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CrayonBeats Magazine Issue 4

Hey everyone! It’s that time again. Today, we released our fourth magazine issue! Remember our second issue, where we had a Korean theme? Tiffny and I decided to have a unique theme for this one, too. Being that we’re two women, why not have a magazine issue dedicated to creative women? So, there you have it! Through 42 colorful pages, we feature informative articles, interviews, and exclusive photos that cover the usual topics: Music, Art, and Fashion.

Beyond Eden 2013

Beyond Eden is a multi-gallery event celebrating the new contemporary art scene in Los Angeles. This event brings together four Californian art galleries: C.A.V.E. Gallery (Venice, CA), Copro Gallery (Santa Monica, CA), Spoke Art (San Francisco, CA), and Thinkspace (Culver City, CA), to each showcase works from talented, innovative artists all over the globe. It’s hosted by the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery at Barnsdall Park, and curated by Andrew Hosner, Amanda Erlanson, and Birdman.

Between October 12th (5PM-11PM) and October 13th (12PM-5PM), you’ll see works by artists such as C215, Camilla d’Errico, Faith 47, Ekundayo, KuKula, Low Bros, Jessica Hess, Young Chun, Vesod, Shark Toof, Yosuke Ueno, Greg Escalante, David Flores, Curiot, Scott Hove, Mear One, Risk, and many more. The admission is FREE, so be sure to get involved and view some dope art work!

1xRUN: Craww – “Verdant”

Craww is a self-taught artist from Sheffield, England. He describes his work as an exploration through secret stories and things that aren’t quite what they seem. Pretty things in dark places, nasty surprises masquerading in beauty, happy accidents, beautiful but melancholy girls, and objects of flowers, skulls, and crows.

1xRUN: Sarah Joncas – “Ophelia”

Sarah Joncas is a 27-year-old artist based out in Toronto, Canada, but considers Niagara Falls her home. I just got put onto her work due to her piece on 1xRUN. With the original painted last year for a show at the Thinkspace Gallery, she links her “Ophelia” piece with the Shakespeare character, drawing on her sorrow. Sarah said, “I wanted the figure and dark water to represent a kind of despair and emptiness. I also considered my other work ‘reemergence’ as a sequel of sorts to ‘Ophelia’, as if she’s lifted herself from the dark waters to a place of serenity and strength.

1xRUN: Rudy Fig – “Merbabes of Marshmallow Cove”

Minneapolis artist Rudy Fig returns to 1xRUN with another print. This time it’s for the “Merbabes of Marshmallow Cove” piece that she originally began painting a few years ago and finished it four years later. It features two pastel ocean beauties sitting on land and doing their hair. About mermaids, Rudy says, “Any time I’m drawing mermaids, I think of the Neverland mermaids from Peter Pan who were lovely and whimsical but also a little bitchy. You never know with mermaids.

As always, this is a limited print and only available for a remaining 6 days. At the time of this post, 28 out of 35 were left, so you better get yours quickly. Each one comes signed, numbered, and with a Certificate of Authenticity from Rudy Fig and 1xRUN.

1xRUN: Tatiana Suarez – “Clutch”

Brooklyn-based mixed media artist Tatiana Suarez brings one of her beautiful, surreal pieces to 1xRUN. She is one of my favorite artists–I absolutely love the striking, gorgeous characters that she draws. Tatiana describes the oil-painted piece “Clutch” as holding her common theme: “An appreciation & exploration of the juxtaposition between doe-eyed beauties and their loathed critters.”

Neil Hilborn- “OCD”

I’m pretty sure that this video has gone viral over night, and I’m also pretty sure that once you see it you’ll be compelled to share it as I was. Performed at the Individual Finals of this year’s 2013 Rustbelt Regional Poetry Slam and presented by Button Poetry, writer and poet Neil Hilborn’s slam poem OCD will simply take your breath away.  I’ve watched this video several times, each time showing it to a different person and each time I find myself holding my breath.  His delivery grabs you and his words break your heart. I can’t. This is so dope. Check for more of his creativity in the links below:

1xRUN: Cone – “The Hypochondriac”

From Munich, Germany CONE has been a graffiti artist since 1993. He also dabbles in other areas of art such as graphic design and illustration. I absolutely love his characters; they’re very cool, creative, original, and weird. In 2010, he and five friends founded Bureau Stabil, a multi-disciplinary design bureau. Then in 2011, along with Nychos, Look, Dxtr, Vidam, and Low Brows, they founded The Weird–a crew of artists spread throughout Germany and Austria.

Cone has an exclusive piece on 1xRUN called “The Hypochondriac“. He made this 3-color ambigram screen print specifically for 1xRUN during his first stay in the United States–Detroit, to be specific–and it took him about 4 days to complete. He says that the piece is about living in the moment, with the whole spectrum of varying moods. The run ends in a little over a week. As always, your purchase comes signed, numbered and with a Certificate of Authenticity from CONE and 1xRUN.

Issue 3 is here!

Hello everyone! After reading our first and second issues, you might’ve been anxiously waiting our third issue. Or, maybe you’ll get put on to our magazines because of this particular issue. Either way, welcome and thanks for your interest! Through 58 colorful pages, we feature a load of content with informative articles, interviews, and exclusive photos, touching the usual topics: Music, Art, Fashion, and Lifestyle. Below you will find a more detailed list of what you’ll find on our pages. We hope you enjoy it! And let us know what you think, so perhaps we can feature you on our testimonial page.

1xRUN: Malt & Tead – “All Night Satellites”

Malt and Tead are two Detroit painters and friends who have collaborated many times. One of their latest pieces, called “All Night Satellites“, depicts a psychedelic purple owl at the forefront of a bunch of dark building silhouettes. The original was painted on a panel with acrylic and spray paint late 2012 through early 2013.

Now it’s available on 1xRUN. The run still has 13 days left, and only 20 (of the 50) prints available. It’s selling really fast, so make sure you pick up yours as soon as possible. As always, it comes signed and numbered.

1xRUN: Niark1 – “Everything Is Fine”

Sebastien Feraut, also known as Niark1, is a graphic designer, illustrator, and fine artist based in Paris, France. Today, he presents his colorful and funky piece “Everything Is Fine” in 50 prints on 1xRUN. Created in Illustrator during last year’s “apocalypse”, Niark1 describes the particular piece as “Kind of “Horseman of the Apocalypse“ but in a crazy version. A mix between Jérôme Bosch and Walt Disney on acid.”

The run ends in 2 weeks, so make sure you buy your print for $50. It comes signed and numbered, too. Read his interview with 1xRUN, and hit the purchase link below.