Two Tiffanys celebrating what they love by giving it a stage and using their voices to spread the word.


Mega Ran – “Infinite Lives” (ft Soultron of D&D Sluggers)

Mega Ran (@MegaRan) has a few shows coming up, as well as a new tour. First, he is making some stops within =California to rap and DJ, in commemoration of E3. He was in Santa Ana last night, and will be performing in Los Angeles today and tomorrow. Then, at the end of the month, he will be on the Odds ‘N’ Ends Tour, alongside D&D Sluggers and Skyblew, where they will be hitting Philadelphia, New York, Massachusetts, Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland. Flyers for both can be found below.

#Giveaway: Emi Maria- In My World Album

This year we kicked off CrayonBeats Magazine with a double cover featuring The Cloaks and Japanese R&B and Pop singer Emi Maria. If you follow me on twitter, you know...

Today’s Future Sound x GRN+GLD present Beats Not Streets

Today’s Future Sound is an Oakland-based, non-profit organization that creates a positive change within the community by utilizing music to teach, inspire, and empower people of all ages. It is also a fiscal project of Friends of Oakland Parks and Recreation. Today’s Future Sound was founded by Dr. Elliot Gann (aka PhillipDrummond), a trained therapist that has received his Ph.D in Psychology from Berkeley’s Wright Institute in 2010. Gann has been working in OUSD using hip hop as a mental health and educational intervention for nearly a decade. This is his alternative method to traditional psychology. “It’s teaching kids coping mechanisms. It’s teaching them to regulate themselves. I think it’s a really healthy way to help kids process trauma,” said Gann. Find out more information about what he and TFS do on a weekly basis in this article.

TxE – “Hallways”

With the release of TxE‘s album Vs PRTLND nearing (date unannounced), the trio dropped another single from it today. Producer G_Force samples from the experimental-pop band Brainstorm and adds in live drumming (G’s talent expands into playing instruments, too, you know) for “Hallways”. Tope and Epp tell poignant stories about good girls that turned bad (not the kind of bad that women are openly claiming these days), where their lives spiral down after picking up dangerous coke habits. Stream below.

Dregs One – “National Anthem” + All Tribes SF weekend event

Have you heard Dregs One‘s newest single called “National Anthem”? No? Well, he wrote a song that was inspired by his recent trip to New York in November, where he attended the Universal Zulu Nation‘s 40th anniversary. Originally founded by Afrika Bambaataa as a way to organized street gangs into a positive force within the community by using hip hop as a tool, Dregs One is now apart of the UZN.

Celebrating his experience there and the 40 years of the Universal Zulu Nation, stream and download “National Anthem” below. Produced by Dregs One, with cuts by TD Camp.

COPE2 “Versatile” Exhibition

Tomorrow, the legendary New York graffiti artist Cope2 will be doing a solo exhibition that features his diverse work that has spanned his career–where he came from to what he’s up to now. It will showcase his individual styles that he has become known for, including his signature bubble letters, wild style letters, tags, fine art mixed media canvases, and vintage photos from the 1980’s subway scenes that highlight where he made his mark throughout NYC. It’ll be going down from 7PM-10PM at Inner State Gallery in Detroit, Michigan. Don’t miss out on this if you’re in the area! Find some sneak peek photos below that were taken from his Instagram.

Strength in NUMBERS: Asian American Music Project

Scott Jung (bka CHOPS)  has been involved in Hip Hop and R&B since the early 90s when he and his friends, together as Mountain Brothers, became one of the first ever Hip Hop groups signed to a major label. Even after MB split, he continued creating his own music and working with legends like Talib Kweli, Kanye West, ODB and more. His love for Hip Hop never wavered and coupled with his passion to help his Asian American brothers and sisters in the music industry has evolved into his new project called Strength In Numbers.  Not only does this project feature an insane amount of talented individuals, the original members of Mountain Brothers got back in the studio for it as well.  With the project,  he hopes to bring visibility to the many Asian artists worldwide doing their thing, giving the artists a platform to showcase their talent as well as a space where young aspiring artists can look to for support and motivation.

KOTD’s Battle of the Bay 6 mini documentary

Watch KOTD‘s West Coast Battle of the Bay 6 mini documentary for a legendary battle event that went down in Oakland, California earlier this month. KOTD’s founder Organik and Lush One tell the story of how they came to work together. Filmmaker Avocado talks about filming the freestyling scene from Scribble Jam to GrindTime to KOTD, and the movement made in between. Aspect One also shares his insight on the influences and culture of hip hop in the Fresh Coast.

Beyond Eden 2013

Beyond Eden is a multi-gallery event celebrating the new contemporary art scene in Los Angeles. This event brings together four Californian art galleries: C.A.V.E. Gallery (Venice, CA), Copro Gallery (Santa Monica, CA), Spoke Art (San Francisco, CA), and Thinkspace (Culver City, CA), to each showcase works from talented, innovative artists all over the globe. It’s hosted by the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery at Barnsdall Park, and curated by Andrew Hosner, Amanda Erlanson, and Birdman.

Between October 12th (5PM-11PM) and October 13th (12PM-5PM), you’ll see works by artists such as C215, Camilla d’Errico, Faith 47, Ekundayo, KuKula, Low Bros, Jessica Hess, Young Chun, Vesod, Shark Toof, Yosuke Ueno, Greg Escalante, David Flores, Curiot, Scott Hove, Mear One, Risk, and many more. The admission is FREE, so be sure to get involved and view some dope art work!

Alice Russell – “Midnight At The Beverly Laurel” remix EP

Today, sultry soul singer Alice Russell dropped her remix EP, Midnight At The Beverly Laurel. The title comes from a dice game called Midnight that Alice and her crew play each time they stay at the Beverly Laurel hotel in Los Angeles. The project features 10 reworks from her To Dust album, and those adding their own dancefloor-ready spin on her songs are Sam Sparrow, AOM, Anushka, DJ Griom, Let The Machines Do The Work, Typesun, Lost Midas, and Falty DL. Listen now, then purchase via Amazon.

Grayskul & Graves33 embark on The Zenith Tour

Seattle hip hop duo Grayskul returned after a 6-year hiatus to drop their newest album, titled Zenith, via Fake Four. A proper album review/post will be coming soon, but I wanted do a quick little post about their tour first. Taking fellow Seattle rapper Graves33, they will be touring for the album beginning on October 6th (at Neumos in their home town) and ending it on November 17th.

Below, I’ve posted some songs and videos from each of them, just in case you need an extra push as to why you should see them. Tour poster below.