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Candy Chang’s “Before I Die” installation

Candy Chang is a public installation artist, a designer, an urban planner, and co-founder of Civic Center in New Orleans. With all the proper permission, Candy turned the wall of an abandoned house into a giant chalkboard for the neighborhood to write on. The “Before I Die” installation has the following text: “Before I die I want to _______________“. There are little chalk containers hooked to the wall, holding various colors of chalk. People are free to write in their hopes and aspirations in the blank line.

Dot Project art by Yuto Yamashita

I came across a video of a guy by the name of Yuto Yamashita doing some really interesting paintings, and thought I'd share it with the rest of you. Under...

Chuck D – “By The Time I Got To Arizona” canvas

Chuck D has finally released his 300-limited “By The Time I Got To Arizona” art piece, in collaboration with Los Angeles SceneFour. It was released to the public on March 4th, and has been selling rapidly. If you weren’t sure by now, this piece makes a loud statement about Arizona’s SB1070 law of anti-immigration. The piece shows Chuck D at the entry gates to Arizona, where he’s being racially profiled by the color of his skin — an official is holding up a pantone color chart, and instead of names identifying the colors, it reads either “Deport” or “Suspect”.

“This statement of artwork is maybe reminding people that they gotta have more of a voice,” says Chuck. “We can’t rely on the people who are scrutinized – quote unquote ‘illegal immigrants’ – to speak up, because they’re terrified by some sort of terror law that has been enacted upon human beings. And the United States has bogarted their territory under the Manifest Destiny principle which basically doesn’t speak to human development as far as sharing the planet. Where do we go with that? Make a statement in art, and hope that they will stick.”

Read more information below…

Serge Gay Jr. “Hair Piece” art

Not familiar with the name Serge Gay Jr.? Well maybe after you watch the above art reel, you’ll know who he is. Or atleast you’ll know the art he has done. After you’ve watched that, here’s a small breakdown on the man himself. Serge Gay Jr. is a Grammy nominated illustrator, fine artist, and graphic designer that’s currently based out of San Francisco, California. He was born in Port-au Prince, Haiti, and then moved to the U.S. He’s the youngest of 3 boys and a 3rd generation artist — so art and talent runs through his veins. He went to one of the top art high schools in America called, New World School of the Arts (in Miami). Then he went on to The College for Creative Studies in Detroit. Both places were influential in his life… exposing him to new concepts, relationships, experiences, and helped him channel his artistic instinct. Since graduating, he now lives in San Francisco, where he continues to explore and share his talent with the world.

Craig Colorusso’s Sun Boxes at IMA

Craig Colorusso shares with you his latest piece, Sun Boxes. It’s a solar-powered sound installation. “Sun Boxes are an environment to enter and exit at will. It’s comprised of twenty speakers operating independently, each powered by the sun via solar panels. There is a different loop set to play a guitar note in each box continuously. These guitar notes collectively make a Bb chord. Because the loops are different in length, once the piece begins they continually overlap and the piece slowly evolves over time.

An Créatúr

Recently I’ve become obsessed with all things Misfits. This British show is completely amazing, and I feel like I’ve been missing out on a lot of good television from across the pond. That being said, this Misfits-obsession includes the main actors and their previous/present/future works from film to theater to music. I’m currently on a Robert Sheehan Kick as he is one of the first characters from Misfits that I was drawn to. No seriously, the guy is Mr. Charisma. Anyway, recently he starred alongside Nick Cage in Season of the Witch, but I’m currently watching a bunch of his previous work, and I just felt the need to share this short film he starred in. It’s called “An Créatúr” (2007) and it follows an unusual boy from his birth, up until the age of 16. I did notice that the film won the Audience Award at the Cork International Film Festival of 2007 as well as Best Live Action Short Film at The Carousel International Film Festival in 2008, and after watching, I believe those awards were just. The film slightly creeped me out, but as I watched I became more and more intrigued by it, and then ultimately, my heart ached. Why? Because it’s acted so beautifully. Robert barely has any lines in the film, but it’s so beautifully acted nonetheless. Check it out for yourself after the jump.

