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1xRUN: Jessica Hess – “Providence Playground”

San Francisco-based artist Jessica Hess is a photo-realistic urban landscape painter. Through the 1xRUN website, she is selling one of her prints, including the original, of a painting she did called Providence Playground (information about the piece below). The prints are selling quickly, and at the time of this post there were only 35 (of 50) left to purchase. The print comes in 24″x18″ archival print on 300 gsm Italian Cold Press Water Color Paper, available for $50.

Hit the purchase link below. Also, read her interview with 1xRUN right here.

1xRUN: Jason Freeny – “Splat”

Jason Freeny is a multi-media artist based in New York, whose work includes sculptures, toys, prints, and digital art. His most notable works are the anatomical toy sculptures with several toy companies; including Hong Kong-based Toy2R‘s working the Qee figurines, Hong Kong-based Fame Master toys producing Gummy Bear 3D puzzle toys, United States-based FCTRY producing the “CAPSL” collectable series and United States-based Marbles the Brain Store creating Freeny’s Brain Cube puzzle.

Jason Freeny has teamed up with 1xRUN to sell one of his earlier prints. “Splat” was in a series of works that depicted how Mickey might eventually die. The original was painted in 1992, and the digital version was created in 2008 using Maya and Photoshop.

CrayonBeats Magazine: Issue 2!

After releasing our premier issue in February, we have finally returned with a second issue. As of yesterday, April 19th, it is up for grabs. The two of us have been collectively listening to K-pop for years–Tiffny more so than I–so, we wanted to showcase a different variety of artists to our viewers. More than just music though. Here, we feature a selection of musicians, artists, and creative minds that all share Korean heritage or a passion for the Korean culture.  We hope to introduce our readers to some incredible talent that they may not otherwise know about.

CrayonBeats Magazine Issue 01!

Hey, everyone! We’re super excited to let you guys know that you can now purchase DOWNLOAD CrayonBeats Magazine! For our premier issue, we thought it would be cool to let you guys choose which cover you’d like to have — Mio Soul or Anacron. Either choice has the same content, so don’t worry that you’ll be missing out on something if you choose one over the other! So what exactly is inside the covers? Well, read on to find out!

1xRUN: Jonathan Bergeron “Sk8 & Destroy”

The most recent art piece on 1xRUN is from self-taught artist, Jonathan Bergeron. Also known as Johnny Crap. Limited to 50 copies, and going quickly, his original “Sk8 & Destroy” piece was done with oil on wood, in 2011, and it only took 2 days. He describes the piece as being, “Radical, duuuuude.” And, it is radical!

The print is 14×19 inches. You may buy it in print only ($ 65.00), or with a frame. The frame option for this print includes a 1″ black wood frame with UV glass, archival backing, frame spaces, paper backing to guard against dust, and ready to hang hardware. And, of course, the opportunity to buy this ends in week’s time from when it was posted–deadline: January 24th.

1xRUN: L’Amour Supreme – Basel Castle 2012 Official Print

In my previous post, when I talked about Basel Castle, you saw the some stellar, fluorescent artwork by L’Amour Supreme. 1xRUN teamed up with TOTT Global, The Overthrow, Basel Castle, and L’Amour to sell the 2012 Official Basel Castle art print. Limited at 100 prints (13×19″ on 330gsm fine art paper), you can get yours for $50. It will also be available at the TOTT Global pop-up gallery located inside Basel Castle.

Having pulled his name from John Coltrane’s album “A Love Supreme“, L’Amour Supreme is an artist from New York. About the piece, he says, “ It was a black and white brush drawing that I did with a sumi brush, I just inked it, then drew it out and colored in in with Photoshop. For all my colors I try to get them as fluorescent as possible and go from there.

Basel Castle 2012

I don’t know about you, but if I lived in Miami, I’d hit up Art Basel, and the Basel Castle mini festival, every year. Art, music, and a damn good time? What’s not to like?! Basel Castle was created by the creative collective The Overthrow, and occurs during the Art Basel weekend. It all takes place inside and surrounding a castle, where they bring some of the world’s most influential contemporary artists and musicians. There are unique interactive games, installations, exhibitions, and live performances.

Below, watch some videos from last year’s event, and then hurry up and get your tickets (because they are selling out quickly).

Gajah – “Poverty’s Prodigy (Remixed)” album

In April, Gajah released a very dope album, titled “Poverty’s Prodigy“. On November 27th, he returned with “Poverty’s Prodigy (Remixed)“. You can guess what it consists of, right? There are 9 of the 14 original tracks that were reworked by Mute Speaker, Graves33, Agartha Audio, Bee Ampersand, Bornagen Baldwin, EQ, Dmn Slyr, and Duke Westlake. It’s almost like a brand new album, with the different and refreshing vibes you’ll hear in comparison to the originals. It’s available to download with the name-your-price option; it can be free, or you can donate towards future Acid Lab releases. You make the choice.

Stream it and download it below. And guess what, I designed the cover art!

An Ode to Creative Work

@Behance #art #creativity

The brilliant art platform Behance takes us through an inspiring, short film about the opportunity, hardship, and responsibility of creative work. This less-than-2-minute film is shows the highs and lows in numerous artists lives. This is for all of us with creative minds, that are all too familiar with the doubts and obstacles–within and around us–that challenge us in life. But, a dedicated artist will strive to take control and always push through to do what they love. This is the labor of love.

Produced by M ss ng P eces, with music composition by Josh Peck. Behance is behind creative direction and writing. Watch below.

Hip Hop + Jewelry = “Audiowear” project, by Elasticbrand

@Elasticbrand #hiphop #art #jewelry

Elasticbrand is a multi-dimensional design studio, that was founded in Brooklyn, in 2006, by Arjen Noordeman and Christie Wright. They are now Amsterdam-based. They recently released a stellar multimedia project, titled “Audiowear“, in collaboration with various hip hop musicians. This project includes a full length album, with a collection of instrument-inspired porcelain jewelry. There’s a flute necklace, colorful xylophone bangles, a big whistle necklace, a guiro cuff that comes with a matching thimble, a diamond rattle bracelet, and a now-sold-out horn bracelet. They are all functional music instruments, too!

The album has 14 original tracks, with features from Breez Evahflowin, Sketch the Cataclysm, Rising Sun Quest, J.D. Nero & Tribeca, La Melodia, Kalae All Day, Access Immortal, and more. Below, you can watch four music videos from the project. The most recent video is “The Box”, by J.D. Nero & Tribeca featuring Lisa Denise. The other videos are The Rising Sun Quest’s “I’ll Rhyme Now”, Rabbi Darkside’s “EmUrgenSee”, and Breez Evahflowin’s “I Know”.

1xRUN: Rudy Fig

@RudyFig @1xrun #art

Rudy Fig is a 24-year-old artist and toy enthusiast, based in Minneapolis. With parents being toy creators and accelerating in art at a young age (dropped out of art school, taught herself, and showed in galleries), she grew up in a creative environment. She specializes in pastel-colored oil paintings, that feature “a cosmic world of candy-coated vixens, magical garden tea parties, and psychological purging.” Her art beautiful, and evoke joy.