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Matt Moore – “Infinity Knot Theory” on 1xRun

Check out the latest piece of art for a run — It’s a 7-color, 18×24″ silkscreen print called “Infinity Knot Theory”, by Matt Moore (aka MWM). Matt is the founder of MWM Graphics, a design and illustration studio based in Portland, Maine.

His “Infinity Knot Theory” is part of his self-titled, sub-genre that he calls “Vectorfunk“. And being that I create vectors myself, I like this a lot. It’s so vibrant in color and neatly done. If you’re not familiar with the way 1xRun operates… there are only 50 pieces, making it a limited edition, and it is available for purchase for just a week. They’re all signed and numbered, too. So if you like this as well, hurry up and grab one for $70 before it’s sold out.

NJ Cox: Photorealistic Minimalism

"The Kuni Inversion"

Painting in a style he has dubbed Photorealistic Minimalism, NJ Cox captures in lovely detail lone subjects who have seemingly removed themeselves from their surroundings and simply enjoys the space they are in. A simple picture of a guy reading, or a girl walking by, a man sleeping, or dancing–with nothing around to distract them. As the viewer, we too become engulfed in the simplicity of the paintings, yet our eyes dance over the finely painted details: a wayward strand of hair, a wrinkle in cloth, or a ripple in muscle. These oil on canvas paintings are so realistic, so simplistic, that just by gazing upon them, you’re somehow removed and oblivious to your own surroundings. Beautiful works of art.


The vibrant colors and insanely fresh styling jumps out at you from the crisp photographs of this Brooklyn born artist whenever you come across one of her pieces. Neef Fresh is her name, and as a self taught photographer since 2008, her work has been steadily earning her much deserved praise with every passing year.  As the stylist for most of her shots, her personal style is reflected through and through, as her moniker states, it’s FRESH.

Casualties of War

Taking a unique and jarring look at the reality of war, the art collective Dorothy created a set of wonderful eye-opening figurines in the style of the old army toys we all had at one point or another. Inspired by a 2009 Colorado Springs Gazette article, the figurines reflect the untold story of so many servicemen and women after they’ve returned home from war.

Infinity Prints

Check out these pretty sweet prints from artist Travis Lawrence of Infinity Prints. They’re pretty cool, and a little creepy. They kind of remind me of the artwork from Were The Wild Things Are. I like!

Andrey Boyko

I figured since I’ve already told you guys about Guillaume Lorentz, a choreographer I’m really impressed with at the moment, I might as well put you on to another artist. His name is Andrey Boyko and he is from Russia. He specializes in Reggae Dancehall, and again, I can’t stop watching his videos. One of the things I like most about Andrey’s style is how he creates a unique blend of Dancehall and Modern dance moves. I’ve been subscribed to his videos for some time now, and I always see in the comments someone harping that his combo’s aren’t “pure ragga style” or some other mess…and I just laugh because they obviously don’t understand the living monster that is dance. Check out some of my favorite combinations from Andrey. They boy gets down.

Guillaume Lorentz

Guillaume Lorentz is a French dancer and choreographer whose youtube videos have recently caught my eye. A member of Hey Crew, he also teaches choreography in association with the French dance collective Ragga Jam Officiel, and those (his reggae choreo) just happen to be my favorite style to see him perform. Check out some of his work below.


Samurai Girl 1 by Deseo

Based in Missouri, Kansas, Deseo’s artwork creates a unique blending of styles ranging from classical Japanese art, manga, pinup and more. Many have probably already heard of this talented artist, as his pieces of the Samurai Girls have been passed around the interwebs for some time now. I, however, did not know he was the creator. So after seeing his work for the umpteenth time I, in my curiosity as to who was the mastermind behind these cute and deadly characters have just tracked him down. Finally being able to attach a name to these marvelous works of art, I promptly scoured his respective sites taking in all of the eye-candy that is his work.

Check out some of my favorite pieces of his after the jump.

1xRun & Askew “freeREVOK” print

If you were unaware, graffiti artist Revok is in jail. He was arrested when boarding a plane to Ireland at LAX for an outstanding arrest warrant for failing to pay restitution for previous cases of vandalism.

Yesterday, 1xRun, Known Gallery, and Askew One have teamed up to release an art piece to raise money for Revok‘s Legal Defense Fund. 100% of the proceeds will go towards that. There are only 150 prints. For just $60, the piece you see below could be yours. But you better hurry before the pieces run out… and before the time runs out (ends May 3rd). All prints are signed and numbered by the artist and come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Be a part of the Orange Army!

Do you like free stickers? Do you like slappin’ stickers where you’re located? Do you like good, exclusive music? If you answered yes to all of these, read on! And if you answered no to any of these, read on anyway. Uncommon Records presents the Orange Army Street Forces. This street team is one of the most creative I’ve seen, and wanted to be a part of. In this army, you’ll complete individual “missions” in order to get exclusive music from artists like The Presence, Subtitle, Elucid, Acid Reign, Taiyamo Denku, and A.M. Breakups just to name a few. After you’ve completed a mission, you’ll receive music on CD only and they will NEVER be made available online by Uncommon Records or by the artists themselves. Cool, right? Watch the video below, where Nasa explains the first mission in detail to you.

The Art Of Andre Moore

If you’re an avid watcher of Cartoon Network, you probably can recognize this man’s work. He’s Andre Moore, and his artwork can be seen all over Cartoon Network: he’s done character designs for Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Perfect Hair Forever, animation and video game designs just to name a few, and is currently doing flash animation for CN’s online games. Check out some of my favorite pieces after the jump.