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Murs’ “Yumiko: Curse of the Merch Girl” project

Murs is bringing the comics and hip hop together. “Yumiko: Curse of the Merch Girl” is his new project: a brand new album and 124-page graphic novel. “The album and novel unite to tell the story of Yumi Morales, a girl living the fabled tour life working the merchandise table for her boyfriend Dominick’s band Murder Acts. ” They’re putting it in your hands, asking for your help by pledging on their Kickstarter page. The graphic novel is illustrated by Jose Garcia, written by Josh Blaylock, and the 10-song album is produced entirely by DJ Foundation.

The only place you’ll be able to get this project is through the Kickstarter page… so if you want it, you gotta make a pledge. And if you are new to how Kickstarter works, check it out. Basically, for whatever amount you donate/pledge toward this project, you’ll receive awesome incentives. Things you can get include MP3 download of the album, PDF or the hardcover graphic novel, shout-outs on Twitter, download cards and prints (from Jim Mahfood & David Mack), signed copies of the project, exclusive t-shirt, a hoodie, Paid Dues VIP pass, invite to the Comic-Con party where they’re releasing the music video, and so on. You get these awesome things, and more, depending on the amount of money you give. Be sure to check it out! Help Merch Girl.

Mister Bibal – “F A I L U R E” teaser video

A Paris-based producer named Mister Bibal is getting ready to drop his debut album, “F A I L U R E“, with Trueflav Records on March 6th (pre-order). The album features those such as John Robinson, BlackSpade, Wildchild, Nametag, Tamara Saul, and others. To get a little taste of the sound, watch the video below, directed by Valentin Petit. It shows French artist Ripklaw putting together 200 handmade, and stamped, signed CDs.

MF DOOM Dime Box

MF DOOM + 150-piece puzzle + 7″ picture disc of “Rhymes Like Dimes” b/w instrumental = MF DOOM Dime Box. Yeah, I’m talkin’ about a DOOM puzzle. You’re gonna want one… I want one.

DOOM‘s label, Metalface Records, dropped a custom-made, limited edition box exclusively at Stones Throw. It contains all of the mentioned above. Purchase it over at ST for $19.99, with a ship date of December 13th, and have wrap this as a present to yourself for the holidays. The box will also be released worldwide in January 2012.

1xRUN: Dan Kitchener “Tokyo Neon”

Hittin’ ya with another 1xRUN piece that caught my eye and sparked my interest. The beautiful work you see above, titled “Tokyo Neon“, is by Dan Kitchener. He’s a British artist that specializes in street art, murals, prints, and illustrations. His art has been featured in various places such as Paul McCartney‘s 2011 tour, the PS3 game Bodycount, Lenny Kravitz lyric video for “Stand“, 10 pages in the book Graffiti And Urban Art: Pieces, Tags, Stencils, and Stickers“… just to name a few (visit his website to see more).

This 17×18″ “Tokyo Neon” piece has been selling really fast — it was put up yesterday, and there are already less than 20 remaining pieces (of 50). Get it for $50, all prints are signed and hand-numbered.

1xRUN: Nathan Jurevicius “Harlow”

This week’s 1xRUN art piece is by Australian freelance illustrator and artist named Nathan Jurevicius. Nathan lives in Toronto, Canada, and you might know him by his Scarygirl project – “a cute, but slightly odd, little girl and her giant octopus guardian.Scarygirl is the story of an abandoned girl, who was found on a deserted peninsula by Blister the octopus and guided by a mystic rabbit named Bunniguru. She and her world are really cool — she even has her own free online game (watch intro, play game) and toys (PVC/vinyl).

The Art of Keira Rathbone

Meet Keira Rathbone, an extraordinary typewriter artist from the UK. A what? Yes, a typewriter artist. She creates some of the most intricate, jaw-dropping artwork all on her vintage typewriter using numbers, letters and symbols. She is without a doubt, a very talented young woman. Check out her masterpieces after the cut but be warned, your mind is about to be blown!

What’s Your Zodiac Sign?

Check out these dope ass tribal zodiac illustrations created by 18 year old artist Oliva aka Fudratsrule (on deviantART).  A nice mixture of cute, earthy and sexy, these chubby little constellations really left me starry eyed. I love seeing really unique takes on cliched subjects, and these are just the bees knees to me right now.

Kylie Stillman’s Paper Carvings

Common Oak by Kylie Stillman

This right here is some smart art. Not just because it’s unique, but because Sydney-based artist Kylie Stillman uses books and other stacks of paper to carve her little masterpieces into. Ironically enough, many of her book and paper carvings are of different types of trees and the skill and detail at which she does such carvings is nothing short of breathtaking. But her work doesn’t just stop at trees. She also carves lovely portraits of flowers and even little birds. Imagine getting set to read an interesting looking novel and opening the cover to find one of these:

Amazing 3D Drawings

More artwork for you to ogle. This time, it’s from a young artist out of Santiago, Chile by the name of Fredo. His mind-boggling pieces are stunning and have left me scratching my head, wondering HOW?! It’s amazing what one can do with a little bit of lead, light, and creativity!


Sing It Again

Here’s some amazing mural and graffiti art from ARYZ, an artist from Europe. The vibrant colors and cute yet grisly subject matter is son insanely well done that you won’t be able to take your eyes off of it. Some of these pieces are huge and definitely took a lot of skill, time, and effort to complete! Check out some of my favorites: