop in your area, make sure you check out my Q&A below.

Tour Necessities Q&A: J.Lately on Nice Dreams tour

Hello, everyone. I am beginning a new interview series at CrayonBeats, called Tour Necessities Q&A. Basically, musicians will be answering a handful of tour-specific questions regarding the tour they are about to embark on, or are already on. It’s just a fun, different Q&A series that will give you some insight into their road trip life (their must haves, favorite road snacks, their tour rider, etc), while also informing you about their current tour!

Being that Bay Area rapper J.Lately is about to go on the Nice Dreams tour, headlining with Rey Resurreccion, I wanted him to be the first. Rey is up next! Check it out!

Interview: J.Lately

Ever since I got put onto J.Lately (@justlately) at the beginning of this year, I’ve been a fan. While I haven’t fully listened to his past works a whole lot (steamed them a bit), other than his Fly With Us EP, I do believe that his most recent album, titled Make. Believe., is his best work. There’s always something refreshing about having an entire album that communicates positive and uplifting messages, through introspective and honest lyrics, while still having a damn good time. His laid-back flow over head-nodding, boom bap beats, handled by numerous producers, made the songs enjoyable to listen to over, and over, and over again. I had a lot of high praise for it, too.

After listening to Make. Believe. in full, I wanted to talk to J.Lately about it, and get to know him. I recently had the opportunity to talk with him, where I gained some insight into who he is as as a person, his struggle with confidence, the ideas behind some songs, his most recent tour experience, and a whole lot more. Check out my interview with the Oakland-based emcee below.

CrayonBeats Magazine: Issue 6!

Hello, everyone! After some delay, the wait is finally over, because we released our 6th magazine issue today! This issue has 84 pages, and it’s jam-packed with interviews. The cover features Epp, G_Force, and Tope (order of appearance) of the hip hop trio TxE. I interviewed TxE as a group, and then spoke with each artist individually about their solo careers (CrayonBeats photoshoot by Mike Grippi).

CrayonBeats Magazine Issue 5!

Hey everyone! We have made it into our second year with our magazine, and today we have released our fifth issue! To celebrate another year, we have returned with another double-cover special (different colors, same exact content in both). On cover choice features hip hop duo The Cloaks (Awol One and Gel Roc), where I have an exclusive interview with them about music, their forthcoming album, and what’s next. The other cover choice features R&B/Pop singer Emi Maria, where Tiffny has an exclusive interview with her about family life, her return to the music scene, and her new album.

CrayonBeats Magazine Issue 4

Hey everyone! It’s that time again. Today, we released our fourth magazine issue! Remember our second issue, where we had a Korean theme? Tiffny and I decided to have a unique theme for this one, too. Being that we’re two women, why not have a magazine issue dedicated to creative women? So, there you have it! Through 42 colorful pages, we feature informative articles, interviews, and exclusive photos that cover the usual topics: Music, Art, and Fashion.

Interview: Chic Gamine

I first heard about the Canada-based band Chic Gamine this April, and immediately rushed here with excitement to write about them. It was like stumbling across this big, incredible secret that you couldn’t wait to share with the world… in this case, the readers of CrayonBeats. Chic Gamine is 5-person band that is made up of four rotating lead lady singers and one man whom is the drummer. They are Andrina Turenne (vocals, keys, guitar, percussion), Alexa Dirks (vocals, keys, percussion), Annick Bremault (vocals, keys, percussion), Ariane Jean (vocals, keys, percussion), and Sacha Daoud (drummer).

They released their album Closer in March, and since hearing it they have made it to my top list of favorite bands. The album pushes youthful pop melodies, vintage R&B rhythms, fun danceable beats, and relatable poetic lyrics. All four women have powerful, unique voices where they can easily stand out when singing solo and also when they sing together to do their notable, pure soulful harmonies.  They are incredible musicians, singers, instrumentalists, and they have charming personalities to match. I feel while they may be compared to, and definitely possess, a 50’s/60’s girl group sound, they also incorporate heavy elements of modern pop, soul, blues, and some rock. They don’t just enclose themselves in a single box. Like a flower that grows between cracks of concrete, they stand out amongst a lot of bands that I’ve been exposed to this year. I hope that you, too, will enjoy them and become a fan.

I had the pleasure to interview the band, discussing things like how they formed as a group, the crazy coincidence of all of their names beginning with the letter “A”, their album Closer, some of their songs, who they’d invite to dinner, writing songs as a group, their “tantrum workout”, touring, and what’s next for the band. Check it out!

CrayonBeats interviewed by J-Inspired By

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