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Soap-Box & Uncommon Records: “No Dough, No Show”

Money Is My Trade. To get this show on the road, show some respect and pay me my worth!

Our friends over at Soap-Box Clothing (UK) teamed up with Uncommon Records (NY) to present the “No Dough, No Show” compilation. The music accompanies the new Soap-Box tee (for the A/W2010 collection), and together they speak on the concept of money and how people should do business properly.

L: Rose Kyoungyun Kong, R: Eunice Kim

Art in the Blood

L: Rose Kyungyun Kong, R: Eunice Kim

A few days ago, I was really taken when a friend of mine posted some artwork by his mom and sister on his facebook. The gorgeous creations are in two completely different mediums, with mom using more traditional methods and sis creating with something a little more unconventional, but both ladies’ artwork is visually stunning, and oddly soothing.

Myke Forte x Soap-Box “Audiopixel”

Making music is his forte. The first official Audiopixel project from Soap-Box and Myke Forte is finally approaching.

Audiopixel is a combination of music and art. The first project is the 4-track EP by producer Myke Forte, which was mostly created on the Roland SP-404. With the EP, comes a t-shirt and desktop wallpapers. The t-shirt design has the slogan “My Forte“, which reads “Myke Forte” when you’re in low lighting conditions. Cool! Creative idea by the good people over at Soap-Box (you might remember the interview I did with Daniel of SBW). Each garment is enclosed in a custom-made box which will be LIMITED to 50 pieces. I love everything about this project, all the way down to the box. The box is beautiful! Pictures and promo video after the jump…

CashMink Dynasty

Hey readers! I would like to share with you some creations by one of my best friends, Nilloufar. She started her own little business called, CashMink Dynasty.

Today I’m showing you her beautiful “We Flip Feathers” collection. Every earring is uniquely hand-crafted and made with real feathers of various colors and sizes. They incorporate silver/gold/brass chains and thin leather strips.

Myke Forte’s first Audiopixel beat

Myke Forte (Mickel Ledford) just released his first Audiopixel beat video, using the Akai MPC2500. The video shows him creating a beat, in a breakdown type of manner. Beginning with chopped samples, and adding other key parts one at a time – drums, claps, percussion, basstone, etc.

Myke Forte is a beat maker/producer from Birmingham, UK. I heard about him through the Soap-Box collective. Both the Soap-Box World and Myke Forte have this project together called Audiopixel, which combines music and art. So be on the lookout for that. Video + more after the jump…

New Soap-Box World designs

The UK-based artistic team, Soap-Box World, has some new product for you. Shirts and sweatshirts. You might remember the interview we had with Daniel of SBW. Anyway, check out the designs below…

Celebrate Japan in NYC

Minami Kizuki

It’s that time of year again, when NYC heads East and all things Japan are out in full force. While last April’s Sakura Matsuri (cherry blossom festival) at The Brooklyn Botanical Garden was lackluster due to our dear friend global warming, the Japanese Street Fair was in full affect. Now, this month kicks off with Japan Day at Central Park’s East Meadow, tomorrow,  June 6th, 2010. The festival will be ripe with free games, food, music and performances; New Yorkers can come and spend the day doing everything from learning traditional Japanese dance, to cosplaying on the green. Then, once the dusk sets in, anyone interested in Jrock should be sure to make their way down to the Studio @ Webster Hall for the second showcase of J-summit’s music festival. CrayonBeats was in the house last month, and it was amazing. If you’re in the NYC area, we definitely reccomened your attenance. Keep reading for more information on how you can get in on the fun.

Women Are Heroes

Women Are Heroes” is a project and exhibition. It’s part of the 28 Millimètres project, by the French artist, JR. Women Are Heroes is a tribute to the women who have experienced great difficulties and struggles in a world dominated by men. Particularly those living in the shadows of Africa, Asia, and South America.

JR films and photographs the women that want to share their stories – their painful pasts – with the world. And in turn, the women become models as their pictures are pasted onto walls of their villages (and all over the world), so everyone can see the life, the energy, and the joys that they still have within them. And see the happy future that they’re trying to build.

Interview: HOW & NOSM

Identical twin brothers HOW and NOSM (Raoul and Davide Perré) are graffiti artists and professional muralists. They were originally born in Spain, but grew up in Germany. They paint on anything they can get their hands on – canvases, skateboards, sculptures, mounds of snow, walls, toys, and more. They’ve traveled to more than 50 countries, painting their names on various surfaces. Their graffiti can be seen all over the world, including The Bahamas, Hong Kong, Costa Rica, Brazil, San Salvador, the Honduras, New York, and many others. They even blessed the Berlin Wall.

In the late 90s, they permanently moved to New York and became members of the world famous TATS Cru (other members are BIO, BG183, NICER, & TOTEM2). Painting for 22 years now, they’ve grown from hitting subways and trains, to custom-painted murals for corporate clients such as Nike, Coca Cola, Sony, MTV, and Kodak. If you live in the Bronx (specifically 163rd Street and Westchester Avenue), you might’ve seen the Big Pun memorial mural that Tats Cru painted (video at the bottom).

They are artists in various other aspects as well. They do graphic design, live painting / demo shows, promotional media, workshops, lectures, sculptures, writing and editing, and also tattooing.

Below is the interview that I had with them. Check it out…

"Up There" documentary

They can’t print what we paint. They print in pixels, you know. They mix colors optically; little dots. Blue and yellow together makes green, but we paint green. So it can make it a lot richer.

Up There” is apart of The Ritual Project — concept by Mother New York and sponsored by Stella Artois. It’s a captivating documentary that features a group of New York painters as they tell their stories about painting advertisements on buildings and walls – a dying art. The time that it takes, the precision, all the practice, the mentoring, the pain, and the hard work. In the air on scaffolds, they are equipped with paintbrushes, paint, harnesses, the open air, and peace of mind. The artists talk about the rarity of actual hand-painted advertisements these days, as vinyl ads have taken over.

Interview: Soap-Box World

The first time I stumbled across Soap-Box World was through Twitter. I think it was through a “Follow Friday” and Elaquent had made a #FF regarding some artistic people. Both of our names were included in that little group, and he (Daniel of SBW) had followed me. I went to his page, clicked his website and checked out the art. They grabbed my attention.

And now here I am… doing an interview with Daniel. SBW is a UK-based artistic team. They design artwork, vinyl toys, graphic novels, and clothing. Diverse, right? Inspired by everything around them – people, conversations, music, kung-fu, culture, anime, etc. Everything is original work, as it’s all hand drawn and unique. They’ve collaborated with Elaquent, by creating an animated video to pair with one of his tracks (video at the end of the interview). They’ve also worked with Soweto Kinch, Robot Bunny, and more. And every piece that they create has a limited amount, and will never be recreated again.

Read on for the interview…

Sticker Phiends 3 is tonight

As I’ve mentioned before, Sticker Phiends is back for a third time.

Phoenix’s only sticker art show, presented by Mad One. It’s tonight (April 2nd), from 6pm-10pm. ALL ages are welcome, but to drink you must be 21+. Free handouts, movie screenings, interactive art on pay phones, live music, art for sale, and more! And did I mention that it’s a FREE SHOW? Yep.

The show is hosted by/at Studio 8.
Located at 1301 N.W. Grand Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85007
(Grand Ave & McKinley)

Flyer after the jump…