Maia Arts by Thea Maia

Taking online collage art to a whole new level is Thea Maia, a well versed artist who has, since her freshman year in college, been recognized for her amazing skills and talents. Over her career, she’s done work for names like Frederick and Nelson and Wizards of the Coast, and in collaboration with her husband (who is also an artist and musician) she has worked with Microsoft, Pepsi, and even the beloved Bill Nye the Science Guy, just to name a few.  I came upon some of her digital collages via Polyvore, and I was instantly taken with how simple, yet extremely complex her “sets” were. While other Polypeople were making collages of fashion and or interior design, I was amazed at how Mrs. Maia could change a trendy pair of boots, coat, and dress into a portrait of a cute puppy. Say what? Yeah. Continue on to see some of her amazing work, and keep in mind, these are all crafted out digital pictures of clothing, color blocks, and/or other random things….just amazing.

Interview: Illus

Adam Wallenta, also known as ILLUS, has been independently making music and illustrating comics since the early 90s. He has recorded and toured with artists such as Chuck D and Public Enemy, R.A. the Rugged Man, Dilated Peoples, Blackalicious, and DJ Johnny Juice. Let me bring you up to date with his latest album (hear other releases here). In January of 2010, he released, “Feel Good Music“. It has a total of 7 tracks and they were produced entirely by Brooklyn’s J.J. Brown. The legendary Chuck D even said it was “one of the best albums of 2010”. If you haven’t heard it yet, I suggest you go listen to it (then buy it!) — guaranteed to make ya feel good. Not only does Illus have his hands in music and hip hop, but he’s also a self proclaimed comic book geek and he’s an artist. Ever heard of the Public Enemy comic book series / graphic novel? Yep, illustrated by Adam Wallenta. He also has various other comic books (Soulan, The Retributors, Adam & Bryon, and others), so be sure to check those at his American Mule site. He has also had his work shown in galleries, he has worked at Marvel Comics, he’s done album covers for artists (J-Live’s “Undivided Attention“, J.J. Brown’s “Connect the Dots“, his own “Feel Good Music“), designed t-shirts, painted portraits, editorials, and more.

Read the interview below as we discuss his music, the “Feel Good Music” album, art, comic books, his upcoming album (slated for March), and some other stuff…

Soap-Box Shogun series

Soap-Box Assassin? Maybe. The guys at Soap-Box World have a new series — the Soap-Box Shogun Project. They have two unisex pieces, the “Light Armour Shirt JKT” and the “Shogun Varsity Jacket”. If you haven’t grasped the concept for their new work yet, they were inspired by the 1980 movie “Shogun Assassin“.

They incorporated subtle details… a pocket within a pocket on the Varsity Jacket, and the black with red accents around the collar and cuffs of the Light Armour Jacket. Check out the designs below… and get ready to be infected by devils.

Illus – “Old friends” video + more

Remembering the old times… I hope that they never end.” Adam Wallenta, also known as ILLUS, dropped an album this year titled, “Feel Good Music“, with producer J.J. Brown. The newest single, “Old Friends”, now has a video, which features Paul Dateh. Watch it below, and also check some other stuff that involves Illus…

Fever Seoul Competition

Fever Seoul was an online bboy and bgirl competition organized by Seoul City Government to spread a worldwide appreciation for the bboy culture in Seoul. While the competition is over, I still wanted to shed light on it. In September, participants sent in their videos for a chance to battle against Korean bboys Bruce Lee, Pocket, Vero, Skim, Rookie, and Jay Park. After a couple of rounds and call-outs by youtube submissions, they chose the top 6 international finalists to fly out to Seoul to battle against the top 6 Korean breakers. Repping the international top 6 are: Redo (Holland), Atomic Goofball (USA), Yoriyas (Africa), Drama (Italy), Aranha (Brazil), and Victor Kim (USA). So check out submissions and the videos below…